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Dear Friends, 
As we move into this new year, may we truly make it a New year- 
a year of transformation in which we find the courage and strength to live our ideals, to manifest the changes we long to see in ourselves and in our communities, to renew the work of creation. 
I send my blessings to each and every one of you for vibrant health, 
for daring to open your hearts just a bit more, 
for patience and resolve, 
for joy,
for inner peace that ripples out from each one of us, 
expanding effortlessly and exponentially into our world.
Shana Tovah U'metukah,
Rabba Kaya

Hands holding earth

A Prayer For Our World

Holy One of Blessing,  Source of Life 

we offer our prayers for our Great Mother,

our world of unspeakable beauty and unspeakable tragedy.


May the light of compassion grow in the hearts of all human beings, to transform the darkness of greed into the growing awareness that all life is sacred.


May You guide us with wisdom and strengthen us with courage to make the changes we need to make

to safeguard the future for our children and generations to come.


May You awaken our leaders to the one simple truth that we are all inextricably connected to one another.


At this time of particular danger and struggle in the Middle East we pray for all peoples who long to live under your canopy of peace.

Keep them safe when they are threatened and

protect them from harm.

When they are wounded and bereaved

grant them healing and comfort.

May they find strength and courage in the days ahead.

(this paragraph adapted from Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar)


Dear God, hear our prayers, grant us wisdom, courage

and the holy chutzpah

to continue the work for healing and peace .