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Creating Sacred Space Together 



On this Shabbat we will read the section of Torah called parashat Terumah. In it, the Israelites are asked to make a contribution to the building of the mishkan- the holy Tabernacle, the first communal sacred space for the newly forming nation. The blueprints for this building are detailed throughout the next 13 chapters of Torah. Building a holy community however, takes more than donations, blueprints and buildings. It ultimately requires the generosity and good will of all the people, focused together on elevating holiness within the entire community.


It is fitting and timely that we- the Rimon community, have been invited to share in celebrating Kabbalat Shabbat with Congregation K'nesset Israel in Pittsfield this week. It is a joy and honor to come together as one community, sharing our gifts with one another and creating sacred space together.



Please join me this Friday, 2/20 at 5:45PM at K'nesset Israel, 
16 Colt Rd., Pittsfield

for a joyful, musical and contemplative service.


We are honored and excited to celebrate Shabbat with the KI community.

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabba Kaya


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Rimon, the Hebrew word for pomegranate, is symbolic of our mission to disperse the seeds of Jewish spirituality to transform and raise consciousness for the sake of healing and repairing our world.


Rimon offers the treasures of Jewish spiritual wisdom and traditions to any and all seekers, wherever they may be on their spiritual journey. We embrace diversity. Everyone is welcome.

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