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December 2015

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Accidents Caused by Bad Road Conditions: Who's at Fault?
Icy Road
Rarely are bad road conditions a good excuse or the true cause of an accident. This is especially true in New England where we are all accustomed to bad road conditions to some degree throughout the winter months, and cannot claim that we are not used to driving in these conditions. What the law requires in Connecticut is for drivers to use sound judgment in the speed they drive on the icy or snowy roads and maintaining a greater distance between their vehicle and those around them than one would during dry summer driving. This provides them the proper reaction time to stop without colliding with another vehicle. The more icy and snowy the road obviously the slower one should travel, and the greater distance a driver should keep from other vehicles.

We are very experienced in handling these types of cases and will be glad to help you receive the compensation which you deserve under our laws for the negligence of another driving violating our safety rules of the road. Contact Tindall Law Firm at 203-755-0018 
The Big Question...

There is inclement weather, such that the chances of having an accident driving to work is noticeably greater than usual. Your company has a policy that you are required to be in at work (else you are penalized). On the way to work, you suffer an accident. Should the company hold any kind of liability for the accident? 

Do you believe the company should either be held (partially) liable or they should withhold penalizing employees exercising caution. Do you have trouble seeing how a company can both require your presence and at the same time not be held liable for accidents arising due to this request. 

Unfortunately for the person involved in the accident, it would be very difficult under current CT law to hold the employer liable under the scenario listed above. If the roads are open and have not been shut down by the Governor, and the employer mandates you have to be in work, the employer will likely not be held liable if you are in a car accident, due to the weather. You would have to drive very cautiously so you make it in safely. There are risks when driving even in good weather. The liable parties if there is an accident in bad weather would be the driver who failed to operate their vehicle safely and caused the accident. In some limited circumstances you can make a claim against the state for failure to maintain a safe road under the defective highway statute. However, these claims are hard to pursue because of the very strict standards of this statute. So unless your own negligence or the weather caused your accident, your best recovery for your losses during a weather related car accident would be against the party responsible for negligently driving their vehicle into your vehicle.
Please stay alert when driving and drive cautiously.
If you know of someone injured in an accident with another vehicle please contact our office to review the possibility of compensation for the losses, injuries and damages.
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