Happy Thanksgiving!
Seminar 2: Adolescents in Therapy
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Thanksgiving Poem
CANY Dip & Decorate
Next week CANY will have its traditional "Dip and Decorate," a day for staff to decorate the office for the holiday season while munching on a spread of homemade dips!

Highlights include Heidi's good ol' fun dip with corn, cheese, peppers, onions & sour cream,
and Maria Eleni's homemade (amazing) tzatziki!

What does your office do to add some fun to the holiday season?

And most importantly...what's your favorite holiday dip?

Post your recipes on our Facebook page so we can make this year's dip & decorate the most delicious yet! 

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Happy Thanksgiving From CANY!
At the end of each CANY session, our drama therapists ask the participants to metaphorically "take" something from the group.  Often, in reflecting on the session our clients pick a strength-based characteristic that they discovered, or a moment shared with another peer, to carry with them throughout the rest of their hectic day.

During one particular group with adolescents at an alternative high school, our therapists were touched by the growth demonstrated by the teens during this closing ritual.  When asked what they would take with them, two students replied:

"I want to take acceptance with me from this group today. I shared [who I really am] and no one reacted in a negative way.  Everyone just accepted me and that makes me feel really good!"

Another group member stated: "I was really upset and frustrated when I came in here, and now I feel so much better."

Although this ritual is conducted to bring closure to the session, in its own way it is a moment for our participants to give thanks for their personal growth and the connections made within the group. 

On Thanksgiving, we encourage you and your family--once all the turkey has been eaten and the dishes put away-- to pause and reflect on one thing you will take with you from that time spent together with family and friends.
For Anyone Working with Youth & Adolescents
Seminar 2 on Adolescents in Therapy 
Join CANY on
Friday, December 6th (7:00 - 8:30pm) for a panel presentation:
On the Verge, Engaging Adolescents in Therapy.

Learn about the latest trends and insights into working with youth from author Dr. Craig Haen, CARES Director, Dr. Shilpa Taufique and Executive Director/CEO of North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center, Andrew Malekoff.

This presentation will be valuable for anyone conducting work with adolescents that has a therapeutic, growth-promoting intention, (including school-based professionals and community-based work) as well as more formal psychotherapy.

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PLUS a full-day training on Saturday, December 7th (10:00am - 5:00pm) by CANY on Drama Therapy with Children and Adolescents. 

For anyone working or planning to work with youth
, this workshop will introduce you to the basic principles of CANY's trauma-informed drama therapy and give you practical tools to use with children and adolescents in any setting.

Practice techniques aimed at:
* Managing adolescent resistance;
* Improving child and adolescent communication skills;
* Achieving peaceful conflict resolution; and

* Enhancing self-esteem, emotional regulation and behavioral control.


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CANY's Big Match for Giving Tuesday!

CANY is thrilled to announce that all gifts received on Giving Tuesday (December 3rd) will be matched up to $10,000.

Your gift, made on December 3rd, will help CANY to reach even more children and adults affected by trauma through our drama therapy groups.

Skip the shops this weekend and spend on something priceless; bringing imagination and healing to individuals who have endured trauma.

We thank you for all your support this holiday season.
A Thanksgiving Poem
from a CANY Drama Therapy Group

Where's the beginning? Where do we start from? 

The reason to be thankful? Good and all there is.

I think of family...friends and family the good and the bad, it is all worth it

I am thankful for the simplicity of being a part of something, a union.

Together we have created our own family, a new family.

When I see you, I light up like a Christmas tree and I want to cook you the best meal you ever had.

We should never be apart again because we have a lot to catch up on

So come and join us, sit and eat and be thankful.