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What Every Hockey Mom Needs to Know About Concussions 
Hockey Moms are encouraged to attend this FREE event on Wednesday, September 25 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. to learn more about concussion signs/symptoms, baseline and post-injury testing, and the treatment of concussions. You will also hear more about free baseline testing through the "A Step aHead" program. The event includes a Blackhawks Locker Room tour and Blackhawks giveaways.
Click HERE for Event Agenda.
2013-14 CEP Clinic Schedule
All coaches are required to be certified at the appropriate level for the upcoming season. All 2013-14 AHAI CEP Clinics are open for registration ONLY on the USA Hockey Website.
Click HERE for full listing of AHAI/USAH CEP Clinics Dates & Locations
Ask the Coach
I registered for an AHAI CEP Clinic, but now due to a family emergency, I must transfer to another clinic date. How do I get this done?
The information is located on the USA Hockey website. Click HERE for instructions on how to transfer clinics or obtain a refund.
Editor's Note: Readers may email any questions to Ask the Coach to be answered in future issues.
My son was contacted to play for a junior team, at least occasionally. He is still a midget aged High School player. Can he play both for his high school and for the Junior team?


The fact is he can be rostered on both Junior and youth teams. But he cannot play both. In youth hockey AHAI controls all the rosters. Junior teams do not need your permission to place a player on a roster. So a midget can be double rostered to a Junior team. Those are the facts. But AHAI wants it's players to be afforded every opportunity possible to advance. So AHAI allows a youth (high school or Midget rostered) player to "experience" Junior hockey. A youth player can play on a given weekend with the Junior team without sacrificing his youth team. But after that "experience" the player has to decide what he wants to do...


1. If a player has a second Junior "experience" he is removed from the youth roster and can no longer play with the midget or High school team.


2. If the player then wants to quit the Junior team, or he is cut from the Junior team, he needs to appeal to the AHAI Board to be reinstated as a youth player.


3. A player can only be reinstated before December 31.


If a Junior team cuts the player after December 31, the player cannot get on a youth roster. He ends up being done for the year. So be sure your son will stay with the Junior team after December 31!   Or he will not have any place to play the rest of the season.


Best of luck to your son in his hockey endeavors this season. Take care in those decisions...email AHAI if you have any questions. 

Illinois Hockey
Hall of Fame
Seeking Nominations
The Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame (IHHF) is seeking nominations of qualified individuals to be enshrined into the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame for the Class of 2013. The IHHF was established to recognize and honor the tremendous contributions of individuals who, through their dedication and tireless efforts, helped to pave the way for the future generations of kids to enjoy the great sport of ice hockey.

Click HERE for Nomination Qualifications & Procedures. If you know of someone who meets the criteria set forth in the IHHF Qualification & Procedures, you are encouraged to click HERE for Nomination Form. To view past inductees click HERE.
Charity Hockey Game
Head to Oak Lawn Park District Ice Arena on Saturday, September 21 to watch the Oak Lawn Fire & Police Departments take on the Orland Park Police and Orland Fire Protection District. Door open at 7:00 p.m. and the puck drops at 7:30 p.m. Tickets sold only at the door: Adults are $5 and Students are $2. There will be a split the pot raffle! All proceeds will benefit Oak Lawn Rotary's 9-11 Memorial Fund and the Special Olympics.  See you there!
Just Drop The Puck Already!

With the NHL season a month away, USA Hockey Magazine previews what promises to be an exciting season. READ MORE
Welcome to the 2013-14 Season!
NoozeBox.com Interviews AHAI President John Dunne

Click HERE to Watch Interview
Committed to Developing Coaches
AHAI/USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP)

null Hockey is the only major youth sport where all coaches must be screened, attend different levels of coaching education certifications and then take age-specific modules for the birth years they are coaching.


The objective of the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (C.E.P.) is to improve the caliber and quality of coaching in amateur hockey. Five levels of achievement and six online age-specific modules have been established to educate and train each coach, from the beginner to the highly skilled expert.


The Coaching Education Program is committed to developing coaches who will be effective instructors and role models through a comprehensive education program at all levels of play. The program emphasizes fundamental skills, conceptual development, sportsmanship and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and off-ice officials. 



Coaches Experience An ADM Practice
Fox Valley Ice Arena

Over the weekend of August 24-25, AHAI conducted the first of several USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) Clinics. Level 2 and Level 3 Clinics were delivered on Saturday to 150 coaches. On Sunday AHAI instituted the American Development Model (ADM) focused Level 1 Clinic to introduce the ADM to our newest coaches. In addition to classroom work, there is an on ice portion where coaches are put through a six-station ADM practice.
NoozeBox.com Named Official Media Partner of AHAI


Puck fans will have a fresh, new way to keep up with the exciting hockey action from around Illinois, including LIVE broadcasting of highlighted match-ups! NoozeBox.com, a multimedia source for all things Illinois hockey, has just signed on to become the official media partner of the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois (AHAI).


The exclusive partnership was formed to bring fresh, multimedia news, opinion, and analysis to hockey fans across Illinois. From exclusive video interviews to in-depth blogs, the partnership will unite the hockey community in ways like never before.


In partnership with Original Six Media, LLC - NoozeBox.com has the capabilities to produce AHAI-specific videos, all of which will be published in the AHAI newsletter. Along with up-to-date coverage on Illinois hockey news, the partnership will also bring exclusive interviews with coaches and players, video CEP clinics (let people know what goes into the making of a coach or official), and so much more!

Wow! I Get All This?
Benefits of AHAI/USA Hockey Membership

State Tournaments at all levels from Squirt to Adult, college scholarships awarded to our most deserving student athletes in conjunction with the Chicago Blackhawk Alumni Association, world-class insurance coverage, mandated background screenings for all adults with access to our youth players, a subscription to USA Hockey Magazine, the most widely distributed hockey magazine in the world - these are but a few of the benefits of membership in AHAI and USA Hockey. 

You may be surprised to learn the "hidden" benefits that you receive with your membership like state-of-the-art gold-standard coaches' education programs to ensure your child's coach has the most current material to assist your skater in reaching their full potential or the intensive training programs each IHOA official must attend so to ensure quality officiating at all levels.

Click HERE for AHAI Membership Benefits
Click HERE for USA Hockey Membership Benefits
"Like" AHAI on Facebook & You Could Win A Pair Of NIU Huskies Season Tickets! 

"Like" AHAI on Facebook now through Friday, September 21 and you will be entered to win a pair of season tickets to the NIU Huskies Division II Hockey Games at Fox Valley Ice Arena in Geneva, IL. The Huskies home game opener is Friday, September 27 at 8:30 p.m.  Click HERE for full schedule. 

Winner will be announced on AHAI's Facebook Page on Monday, September 23! Good Luck!

What is ImPACT Baseline Testing?
By Mike Palm, Athletico Regional Athletic Training Coordinator

Over the past few years, it is a challenge to watch a sporting event on television and not notice the increased awareness on concussions. There are several reasons for this increased awareness. One such reason is the increased knowledge in the sports medicine world. Over the past 15 years, the management of concussions has changed drastically. Second, we've also learned about the frequency of concussions, and how often athletes don't truly report their signs and symptoms. The latter fact, we have learned can be addressed through appropriate education.


Over the past 3 years, AHAI, Athletico, the Chicago Blackhawks, and NorthShore HealthSystem have joined forced to create a program called A Step aHead.   There are two main components to this program. First and foremost is to increase knowledge and awareness around the topic of concussions. We want coaches, parents, and athletes to understand what a concussion is (and what it isn't), and what they should do if they suspect a concussion.



SMALL-Area Games Lead to BIG 
Increases in Puck Possessions
Study Shows in Full-Ice Games Many Youth Players Never Touch the Puck


Cross-ice hockey or Small-area games, simply defined are technical and game-like competitive drills and games that use a playing surface that has been reduced in size and allows players to practice their hockey skills. Small-area hockey actually has been around for as long as the game has been played. When players played on a pond did they use an ice surface 200 x 85? No, they played in a small area that developed and sharpened their skills without the rules of off-sides, icing, penalties, face-offs, etc. Somehow coaches have moved away from this idea of practicing and playing in an environment with little control or structure, to one with greater control.



Cross Ice Grant Program
Program Criteria & Application Information

null AHAI is pleased to announce the continuation of the Cross Ice Grant Program. The Cross Ice Grant Program is designed to aid AHAI Affiliates and their home rinks in promoting the growth of ice hockey through the implementation of a cross-ice hockey program. AHAI is again offering two Cross Ice Grants including the shorter soft Cross Ice Dividers as well as the NEW Cross Ice Hard Dividers. We encourage rinks and associations to purchase the hard dividers if possible. Cross Ice hockey is based on a model of practicing and playing across the width of the ice surface rather than lengthwise along the full length of the ice. The Cross Ice model for practice and play has been used in many of the leading hockey nations in the world for a number of years and is a more efficient way to use ice time and space and give children a greater feeling of success when playing hockey. By shrinking the playing surface, the Cross Ice model allows for players to increase the number of times they touch the puck, increase the amount of body contact and increase speed of decision making during playing situations - all of which translate into quicker development of the individual skills necessary to keep young players excited and motivated.


The hard dividers improve the game day experience for the players, improve the visual for the parents, and create a more realistic game surface. These dividers are regulation size boards, with dashers and kick plates as well as a door so skaters can pass through form section to section.


Two Grants will be offered for this upcoming season including Cross Ice Dividers and Cross Ice Hard Dividers. All applicants will be required to complete an application providing a full detailed report describing their cross-ice programs within three months after disbursement of their Cross Ice Grant.


Click HERE for Grant Criteria.
Click HERE for Grant Application
Alphabet Soup: The ABC's of Illinois Hockey


Hockey in Illinois, and across the nation, is often described by acronyms...NIHL, CSDHL, NA3HL, HIFE, etc. We've compiled a list of the most common hockey acronyms from Tier I, Tier II, Tier III, High School, Disabled and Junior Hockey to help you decipher what each one is and what it means as they pertain to Illinois Hockey.


Click HERE for a bowl of soup!

Know Your Limits!
AHAI Game Counts

null The intent of the Game Limit Rule is to increase the practice to game ratio all all AHAI affiliate teams and to emulate the introduction of the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM). Accordingly, AHAI has imposed team game limits at all USA Hockey age divisions.

Click HERE for Game Limits

Game limits include all league, tournament and practice games. All tournaments, both local and out of area will count as three (3) games toward the teams game limit. All playoff games for USA Hockey and AHAI registered League, State and National competition do not count toward the team game limits. The AHAI team game limits shall be mandatory for High School, Tier II and Tier III/ House/Recreation teams and recommended for Tier I teams. Click HERE for AHAI's complete 2013-14 Rules & Regulations.

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