May 2015
Outliers: Students in ACTION

Outliers: Students in ACTION is a monthly publication during the academic year highlighting students and events in the Science and Math Education in ACTION Choose Ohio First program at BGSU. 

Note from the ACTION Director

The 2014-15 academic year is about to come to a close, and the sixth year of ACTION will be in the books.  This month, we say goodbye to 17 graduates, most from Cohort 3, which was the first cohort I welcomed in Summer Bridge when I took over as Director in 2011.  Meanwhile, we stand ready to greet 37 new ACTION students this summer.  Cohort 7 will include 30 freshmen - the largest cohort in the history of ACTION.  In addition, we will be bringing in 7 new second-year 

Dr. B poses with Catherine and Sarah after their presentations at the COF Research Symposium

students who will transfer into Cohort 6, raising the size of their cohort to 34 students.  The total number of students in ACTION will increase by about 20 as we begin to grow the program.


This is an exciting time for ACTION as we continue to see a high need for science and mathematics teachers around the state and have more students than ever who are applying to the program to be middle and high school teachers.  The legislature in Columbus is debating the bill that includes continued funding of ACTION.  The House has already passed the bill and sent it to the Senate, and the current version of the bill not only renews Choose Ohio First funding but also increases it statewide by $750,000.  Clearly, the legislature and governor value the effort of keeping our best and brightest students in Ohio and are committed to producing high quality teachers of science and mathematics.


As we look toward Summer Bridge 2015 and the upcoming academic year, there are several new items on the agenda for ACTION.  I have been consulting with our Student Advisory Board to develop a formal peer mentoring opportunity for incoming freshmen.  We have also been looking at ways to improve the Capstone Project experience for juniors and seniors and expanding opportunities for ACTION students to serve as tutors on campus to gain experience and earn money along the way.  As Director, I am never satisfied with where we are and am committed to refining the program through continual improvement.


Growth and changes in ACTION would not happen without the incredible hard work and support of all of those who surround me.  I would specifically like to thank Dr. Rodney Rogers and Dr. John Fischer in the Provost's Office for their financial support and guidance.  I am indebted to Dr. Bob Midden who oversees programs like ACTION on our campus, as well as our staff members, Wendy Standinger (Program Manager) and Cindy Fuller (Secretary).  Finally, I want to thank our Student Advisory Board, the Social Committee, and all of those parents and students who, from informal Tailgate conversations to the Dining with the Director discussions have provided input that has helped us to make the program what it is today.


Congratulations to our graduates and welcome to Cohort 7 and our Cohort 6 transfers as we move forward toward a new academic year.  Meanwhile, I wish all of you a happy, healthy, and restful summer!


ACTION Graduates

We could not be more proud of our May/August graduates! As they head off to new adventures, we trust the ACTION program has provided positive benefits for not only their undergraduate experience, but also for their future.  Each grad was asked to share the title of his/her Capstone Project and then share any specific plans after graduation. Most are still job-hunting, but some do have plans in place.  Congrats to them all! 


Alli Brown

MCE Science & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Cooperative Learning in a Math Class"


am moving back home to the Cincinnati area and will be teaching fifth grade science at Reading Community Schools.



Felicia Beverick 
MCE Science & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Problem Solving Strategies"


I would like to teach in either Ohio or South Carolina, preferably in 5th or 6th grade.  



Megan Schlosser 

AYA Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Analysis of Alternative Assessments in the Mathematics Classroom"


l will attend graduate school at BGSU pursuing a Master's in Curriculum and Teaching and working as a Teaching Assistant.



Kristi Frank

AYA Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Realistic Mathematics Effects on Self-Efficacy"


I'm looking for a teaching job (late middle school or early HS) at home near Stryker or preferably the west side of Cleveland.  



Cory Gallagher

MCE Science & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Word Walls in a Science Classroom"


After graduation I plan to move back to the Cleveland area to hopefully get a teaching job nearby. 



Sarah High

AYA Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Differences in Attribution Styles in Relation to Perceived Math Perception"


I will spend the summer in BG working at the YMCA in Sylvania and a summer day camp while looking for a teaching job.


Ashten Graham 

MCE Science & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Cognitive Styles Impact on Student Self-Efficacy"


My hope is to get a teaching job in the Columbus area. I'm also getting married in Summer 2016. 



Megan Kelly

AYA Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Student Correctness, Effort, and Complaints on Complex, Multiple Step Problems"


I am currently looking for a teaching job near my hometown of De Graff (between Sidney and Bellefontaine). 



Nicole Sloan

MCE Science & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "A Study of Hands-On Learning in a Mathematics Classroom"


I hope to get a teaching job in Ohio.  In the meantime I will work as an instructor at Mathnasium in Chicago.



Corrinne Sullivan

 AYA Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Integrating Online Technology:  Bettering Student Understanding and Achievement"


I plan to pursue a Master's in Curriculum and Teaching at BGSU and will work as a Teaching Assistant as well.



Serena Newburger

MCE Science & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "To Take Notes or Give Notes...that is the Question!"


I will be teaching math and science at a camp in Solon for this summer, but am still looking for a permanent teaching job in the Cleveland area.




Rachel Hack

AYA Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Battling Students' Lack of Motivation"

I am hoping to get a teaching job in either the Toledo or Columbus area. 



Zoe Winkelman

MCE Science & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Effects of Technology on Student Test Performance:  iPads versus Paper/Pencil Examination"


While I look for a science/math teaching job in the Toledo area, I will resume teaching dance classes.



Lance Kruse

AYA Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Student Perspective and Frequency of Mathematical Textbook Use"


I will be attending graduate school at BGSU to obtain a Master's of Education in Curriculum and Teaching.



Betsie Final resized Betsie Naylor

MCE Science & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Taking Notes in 5th Grade"


I will be teaching 6th grade science at Gregg Middle School in Summerville, South Carolina. 



Lauren Brunswick

MCE Language Arts & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Students' Opinions of the Value of Exit Tickets"


I'm looking for a teaching job in the Columbus area and have had a few interviews so far.



Larissa Van Der Molen

MCE Science & Mathematics

Capstone Project:  "Reflective Journaling within Middle Grades Mathematics Classroom"


I would really like to get a teaching job in the Findlay area, near my hometown.   


Choose Ohio First Scholar Showcase

Courtney interacts with Secretary of State, Jon Husted

How would you respond if both the Chancellor and the Secretary of State approached you to ask questions about your research project?


ACTION scholar, Courtney Wilcox, handled the situation with ease; even as multiple cameras were flashing around her from every angle. She calmly explained to them the patterns of randomness study her group had conducted during her freshman year.  

Kali and Kaitlynn show their poster to Secretary Husted 

Soon after, Secretary Jon Husted also interacted with Kali Irvin and Kaitlynn Jensen to get information about their ACTION research related to the analysis and conversion of CAFO manure to a slow-release fertilizer.



LtoR: Courtney, Wendy, Kali, Liz, Tyler, Emma, Dr. Brahier, Kaitlynn

Six ACTION scholars joined Dr. Brahier, Dr. Midden, and Wendy at the Choose Ohio First Scholar Showcase in Columbus on April 20. COF scholars from across the state attended as well as State officials and representatives from the Ohio Board of Regents. In addition to a poster display session, Chancellor Carey, Secretary Husted, and several COF participants gave remarks.  Elizabeth Remley was one of the student speakers for the event and she communicated some of the many benefits of the ACTION program that she has experienced firsthand.  Each year, the event seems to draw more and more attendees as the programs across the state continue to thrive. 


Liz Remley shares about ACTION to all those in attendance

The Choose Ohio First Scholarship is a multi-million-dollar investment to be awarded to students targeting universities and colleges recruiting Ohio residents into current science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) programs. Choose Ohio First supports the increased success of students in those fields, and makes substantive improvements to the pipeline of STEMM students and STEMM educators. The recipients of COF scholarships this year are from 46 of Ohio's public and private colleges and universities.  As some of the state's most promising students, they are studying in several of the most innovative STEMM and STEMM education programs in the country. 


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COF Research Symposium


Cohort 6 is wondering how their first year at BGSU has gone by so quickly. Not long ago they were arriving on campus for the Summer Bridge. And now, they have a year under their belt as undergraduates. 


The COF Research Symposium hosted by ACTION at BGSU is always a fantastic way to finish the academic year as scholars showcase their many accomplishments.  The Friday, April 24 event provided other COF programs including the Geology project, BOSEF, and Bioinformatics the opportunity to join ACTION scholars in displaying their projects.   Poster displays enabled administrators, faculty, and family members who attended to interact and ask questions.  These were followed by oral presentations from ACTION scholars to take things a step further.


To all who completed research projects - congrats on a job well done! 


Dr. Laird is interested as Nick Mazza explains his research 
Katey Wendel presents while Allison Lamming waits to share her portion of the group presentation
Cathy Hill from the Ohio Board of Regents speaks with Madi Pittman


Dr. Underwood's research group


Dr. Zirbel learns about the research Zoe Hatfield did as she worked with Dr. Midden in the lab
Linda Li beams with her parents as she shows off her Choose Ohio First participation award
Dr. Meel's research group gives an overview of their research
Dean Colwell addresses the crowd
The entire group who completed first-year research projects


ACTION Capstone Colloquium 


In an effort to continually improve the program and increase opportunities for our scholars, the ACTION Capstone Colloquium was created.  Held on April 28 in the Bowen Thompson Student Union Theater, the event was designed for senior scholars to highlight their capstone projects. As the culmination of two years of hard work, each senior presented a short overview of what had been researched in the classroom during the Student Teaching experience. The topics and results were interesting, varied, and impressive.


Starting junior year, scholars worked closely with faculty advisors to gain valuable experience on how to conduct research as a teacher.  Many thanks to each faculty member who has been dedicated to helping these students succeed.


The hope is that now graduates will use what has been learned to continue improving their teaching skills to impact future generations.  We are confident that each scholar will make a lasting difference.

Dr. John Fischer from the Provost's Office congratulates the seniors
Nicole Sloan fills in Dr. Brahier on her future plans after graduation
Alli Brown gives an overview of her Capstone research
Alexa Woodburn, Megan Schlosser, and Lance Kruse interact after the presentations
Corrinne Sullivan enjoys sharing her research with the audience
Serena Newburger, Felicia Beverick, Larissa Van Der Molen, and Nicole Winhover are all smiles
The whole group of graduating seniors


Our Newest Family Members


The following 30 students from all across Ohio have been accepted into ACTION for Cohort 7:


Bonnie Altstaetter, Anna 

Elizabeth Baker, Minster 

Emily Breech, Commercial Pt

Logan Bretz, Hilliard

Alexandrea Clayton, Toledo

Emma Constance, Medina

Erin Erbskorn, Archbold

Miranda Fox, Powell

Melody Freeland, Loveland

Olivia Henderson, Amherst

Brianna Karas, Avon

Scott Knapke, St. Henry

Megan Krotzer, Toledo

Bryant Kuhlman, Liberty Twp

Jenna Larick, Republic

Lexi Ledbetter, Grove City

Ashley Lochtefeld, Celina

Rachel Lundeen, Findlay

Janelle Mangen, Yorkshire

Chelsea Mayer, Hilliard

Cody McClain, Nevada

Joseph McGuinness, Lewis Ctr

Christian McKnight, Kinsman

Natalie Miller, Cincinnati

Ethan Peters, Sylvania

Shawna Russell, Wooster

Sarah Spayd, Elyria

Hannah Sumich, Newark

Emily Swanson, Kings Mills

Elizabeth Zeno, Poland


ACTION will also welcome seven transfer students who will be joining Cohort 6:


Ben Book, Forest

Chantal Brooks, Bowling Green

James Irving, Findlay

Ashley King, Toledo

Kevin Prindle, New Vienna

Courtney Stanton, Findlay

Kimberly Wheatley, N. Olmsted


Upcoming ACTION Events:

ACTION Graduation Luncheon:  Saturday, May 9

Summer Bridge:  July 5 - July 31

S.T.A.R.S. Orientation (for those transferring into Cohort 6):  July 29 - July 31

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June 2 - Emily Knollman

June 8 - Wendy Standinger

June 13 - Allison Bendel

June 15 - Shelby Fenn

June 16 - Courtney Wilcox

June 19 - Aaron Clune

June 20 - Alli Marino

June 22 - Jess Shearer

June 25 - Madi Pittman

June 25 - Kenzi Rittner


July 7 - Bailey Smith

June 11 - Sarah High

June 11 - Jessica Wright

June 18 - Stephanie Erwin

June 20 - Nikki Szymanski

June 22 - Rachel Wiemken

June 30 - Larissa Van Der Molen


August 3 - Sarah Adams

August 5 - Cindy Fuller

August 24 - Nick Buhrow

August 27 - Lance Kruse

August 27 - Liz Remley

August 30 - Alex Garthrite

August 31 - Rachel Hack

August 31 - Kevin Knapke

As a Choose Ohio First grant program sponsored by the Ohio Board of Regents, our goal is to produce exceptional science and mathematics teachers who will impact the next generation across the state to improve STEM areas. The need is great for good teachers in these areas.
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