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RIMON Needs Your Help



Let us build sacred space together


Dear Rimon Friends and Family,
Rimon is creating a new kind of spiritual community whose affiliation is based on a sense of resonance with our heart-centered mission. We are so grateful for your enthusiastic support and participation in our many programs, classes and offerings over the past eighteen months. Now, we need your financial support in order to maintain current programs, expand our work and cultivate the sacred space that will sustain all of us now and into the future.
Rimon has touched the lives of more than 250 people since its inception in the Fall of 2012.  If you value this uniquely Jewish spiritual community resource, please show your support by making a contribution at a level that works for you.
Supporter:   Contribute up to $180/yr

Sustainer:   Contribute up to $360/yr

Builder:       Contribute up to $500/yr

            Visionary:   Contribute $1000/yr  or more.... 

Please mail your gift to:
PO Box 502, Great Barrington, MA 01230



With blessings for a renewed sense of possibility and joy in this springtime season of Passover.


Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman, Executive Director
Elie Hammerling, Board President