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The Mite Task Force

Chicago ADM World Tour

ADM Keeps Colorado Kids Moving Through the Chill

Rinks in Arizona Embrace Portable Cross-Ice Boards

Video: Wild's Coyle Makes Young Fan's Day

Video: ADM Cross-Ice Boards Removal & Replacement

Practice Plans for On-Ice

Practice Plans for Dryland
The Mite Task Force
By Jim Clare, AHAI Mite/ADM Chairman

When the American Development Model was introduced several years ago, it was apparent that the ideas and teachings of the ADM were going to require more than an occasional visit from USA Hockey to inform the vast membership of AHAI. It was with this realization that we formed the Mite Task Force. I am proud to chair this committee even though the past few years have been trying as the state learns more about what the ADM truly is.


One of the elements I wanted on the Task Force was a wide representation and not just a sub-committee of AHAI board members. Under the direction of AHAI President, John Dunne, and prior AHAI President, Mike Mullally, we were able to assemble a cross-section of the Illinois hockey community. Serving on the Task Force are hockey directors, rink managers, club presidents, league representatives, AHAI staff and mite coaches. This allows the Task Force to garner a much better perspective on the landscape of mite hockey at all levels.


The Task Force's mission is to craft, monitor and implement mite policies throughout the state. However, the most important role we have is to listen to the membership in regards to all things mite hockey. At times our job will not be received well, but I can promise that we will listen and do our best to communicate what we are doing and why we are doing it. You may not always like the answer you receive, but you will always get an answer (and if you don't, please resend your question!).




The week of January 6, AHAI will be hosting a USA Hockey ADM Chicago World Tour. Modeled after similar events held in Boston, New York, and Michigan, USA Hockey's ADM Regional Managers and National Staff will be scattered throughout the Chicagoland area hosting informational meetings about the American Developmental Model (ADM) for Association Parents and Coaches. These sessions are designed to be both informative and conversational. 


USA Hockey will cover a myriad of topics from how the ADM is being rolled out and received around the country to how it applies at all levels, not just mites. Each night, we will host 3 to 4 different meetings throughout the area and attempt to reach 12-16 different locations during the week.  There will be raffles at each site and one grand prize winner for tickets to a Blackhawks game. Please stay tuned for additional information including dates and locations.  We hope you take this opportunity to listen, understand, and ask the questions you have concerning the ADM. The events in other states proved to be very valuable and informative to those who attended.


ADM Keeps Colorado Kids Moving Through the Chill


Rand McNally and USA Today selected Glenwood Springs, Colo., as the most fun town in America. It certainly lives up to the hype each December when hundreds of hockey players from throughout Colorado's mountain communities descend on the town of 10,000 for its annual youth jamboree.


This year's event played out among frigid temperatures on Glenwood Springs' single ice sheet, a roofed open-air rink offering spectacular mountain views, but the constant-motion pace kept kids warm. More than 175 mites attended the event, which consisted of simultaneous cross-ice games in the morning and late afternoon sandwiched around mid-day American Development Model on-ice clinics for 8U and 10U players.



Rinks in Arizona Embrace Portable Cross-Ice Boards


When Jon Brooks, president of Arizona Amateur Hockey Association, first saw a portable cross-ice boards system at the USA Hockey Winter Meeting in January 2012, he knew right away it would benefit the players in his state.


"They were quality boards that created an age-appropriate real playing surface and I believed they would be a positive thing for our customers," said Brooks. "When we got back to Arizona, we proposed to our board of directors that we pick up the cost to get them for our arenas."


AAHA purchased six sets of the cross-ice boards and made them available to the arenas in Arizona in November 2012. Two arenas in the state also purchased a second set of boards themselves. 



Priceless: Wild's Coyle Makes Young Fan's Day
ADM Cross-Ice Boards Removal & Replacement
Priceless: Wild's Coyle Makes Young Fans Day

Minnesota Wild's Charlie Coyle just "gets it". When asked why he waved to a young fan he said, "He was right there on the glass and I could see him waving. I remember being in that kid's position. I would have thought it was cool too. I do it every game when I see someone."
ADM Cross Ice Boards Removal & Replace
One question that is often asked regarding cross-ice hard dividers is, "How quickly can they be set-up and removed?" The USA Hockey video above shows the removal and re-installation of cross-ice boards during an ice resurfacing between practices.

Too often we think of ADM practices as 6 equal sections on the ice, but it doesn't always have to be planned that way. This month's Practice Plan uses an alternative rink layout that allows for drills to be run in various size spaces across the ice surface. Maybe you don't like this exact plan, but be creative in how you organize the ice; change it up and add some variety into your practices.  


USA Hockey provides an abundance of material to help coaches design efficient and fun dryland training for the 8U age group. We will highlight some of those exercises here each month. Ask your coaching coordinator or hockey director where you can get the dryland deck of cards, or contact AHAI Coach- in- Chief.




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