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Dear Friends,

We are very excited to be offering four transformative programs with extraordinary teachers and guides during the month of Elul in preparation for the High Holidays. Traditionally, Elul, the month prior to the Jewish New year,  provides an opportunity for
heshbon hanefesh/an accounting of the soul. There are many ways to approach this kind of deep self-relfection. For some, writing or journaling provides powerful access to the truth that resides in the heart. For others, music creates the inner intimacy that allows for self-reflection. Cultivating the mind through learning provides yet another place of entry and for some, movement of the body creates an attune-ment with the soul. Below you will discover four such opportunities for delving into the heart and soul of this season.
Please join us for one or all of these offerings.

For those interested in attending  High Holiday Services in the Berkshires, there are several options. The Berkshires is home to five synagogues, a Chabad house and The Berkshire Minyan. Additionally, Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center provides both a traditional and a Renewal service for the holidays. This year Rabbi Shir Yaakov Feit will be leading the Renewal service at Isabella Freedman. You can find contact information for all of these options on the Rimon website under

As we move into the month of Elul, may we find the strength, courage and compassion to take some initial steps toward honest self-reflection.

With Blessings,
Rabba Kaya

ENTERING ELUL-A Four Part Series
Inner Preparation for the Jewish New Year


Spiritual Writing Workshop

with Merle Feld

An evening of simple yet powerful writing exercises to enhance and focus your spiritual preparation for the coming New Year and begin to do the inner transformative work that is at the heart of the holidays.

 FEE: $25



Tuesday, August 26, Rosh Chodesh Elul | 7-9pm
Chapel of the Church on the Hill | 55 Main St. Lenox



The Palace of Return
Teshuvah is Music Itself
Kabbalat Shabbat Service
and Pot-Luck Dinner


 Rabbi Shir Yaakov Feinstein Feit with
an intimate ensemble of 
world-class musicians 
will share new and ancient melodies, songs of renewal and repair to prepare the heart and hands for the Jewish New Year dance of gratitude, grief and forgiveness. 


Friday, August 29 | 7:00pm

U.U. Meeting House 

1089 Main St. Housatonic


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Finding Ourselves in the Psalms  

with Edward Feld

Through a narrative exploration of psalms, we will discover how the hopes and struggles of the psalmists provide a mirror to our own lives, as both a source of emotional expression and strength. 

FEE: $20

Wednesday, September 10 | 7:00pm
Hevreh of S. Berkshire | 
270 State Rd. Great Barrington


Guided Labyrinth Walk

with Rabbi Jill Hammer & Shoshana Jedwab


The spiraling labyrinth represents the twists and turns of life and our desire to approach the Divine at the heart of ourselves. In preparation for the Jewish New Year we will experience how the labyrinth facilitates deep self reflection and vision for the coming year. 


FEE: $25

 Sunday, September 14 | 10:00am

Rudolf Steiner School | 35 W. Plain Rd. Great Barrington


About Us 

Rimon, the Hebrew
word for pomegranate, is symbolic of our mission to disperse the seeds of Jewish 
uality to transform and raise consciousness 
for the sake of healing and repairing our wo
Rimon offers the treasures of Jewish spiritual wisdom and traditions to any and all seekers, wherever they may be on their spiritual journey.

We embrace diversity. Everyone is welcome.  


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