September 2013
Outliers: Students in ACTION

Outliers: Students in ACTION is a monthly publication during the academic year highlighting the students and events in the Science and Math Education in ACTION Choose Ohio First program at BGSU. 

Dr. Brahier does his best to smile with a large snake around his waist during Summer Bridge
Note from the ACTION Director

Welcome back to all of our ACTION students as another academic year begins! This summer, we greeted 25 Cohort 5 students with the Summer Bridge Program. Because some of our Cohort 1 students are in programs requiring more than four years to graduate, we now have over 100 students spread across five cohorts. The beginning of the school year is always exciting, and we are ready to serve the ACTION family for another year.


During the upcoming year, ACTION is planning to place a renewed emphasis on Science Education. This is an important focus with numerous scholars studying secondary (AYA) sciences - from Life to Chemistry to Physics to Earth and combinations of these - as well as middle childhood majors who are also preparing to be science teachers. This summer, for the first time, we had a science research group travel to Washington, DC to present their work at a national conference sponsored by NASA. We continue to explore other opportunities for students to present their research, both in and out of Ohio. Also, we are happy to announce that a student science education group is being launched this fall. We have a very successful mathematics education organization already in place (BGCTM), but under the leadership of Dr. Jodi Haney and Dr. Deb Gallagher, the BGSEC - Bowling Green Science Education Council - will be getting off the ground in the coming weeks. This organization will provide students with an interest in science education with opportunities for professional development, service, and other interactions. We look forward to ACTION students taking on leadership roles in this new organization. Finally, we have hired a student to tutor science classes, particularly chemistry and physics. While ACTION has provided math tutoring for several years, the students themselves requested that we consider offering help in the sciences as well. So, this semester, ACTION will have tutors for both science and mathematics. Tutoring will take place in the evenings in the newly renovated ACTION Lounge in the Math Sciences Building.


As we begin the academic year, our Cohort 5 students will be starting their team research projects in science and math, while Cohort 4 goes into the field to initiate their practicum experiences (which some have already completed over the summer). Meanwhile, our upperclassmen are learning to conduct classroom research, with a number of students taking methods classes this fall and student teaching in the spring. While each cohort is involved in a different academic activity, all are bound by a common goal to become the best teacher of science and math that BGSU can possibly produce. I look forward to working with all of the students and their families in the coming year.



Alex Clune - Cohort 2

AYA Life and Earth Sciences Major


You have some big news... Yes, I got engaged this summer to my girlfriend of more than 5 years. I proposed in June and we're planning a Summer 2015 wedding. She doesn't attend BGSU so we've had to work hard to keep up the relationship.

As a senior looking back, what has been one of your favorite parts of being in the ACTION program? Aside from the academics, I really enjoyed the sense of community my first year living in Offenhauer West residence hall with many of my Cohort 2 peers. It was so nice to live on the same floor in order to stay close and involved throughout the academic year after building a close bond during the summer.


What has been one of the biggest benefits to you as an ACTION scholar?

The scholarship money initially drew me in, but what sticks with me most is how much ACTION has opened doors for me that never would have been opened otherwise. Because of my freshman research project that involved water quality research, I've had three years of full-time summer work lined up doing something I love. My resume has been extremely boosted by these opportunities and the connections will go a long way in the future.

Tell us about your summer jobs... For two summers, I worked full time for the US Geological Services (USGS) collecting and analyzing water samples at Grand Lake Saint Mary's. More recently, since last spring I have been working directly with Dr. Midden. During the school year, my job has included teaching classroom lessons on water quality in local school districts, and this summer I was a research intern continuing with sampling and testing.


It sounds like you are very busy. What do you do when you have some free time? I definitely don't have much free time, but I like anything competitive such as Ultimate Frisbee and have played some different intramural sports. This summer I played a lot of volleyball and of course spent time with my fiancÚ. I am also on the core team for Veritas, the Catholic organization on campus. Since I do not consider myself organized or self-disciplined, I decided not to have cable TV this year in my apartment to prevent myself from being distracted during the rigors of Methods. I'm sure I'll soon have even less spare time than I do right now.


Any fun facts you can share with us? In high school I was an excellent swimmer and I still hold 7 out of 11 school records. I don't swim much anymore because I like to swim competitively. If I do get in the pool, I want to race the person in the lane next to me! Another interesting fact is that up until college almost everyone called me "Fred"! It isn't a middle name or anything and I'm not sure how it started, but it stuck. It wasn't until I came to BGSU that people used my real name.





Molly Conroy

 Molly Conroy - Cohort 4

Middle Childhood Education - Science & Mathematics


How did you end up at BGSU? BGSU was not initially my first choice; in fact, I didn't want to come here when I started looking at colleges. But, after multiple tours, it started to feel more like home. Eventually I was debating between attending BGSU and UT, and ACTION pulled me in to seriously consider BG as an option. And, I love the people here. Everyone is so friendly and sometimes complete strangers say "hi."


Now that you are starting your second year, what has changed from when you first arrived on campus? I am much less dependent on people around me. I used to need validation from others, but now I am more confident in myself. I knew I could succeed in high school, but after maintaining a 4.0 at college the first year, this has enabled me to know that I can do well at this level also and it feels good.


You had an amazing summer. Tell us about your experience.  I went to Germany twice while in high school and came to college with a strong desire to go overseas. A program opened up where I could go abroad during the summer to earn both college credit and volunteer hours so I jumped at the chance. I was placed in Japan and lived in the barracks on base teaching aquatics and facilitating/planning other educational programs for kids during the day. I was so busy I didn't have much time to be homesick, but it was hard having little technology use and very little contact with family and friends in the States. Outside of camp, I was able to be a tourist and travel to different spots. My family had an exchange student from Japan when I was younger, so we met up and he was able to show me things most Americans don't get to see. I loved it and definitely want to go back, but I would also like to experience a different culture if possible.


How did you know that you wanted to be a teacher?  I've always wanted to be a teacher and certain things throughout my life validated this desire. I did some tutoring in high school and had a great experience. When the light bulb came on for the students I was helping, I wanted that to continue. Then, when I did the field experience for Intro to Education at BGSU in the Toledo Public School District, I really connected with some of the students and saw how I could make a difference as a teacher.


You just started a new job at Kenwood Elementary School in Bowling Green...Yes, I work for the STARS after school program from 3:00-6:00pm Monday through Friday. I help the kids with homework and keep them occupied as they participate in Challenge Centers and enjoy free time. I've already faced some new situations and I know this job will provide some excellent experience for me as a future teacher.


You have traveled the world on numerous occasions. Is there any experience that stands out?  Many are unforgettable, but one of my favorites was eating crepes under the Eiffel Tower!


Any advice to pass along? Take risks and put yourself out there. Because I have stepped out of my comfort zone, I've had the opportunity to do amazing things. 

Cohort Updates
The majority of Cohort 1 graduated last year with the remainder finishing up this academic year either in December or May 2014. Our "guinea pigs" continue to grow up! After graduation, the job hunt was on with many finding teaching jobs in Ohio and some in the Carolinas. Two decided to pursue graduate school and another pair is still waiting for the right teaching job to come along. We look forward to hearing from the alums occasionally with updates on how they are doing now that they are in the real world.  
May and December 2013 ACTION graduates celebrating together


As seniors, Cohort 2 scholars know that Methods is looming this semester. Many have heard the stories of how challenging it can be to balance class assignments and school lesson plans that Methods requires, but we trust they will all make it through with flying colors! They will be completing their ACTION pedagogical research projects at the end of the academic year so will also begin preparing for the culmination of their capstone project. 
Dr. Brahier discusses the upcoming research process with Cohort 3 members

Cohort 3 will begin the process of learning how to do classroom research by attending six academic sessions facilitated by Dr. Brahier during fall semester. Most have already secured a faculty advisor to work with them over the next two years, and they will soon begin considering topics for their research proposals.


As sophomores, the focus for Cohort 4
participants is to gain real-world science or mathematics experience through involvement with hands-on practicum projects. Nine scholars participated in summer practicums with projects varying from conducting data collection and manipulation of price comparisons and conversions for a retail operation to analyzing and predicting trends by reviewing website and Facebook data for a non-profit agency. Additional students are gearing up for fall practicums to start in the next few weeks. 


Cohort 5 seems to be adjusting well to their freshmen year after having the Summer Bridge to prepare them for college and campus living. These new students have already started to meet with their groups to begin the ACTION freshman research projects. We are always in suspense to see which direction each research project will take them and where they will end up. 

GLOBE Conference in Washington, DC


What do you get when you combine a dynamic faculty member with four talented ACTION students? One result is J2N3 (stands for Jodi, Jess, Nick, Nicole, and Nikki). This is the name Dr. Haney's research group gave themselves as their freshman group focused on GLOBE research last year.

Not content just to share their research information at the Choose Ohio First Research Symposium last spring, the group attended the 17th Annual GLOBE Partner Meeting held on the outskirts of Washington, DC from August 10-16, 2013.

The theme of this year's meeting "From Space to Place: From Eyes on Earth to Hands on GLOBE" drew 269 participants from 26 countries and 27 U.S. states. Participants took part in a welcome reception, information and networking sessions, poster presentations, and field studies. Members of the GLOBE community presented posters and exhibited materials highlighting their local GLOBE activities. Their presentations, posters, and activities helped to inform the community of successful GLOBE implementation around the world.

DC trip


What an amazing experience for these future teachers from Cohort 4 who are just starting their sophomore year to attend the conference with their ACTION freshman research advisor, Dr. Jodi Haney. This is what the students had to say...


Nick:  Many scientists from GLOBE and NASA took a great interest in our work, especially with how we wanted to make GLOBE more technologically friendly with iPhones. Besides our presentations, we participated in GLOBE training sessions with scientists, teachers, and students from all over the world, working together to learn the training protocols. One of the keynote speakers from NASA talked about the process to build and launch a satellite into space, which was really cool and we each got to build our own mini satellite out of Legos. When we weren't at the conference, we had the chance to explore the sights of Washington, DC. My only regret would be that we couldn't stay longer!


Nicole:  The trip to DC was awesome! Because the GLOBE program is international, we met people from all over the world such as Nigeria, Croatia, Thailand, Oman, and even as close as Akron, Ohio! I learned about the culture in other countries without leaving America. As participants who are pre-service teachers as well as students, it gave us a unique perspective on the experience as we learned all sorts of information that we can use down the road (as well as a lot of free materials). I cannot wait to use GLOBE in my future classroom!


Nikki:  During one of our training sessions we were put into groups and worked with people to explore the GLOBE protocols and develop a sense of how this could relate to our own individual land covers. On the very last day we were finally able to give our presentation to the globe community, NASA scientists, and others. It was an amazing learning experience and we had a blast making so many international connections.

Ohio Board of Regents Choose Ohio First Showcase Event

COF Lauren Barr and Sarah High

The past few years, the Ohio Board of Regents has hosted several Choose Ohio First Showcase Events. On May 15, 2013, Dr. Brahier and Wendy met Lauren Barr (Cohort 2) and Sarah High (Cohort 3) at Columbus State Community College for the most recent Showcase event to highlight the accomplishments of COF scholars across the state. Both students had the opportunity to discuss their freshman research projects and rub shoulders with various administrators and student participants from numerous institutions.


In attendance were Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor John Carey. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, Columbus State Community College President Dr. David Harrison, and hundreds of Choose Ohio First award recipients.


The Chancellor gave his very first public address to the crowd as he discussed the many benefits of STEM to the state of Ohio. Several students shared their personal stories of involvement with COF programs. We applaud all the COF scholars and the influence that is being felt within the Ohio borders as a result of this State program.
ACTION Tailgate Party - for the whole family!!

Hopefully you already have Saturday, September 21 on your calendar to attend BGSU's Family Weekend. Make sure to stop by our tailgate tent starting at 1:00pm prior to the BGSU football game to grab some lunch and interact with other ACTION scholars and families.


STEM in the Park

STEM in the Park has become an annual event for the entire Northwest Ohio community and each year it keeps getting better. Hosted on Saturday, September 7 from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Perry Field House, children of all ages will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math activities. ACTION will again be hosting two activity stations with Megan Kemerley coordinating a science project and Maggie Dowe facilitating a math activity.  It will be fun for all! More information can be found here.


Upcoming ACTION Events:

Spaghetti Dinner: September 3 at 6:00pm

STEM in the Park:  September 7 from 10:00am-2:00pm

Tailgate Party:  September 21 at 1:00pm


September 2013




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cohort 5

Welcome Cohort 5 Scholars

Our newest cohort comes to BGSU from all parts of Ohio:


Allison Bendel, Kettering

Megan Dufala, Avon

Taylor Ernsthausen, Luckey

Stephanie Erwin, Chagrin Falls

Cory Fischer, Cloverdale

Justin Flory, Defiance

Brittany Gates, LaGrange

Davis Gerber, Bowling Green

Rebekkah Gresh, West Liberty

Allyson Grilliot, Versailles

Sam Laderach, Oak Harbor

Kimberly Lentz, Mentor

Alyssa Lustgarten, Powell

Devoney Miller, Westerville

Sarah Miller, Powell

Collin Nissen, Mason

Rebecca Shroka, North Olmsted

Megan Simon, Hoytville

Andrew Slonkosky, Versailles

Bailey Smith, North Olmsted

Marina Stagl, Hudson

Jordan Truitt, Toledo

Calvin VerPlanck, Batavia

Courtney Wilcox, Hilliard


Summer Bridge 2013 proved to be another amazing adventure for all 25 participants. Arriving on campus on July 7, these high school graduates were unsure what to expect. They soon found out as they attended a wide variety of academic sessions, participated in multiple team-building events, and enjoyed social activities during the four weeks. 


Strong relationships were built, study habits and time management skills were developed, and confidence replaced uncertainty. By the end of the Summer Bridge, they had been transformed into college students equipped for a successful freshman year at BGSU.

Becca arrives at check-in with her parents


Team building event at Camp Palmer
Sam and Ally work on a problem in class
Group of Cohort 5 after painting the BGSU rock
Andrew looks at bacteria during a class session
Kimberly, Devoney, Alyssa, and Sarah paddle downstream
Mike and Justin admire the markings on a snake
Megan, Marina, Jordan, and Cory prepare to zip line
Dr. Jeff Wanko interacts with a group of students during his session on logic puzzles
Steph looks at fingerprints
Rebecca Gresh explaining poster to Haney
Bekkah explains her Showcase poster to Dr. Haney
Kimberly, Collin, Tayor, Brittany and Allison at a social event
Marina bonds with a snake
courtney and calvin
Calvin and Courtney enjoy a science activity
Sarah, Marina, Megan, Davis, and Andrew attempt to solve problems for "Race to the Future"
Bailey, Collin, and Jordan discuss an outdoor activity
Justin talking to Briana and Jeff at Showcase
Justin shares details of his poster with Jeff Handley and Briana Hervet from Choose Ohio First

State Superintendent Visit to BGSU

It isn't often that the State Superintendent of Schools for Ohio comes to BGSU, so when word came out that Dr. Richard Ross was planning a campus visit on August 14, ACTION made sure to have a presence. Josh Klein, Lauren Barr, Davis Gerber, and Jordan Truitt were able to not only join Dr. Brahier in attendance but also had a chance to speak with Dr. Ross during the open forum and individually at the conclusion of the event.


Lauren Barr was able to address Dr. Ross' comment about the importance of reading by reminding those in attendance not to neglect science and mathematics. Dr. Brahier brought up his recommendation for a statewide clearinghouse online site where all Ohio teaching jobs are posted and kept up to date. This would benefit school districts by increasing their number of applicants to find the best teachers and would also enable graduates to locate available positions they are qualified for. It would be a win-win situation. Dr. Ross was very interested in this idea and requested that Dr. Brahier contact him to discuss this with him further.


Dr. Ross is an alum of the Educational Administration program within the College of Education and Human Development at BGSU and also spent some time as an instructor on campus. His visit served as a meet-and-greet opportunity as well as a venue for sharing state-level updates with BGSU faculty, staff, and students

As a Choose Ohio First grant program sponsored by the Ohio Board of Regents, our goal is to produce exceptional science and mathematics teachers who will impact the next generation across the state to improve in STEM areas. The need is great for good teachers in these areas.

Science and Math Education in ACTION 
308 Math Sciences Building, BGSU, Bowling Green, OH 43403 
Phone: 419-372-6562
Fax: 419-372-6092
[email protected]

Director: Dr. Daniel Brahier
Program Manager: Wendy Standinger
Program Secretary: Nancy Hoose