A Postcard and a Prayer from 
Mennonite Women USA - June 2016
 Greater than Fear 
by Gracie Tijerina

Dear Lord, I am greater than having the fear that used to lie within me. 

My childhood and part of my adult life, I lived with fear; afraid of failure, being ridiculed, or of what people were going to say. 

In the song, "Lord you have come to the seashore, searching neither rich nor wise, desiring only that I should follow, I heard you call my name "Graciela."

You weren't looking for courageous, or un-afraid, but just to follow.  
Taking the leap of faith, trusting you I took a risk at the age of 63.
Here I stand as a Hesston College graduate without fear of the future today. Thanks be to God.

Gracie Tijerina is a 2016 graduate of Hesston College. Read more about Gracie's future plans. 
Friday, 8/12-Saturday, 8/13
Peace Mennonite Church, 13601 E. Alameda Ave., Aurora, CO 80012 
2016 PREP Welcomes ALL Mennonite Women to Denver, CO!
Empowering Women: Money, Health and Faith is a resourcing event that will take place August 12-13 at Peace Mennonite Church in Aurora, CO, just east of Denver. Register now...
Rhoda Blough of Denver, and Teresa Boshart Yoder of Harrisonburg, VA are the presenters. As staff of Everence, they bring passion, experience and tools for us to understand our relationship with money and our personal health. These professionals will provide handouts, books, journals and other resources. Learn more...
Bible Study Guide

by Marlene Kropf is the 2016 Bible study guide focused on "Trusting God in Life's Transitions." Perfect for groups, classes or individual study.

Int'l Women's Fund

EUGENIE MAUNGALA, Congo, is involved with Sunday School and sings in the choir at her congregation in the Bumbu Parish, Kinshasa. She hopes to be a pastor and preach the Good News.

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