Phoenix Healing Center News                     Sept 2009
Dear Patients, Family and Friends~                                                                                             We are in the beautiful thoes of a Colorado Indian Summer; don't you just love it... especially after such a glorious summer!  We still spend week ends on the water and have explored some new (to us) Colorado lakes this summer.
Since so many of you have asked, I'm excited to tell you that I won't be teaching yoga this fall/winter; I'm very happy to be taking yoga classes at Solar Yoga just down the street from our office. Its time for me to recieve  from the yoga world, to replenish my well. So, thank you to all my students and I invite you to try out Solar Yoga classes...there are some great 'easy' and 'beginner' classes and packages that are very affordable. My favorites are the Restorative classes Monday and Thursday from 6-7:30. Mention that you are my student and recieve 10% off. I hope to see you there!
May this day and every day be blessed with healing miracles~*~*~ 
Sid and Amber
The more I learn about Vitamin D
, the more there is to learn! Here is what is out there sunshinecurrently:                                                                                                                    Vitamin D is the enabler that allows our DNA structures to do what they were meant to do. It affects cell growth, cell death. It affects getting down to a deeper level; and that's just the beginning.
Healthy Cooking Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 5
Take quick, easy, delicious and thrifty cooking classes with Dr. Amber Wolf and Catrina Mianecki, MA, LAc. Prepare a meal and sample the delicious results at the Phoenix Healing Center. This series includes: September 17: Eating organic or not? "It doesnt' get any easier" quick (30 minutes or less) and easy soups and salads, October 15: Northern Indian vegetarian, November 5: Eating locally and thrifty, Harvest Meals.Day/Time:Thursdays 5:30 pm 7:00 pm, $65 for 3 classes or $25 each. Sign up through the City of Longmont 303-651-8404. Call us for additional information 303-774-9525.
Kryon Discovery Series~ Oct 2,3,4  
Our Florida Discovery is right around the corner and we are excited to have people from all over the planet coming! We still have room for more, so if you've been thinking of coming there's still time to sign up!  The home of this Discovery Series, the Sawgrass Marriott is at a beautiful, elegant 4 star resort minutes from Jacksonville Beach and 30 minutes from the Jacksonville airport. Register here: Kryon Discovery Series 2009 Please call us with any questions: 303-774-9525
~*~*~We are excited to offer this life changing workshop right here at the PHC!~*~*~*~
doveForgiveness and Communication Skills with Ana Holub ~ Oct. 17,
10 am-5 pm
$65 before 10/1, $75 after 10/1
Experience how the power of forgiveness can change your life! Learn to heal your memories and come to peace with your past.You CAN free yourself with forgiveness.
Learn step-by-step how to use forgiveness as a healing tool
Begin clearing anxiety, weight gain, insomnia, & depressionana
Release anger, pain and fear ~ Receive soul lessons and gifts Gain wisdom from Radical Forgiveness and A Course in Miracles
Offered by Ana Holub, MA. Based in Mount Shasta, CA, Ana is a Radical Forgiveness counselor, mediator and author of 'The Edges Are Friendly' as well as the upcoming 'Jumping into the River of Love'. She has over 20 years in the field of healing, reconciliation and conflict resolution. Sunday, 10/18, Ana will be available for private sessions.

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Amber Wolf, in conjuction with Solar Yoga Studio (in Prospect) will present  Breast Health Education workshop, based on her website  Stop living in fear of being a statistic!This workshop will give you the information you need to take care of your breast health beginning NOW!
Solar Yoga teachers will present Healthy Breast Yoga, created by Dr. Amber, a series of yoga postures specifically designed to help women keep the breast lymphatic area open and clear. Postures can be done by 'non-yogi's', seated in a chair, standing or on a mat. This class is offered on a 'karma' or donation basis, with teachers donating their time, and proceeds going to the OMT; Off the Mat and Into the World project. October 25, 1-3pm.
BTW, I am really happy to see 'social media' used for the good cause of the positive world of affirmations! I personally can't have too many reminders! So, beginning last week I have started my own campaign of reminding anyone who cares for getting the good stuff  more often. If you are interested in receiving my Tweets (should be at least daily), just click here: and FOLLOW ME on a journey to positive uplift-ment! 
Save $25 Yes, its true! Every time you refer someone to our practice we 'give' you $25! How good is that! Simply refer a friend or family member to us and we will give you $25 off your next treatment. This offer can be used in combination with as many people as you refer! Thank you for your confidence and trust. Dr. Sid Wolf and Dr. Amber Wolf at the  Phoenix Healing Center, 742A Tenacity Drive, Longmont, CO   80504  303-774-9525
Offer Expires: NEVER!!