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We have revamped our committees!


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Many hands make light work, as home funeral guides know. If you'd like to be part of any committee, you can join any time by contacting the chair. Go to About Us on our website for contact information. Welcome!


March, 2014
      We hope you find in this newsletter upcoming conferences, educational opportunities, information and connections that will advance the important work you are doing to bring funerals back home. Send us your news!
from Mary Woodsen, Green Burial Council

Thanks to Mary Woodsen for revisiting the statistics she first published in 2001 that have helped spread the word about eco-friendly burial practices! 


Here are some new stats:

- 4.3 million gallons of embalming fluid (827,060 gallons of which is formaldehyde)

- 64,500 tons of steel

- 20 million board feet of     hardwood for caskets

- 1.6 million tons of concrete


Learn more and include in your presentations:

Burial Statistics         Cremation Statistics

2015 Biennial Conference

You have spoken

 and we have heard!

The survey results gathered from our members clearly favored holding a major conference every other year, and exploring options such as virtual conference opportunities as well as in-person. If you are interested in helping shape the next conference slated for 2015, please contact anyone on the Board. You can find all contact information for Board members on our website's About Us page.

2014 Biennial Conference
June 5-7
Park Plaza Hotel
Bloomington MN

Caitlin Doughty Featuring

Order of the Good Death's

Caitlyn Doughty


And our own NHFA members providing demonstrations and presentations!

Exploring Issues and Options
October 10-11, 2014
Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Ann Arbor MI

Friday night screening of

A Will for the Woods


Saturday Conference with 

panelists, demonstrations, open forum 

  • Discover the web of green(er) burial options
  • Learn the practicalities of how to do a natural burial
  • Discuss current practices and what families want
  • Network with professionals who provide natural burial choices
    Go to for tickets
    Contact Merilynne Rush for more information at 734.395.9660, or visit
    Download the poster and spread the word!

OUR NEW 501c3 STATUS (and what it means for you)

NHFA Receives IRS Educational Nonprofit Designation

It was a long process, but we are pleased to announce that we have received our exempt tax status from the US government. Any donations made to the NHFA dating back to October 8, 2010 are retroactively tax exempt, meaning that you may now claim them on your taxes. Check with your tax accountant for details. Our Tax ID is 

# 27-3614048.


For a history of the organization and to better understand how the decision to become a 501c3 evolved, read What Being a 501c3 Means to the NHFA. We welcome your comments and questions.

Electronic Death Registration Systems

The EDRS in your state may inadvertently be preventing families from caring for their own dead by denying them access to death certificates and burial transit permits.

This new system allows state and town officials (medical examiners, doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, funeral directors, town clerks) to file death certificates directly into an electronic system. Unless specifically written, these new regulations may effectively deny families access to a paper death certificate and burial transit permit. To read more about EDRS, click here. And contact the Legislative Committee to learn what you can do to help.


Our new directories are up on the website and waiting for you to join. It's easy! Just send information to

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Note: Being on the Members List is NOT the same as being listed on a directory. Only other members can access your NHFA Member Profile. If you joined the NHFA so you could be recognized as a home funeral guide, a celebrant, or other, the directories are for you! 


Don't miss the chance to talk with other home funeral advocates and ask questions person-to-person on our monthly teleconferences hosted by Heather Massey. The call is free and you can join every second Sunday at 8 p.m.

  • March 9
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  • August 10


Don't miss reading about NHFA as we enjoy more exposure in the mainstream press. Go to Resources>>Written & Visual>>Articles, Interviews, and Videos for recent home funeral features and/or The Press Room. And let us know about articles in your local newspapers, TV or radio stations!


We are happy to have you as a friend of the NHFA. We appreciate your support and look forward to working together in 2014 to advance the understanding of home funerals across the country.

Elizabeth Knox, President
National Home Funeral Alliance

National Home Funeral Alliance