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         December 2014

Clinical Synergies Discussions

Thinking Ahead!

As 2014 comes to a close, we are finding ways to help our current clinical partners while extending our hand to new relationships. Let's meet in San Francisco January 11-15, 2015  Learn More

PK Unit and Phase II-IV Clinic

What We Offer

Whether your organization is a 100,000 person Pharmaceutical company or a 3 employee Virtual Biotech, we will work with you to help solve patient recruitment and retention problems. Our PK Unit and Clinic not only has access to 2,500 healthy volunteers but has a robust database of 7,000+ patients in Varying Disease states.  Consult with us Today!

The Clinical Expertise You Need

Clinical and Patient Recruitment Specialists

Our Physicians and Business Development Specialist's will help evaluate your Protocol and Clinical Trial Goals and Objectives. We are happy to make recommendations for improvements, and discuss ways to enhance chances for clinical trial success. Meet Dr. Joel Neutel the week of the J.P. Morgan / Biotech Showcase conferences January 12-15. Dr. Neutel has over 25 years of extensive experience in Proof of Concept clinical trials, serving the biopharmaceutical, Venture Capital, and Private Equity Industries. Set up a time to chat today.

Mike Loftus
Executive Director, Business Development

Experience Breakthrough Treatments and Helping Others Along the Way!

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