A Postcard and a Prayer from 
Mennonite Women USA - August 2016
 Prayer of Gratitude
by Claire DeBerg

Thank you.
Thank you for little things.
Thank you for this small grape
     that rolled away from the bunch.
Thank you for the moon-shaped scar
     on that kneecap.
Thank you for letting me see her smile at him
     in that moment.
Thank you for that last clean mug alone on the shelf.
Thank you for the open space when they didn't arrive.
Thank you for the dream in which he visited and said hello.
Thank you for the ping that has me know she's safe.
Thank you for that dried cicada hidden in the palm of his hand.
Thank you for the dark melon that split with a crack on the cutting board.
Thank you for this writing bump on my ring finger.
Thank you for the old man biking steady around the lake.
Thank you for that stately spider poised where the wall and ceiling meet.
Thank you for the sparrow drinking rain water from the gutter. 
Thank you for her sweet whisperings in the dog's ears.
Thank you for your silence.
Thank you.

Claire DeBerg writes from a closet in Minneapolis. Her unpublished novel
is completed and being shopped to literary agents. DeBerg is the former communications manager f
or Mennonite Women USA. 
Uganda will have its first Sister Care seminar this month, and the women ask for your prayers. You can read more about their story in this month's issue of
The Mennonite.

PREP 2016

This year's PREP was a great success! It was exciting to be together, to be energized and to imagine new ways of being supportive and caring in women's friendships. 

To Honor Women

Women and women's groups donate in memory of honor of a significant woman in their lives. Here is a list of the recent donors and the significant women in their lives: 

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Have a blessed month!

Mennonite Women USA staff