You can participate in honoring our veterans coping with PTSD by supporting our 13 for 13 Appeal to fund a year of drama therapy at Holliswood Hospital's Military Wellness Program
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Military Wellness Program
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A CANY Summer in the City
As the temperature rises and the days grow long, CANY is closing out another great year of drama therapy programs and preparing for fall. But we still have an exciting schedule of ongoing work and some brand new programs! 
For CANY, the summer is a great time to run 'pilot' groups; 4-week programs at sites that are interested in trying out a CANY program. Many of our pilot groups decide to extend to a full year of drama therapy services.  Past CANY pilot-converts include Safe Horizon, Stevenson School, and CARES.
This year, we've partnered with two amazing organizations: Holliswood Hospital/(Military Wellness Program) and Episcopal Charities, where we'll be running drama therapy groups all summer long! Keep reading to find out more about our work at Holliswood!
CANY at the Military Wellness Program

The Military Wellness Program at Holliswood Hospital is an inpatient treatment alternative, providing comprehensive services for active-duty service members and OEF/OIF/OND veterans.


In May, CANY began a pilot program offering weekly drama therapy sessions to service members who have experienced severe trauma and are adjusting to in-service or post-deployment life. Thanks to our kind supporters at the 2013 Pearl Gala, we were able to extend this program through the summer.
Many of the individuals in this program are experiencing post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression as a result of their service.  CANY's trauma informed drama therapy uses an embodied, group approach to allow participants to work through emotions from a safe therapeutic distance, while creatively connecting with their capacity for resilience and growth. 
The Military Wellness Program and CANY address a pressing need for mental health services for veterans.  According to the National Center for PTSD:  
  • 11 - 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans experience PTSD;
  • At least 10% of Gulf War veterans; and 
  • At least 30% of Vietnam War veterans are affected by PTSD. 
CANY is honored to be working with these men and women, and thrilled to support the Military Wellness Program's mission, "to honor our responsibility and commitment to give service back to the men and women of our Uniformed Services," and we hope you will too. 
The patients gained such powerful insights during these sessions, which were directly relevant to their treatment goals and recovery. It is difficult to express the value of this program, as the proof is in the process... This program has allowed participants to develop context and work together to attach meaning and develop awareness around some of their past experiences... The clinical progress we have seen as a result is outstanding...Please consider supporting this program and allowing more lives to be positively impacted by this incredible and substantially effective program.
Aynisa Leonardo, LCAT ATR-BC,  
Military Wellness Program Coordinator
Holliswood Hospital
*13 for 13*Appeal
Please Donate to Support Our Program for Veterans & Active-Duty Service Members
The CANY pilot at the Military Wellness Program ends
August 13, 2013  
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active duty service members   

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CANY Matches Heckscher Challenge Grant!

Last winter CANY announced a matching grant of $37,500 from The Heckscher Foundation for Children for our program at CARES High School.   


We are thrilled to announce that we have met this match, raising $37,500 from three foundations and one private donor.    


Our gracious thanks to the Heckscher Foundation and the following donors who rose to the challenge and helped us accomplish this match, ensuring continued drama therapy for the youth and adolescents at CARES High School:

  • $20,000 from the Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Foundation
  • $10,000 from The Marion E. Kenworthy-Sarah H. Swift Foundation
  • $5,000 from Jim and Debbie Millis
  • $2,500 from Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Thank you all, and please read the feedback below that we received this week from some of our CARES drama therapy kids!:

"I was nervous about letting myself go [when I first joined the drama group] but now I'm able to invest myself into a character... it really allows people to open themselves up and bloom into a better person."

"Participating in scene work was always so much fun. We explored different situations and it often uplifted me when I didn't feel so good. I was reminded about how much awesomeness is in myself and in others. I was also reminded to believe in myself...I love CANY. I think you guys need to just keep doing what you're doing. Drama therapy is so important."

" can bring things out of you that you never knew you were capable of. TOTAL CONFIDENCE BOOSTER."

Enjoy Your Summer, From CANY!
  Hoping you all are able to take some time this summer to
rest and
Enjoy the beautiful weather, any vacations you have planned,
and be sure to take care!