2016 High School State Champions
New Trier Green
Red Varsity
Combined Varsity
Loyola Academy
Girls Varsity
Three High School State Champions Crowned at The United Center ~ By Ross Forman
New Trier White
White Varsity
Junior Varsity
Combined Junior Varsity
'Hard Work, Dedication and Sacrifice' Carries Waubonsie Valley to JV Combined State Championship ~ By Ross Forman
2016 Tier I Youth & Girls State Champions
Chicago Mission
Squirt Major AAA
Chicago Young Americans
Pee Wee Minor AAA
Chicago Mission
Pee Wee Major AAA
Chicago Mission*
Bantam Minor AAA
Chicago Mission*
Bantam Major AAA
Chicago Mission
Midget Minor AAA
Chicago Fury*
Midget Major AAA
Chicago Mission
Girls 12U AA
Chicago Mission
Girls 14U AA
Chicago Mission
Girls 16U AA
*Denotes Kohlman Cup Champions

Photos courtesy of
Photos by Sully
Chicago Mission*
Girls 19U AA
Illinois Claims 4 out of 6 Division Titles in USA Hockey's Central District Tier I Kohlman Cup Championships
2016 Tier II Youth & Girls State Champions
10 & Under AA
Chicago Hawks
10 & Under A
Chicago Hawks
10 & Under B
12 & Under AA
12 & Under A
Sabre Hockey
12 & Under B
14 & Under AA
14 & Under A
14 & Under B
Midget 16U AA
Midget 18U AA
Girls 10U A
Girls 12U A
Girls 14U A
Girls 16U A
Photos courtesy of
Photos by Sully
Sabre Hockey*
Girls 19U A
*Denotes National Bound Teams
16 Teams to Represent Illinois at
USA Hockey's National Championships!
10 Illinois Tier I Teams Advance to USA Hockey's National Championships!
Girls Tier I
Chicago Mission 14U
Chicago Young Americans 14U
Chicago Mission 16U
Chicago Young Americans 16U
Chicago Mission 19U
Chicago Young Americans 19U
Youth Tier I
Chicago Mission 14U
Team Illinois 14U
Chicago Mission 16U
Chicago Fury 18U
Illinois Sends 3 Tier II Youth & 3 Tier II Girls Teams to USA Hockey's National Championships!
Girls Tier II
Chicago Bruins 14U
Vikings 16U
Sabre Hockey 19U
Youth Tier II
Falcons 14U
Chicago Blues 16U
Cyclones 18U