High Performance Broadband Over Copper

February 2014
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Enhance, Expand, Increase while Going Green

Wouldn't it be great if you could find a way to grow your revenues, improve your competitiveness, enhance your responsiveness to customers, all while also helping the environment? Now you can. Becoming more  "green" means  that you save on carbon fuel, save on energy and use more recyclable materials.


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Small Customers, Big Revenues Thanks to EFM over Copper

Small and Medium business (SMEs) may have been considered by some service operators as being less important customers than larger companies in the past. But these smaller customers are not only extremely important to the economy (SMEs account for 58% of the EU's economic output, for instance), they are also becoming increasingly important consumers of broadband services.


Cost Optimizing Triple Play Roll Out: The Advantages of Broadband Amplifiers vs. DSLAM Extension

The Problem

Worldwide, the investment in DSL technologies is huge....and operators understandably would like to keep using those assets wherever possible. But that is becoming more of a challenge as residential broadband users demand and more fully utilize triple play services. More bandwidth is required, and not just for those customers that are easiest to reach...because high speed broadband access is also quickly becoming recognized by governments for its value in terms of economic competitiveness and national strategic importance.



Advantages of Copper Over 60/80 GHz Millimeter Wave Radio For Small Cell Backhaul

Small cells will be a critical building block of that success, because they are needed both to facilitate reuse of the limited supply of spectrum, and also are needed to better cost optimize the build out of radio access networks so that services can be offered profitably despite operators needing to be price competitive in a market that has seen rapid declines in price per bit.  The cost of small cells, including small cell backhaul, must be much lower than what it was for macrocells.  Fiber cannot be the complete answer, because running new fiber is simply too costly to provide a satisfactory business case.  And microwave, though a viable option for some small cells, has operational complexity associated with it that makes it far from being a universal answer.  Non Line of Site (NLOS) wireless technologies present an interesting alternative in theory, but in practice involve complex point in time engineering in a dynamic metro environment - and relying on reflections, multipath, and a static city scape to ensure consistent performance cannot be expected to result in carrier class transport.

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How Copper Is Enabling More Profitable Services and Networks
More service operators today are beginning to use Broadband over Copper solutions very differently.
What has changed in the past year is that more Tier 1 operators are either using EFM over Copper and broadband amplifiers or seriously considering them in major RFPs. Now utilization of broadband over copper is frequently being driven by the desire for strategic mass deployment over time, rather than as a stop-gap measure while waiting for the cost of fiber to prove in.


Why the new interest in copper as a key, long-term part of the network? The reason for the change is simple. Advances in broadband over copper technology now make offering 100s of Mbps of reliable, high performance bandwidth available. By using copper as a complementary part of the access toolkit, operators can help further build upon and augment their existing fiber and DSLAM assets. Broadband over Copper provides bandwidth where it is needed more quickly and cost effectively,  with lower TCO than fiber or microwave... and makes it possible for service operators to land new customers, transition from less profitable to more profitable services, sell more bandwidth, and enable new strategic opportunities. 

We turn copper into a strategic asset!



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