A Postcard and a Prayer from 
Mennonite Women USA - February 2016
A Prayer for self-love
by Amy Gingerich

  God of love, 
you accept me for who I am-
the stretch marks that crease my thighs
the laugh lines that let me know 
middle age has arrived.
  Amid cutout pink hearts and crimson roses- 
money spent to prove one's worth-
remind me of my true worth.
I am your child, beloved.
  When media messages confirm worth in Barbie-like figures,
and designer heels that make me trip and fall,
keep me grounded in your unending love.
  You have knit me together, you know my innermost doubts.
  Push me to accept myself as I have been created in your good image,
to listen to the words I use 
when talking about my body around young girls, other women, and myself.
  Thank you, God, for shaping me into who I am-
I am your child, beloved. 

Amy Gingerich serves as editorial director at MennoMedia and its book imprint, Herald Press. In addition to spending time with her husband and their two young daughters, Amy enjoys running with friends and curling up with a book. She is a member of Friendship Mennonite Church in Bedford Heights, Ohio. 
March 19
Hesston College's
Campus Worship Center
Sister Care for College Women
Presented at Hesston College by Mennonite Women USA's executive director, Marlene Bogard.
-What to do with your one perfect life?
-When to say yes and when to say no.
-Faith formation & personal journey.
-Stress management.
-Caring for others.

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