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Any occupation has the potential to cause injury and illness, but some are especially dangerous. We often represent factory and warehouse workers, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), drivers and construction workers. We can assist you with workers' compensation and third-party claims involving a wide range of issues

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May 2013

Welcome to all my wonderful clients, friends and business associates. At Tindall Law Firm, LLC we have begun to offer a newsletter sharing valuable tips regarding the law; offering articles on hot issues in the law; commenting on topics of interest; and helping you navigate the tricky world of the law, which is ever changing. This is our third newsletter providing a discussion of other areas of the law. We hope you find this newsletter helpful as you go about your daily lives. At any time if you have any questions on any of the materials you find in our newsletter or any other legal issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. If there is any legal issue of interest that you would like to see addressed in our newsletter, please let us know. We value your feedback very much. We treasure our clients very much and we aim to treat each of you as a member of our family and with a commitment to excellence, zealous advocacy on your behalf, and quality service. 
All the best, 
Attorney Tavis Tindall

Tips from Tindall
Homeowners' Insurance Covers Liability - Questions and Answers


A homeowners policy does not cover all situations for which you or a family member may be legally responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage.

There are many exclusions in the policy and many of them have exceptions. It's important that you read your policy to learn what is covered and not covered.

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Personal Injury Case Types


Personal Injury Case Types


Automobile accidents are not the only accidents that you can receive compensation for. Most people actually end up losing money due to the lack of knowledge about their legal rights. Being informed and consulting with a professional personal injury attorney can help you learn more about the legalities involved in your case. Listed below are some other types of accidents:


Workplace Accidents

Accidents can occur anywhere and at any time. Several personal injury cases result from incidents within one's work environment. If you are someone who recently suffered from an injury, while working on the job, you may be eligible to receive workers compensation. Workers compensation is a type of insurance that your company will provide in the event an employee is injured while working on the job. To learn more about the qualifications, it is always recommended that you speak to a legal attorney of your choice to gain more insight on the details of your individual case.


Bicycle Accidents

While cycling is considered a fun, outdoors event, it can become dangerous due to drivers not noticing cyclists and sharing the road respectfully. Unfortunately, due to this, there are many times that cyclists end up hit and injured by moving vehicles during their outdoor adventure. Most drivers will claim they "never saw you on the road" or "that you came out of no where" and as a result, you are left with mild to severe injuries depending on the severity of the collision. If you have sustained an injury due to being hit by an automobile while cycling, consult with your personal injury lawyer for more legal advice on your case.


Regardless of the "type" of accident, the first thing you want to do is consult with your personal injury attorney about your case options. People who have failed to do this have ended up losing more in the process and never receiving the compensation they deserve. In addition, for most law offices, receiving legal advice is complimentary when interviewing attorney's for your case. It is a priceless effort that can help you during times of suffering from sustaining injuries.




At Tindall Law Firm we work hard for clients every day. We all want to see clients receive the justice and compensation they deserve. As a family-based business, our staff is close, and we extend that friendly, caring attitude to our clients. We treat our clients as if they are our own family and truly care about them as more than just a number. It is this quality along with superior service and competent representation that has allowed us to become the "lawyer for life" for all of our clients and their families and friends to whom they refer us. 


Tavis Tindall
Tindall Law Firm

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