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About Us

Rimon responds to the thirst for Jewish spirituality in our community by offering transformative programs and services that open heart and mind, reaching out to seekers wherever they may be on their spiritual journeys. We embrace diversity. Everyone is welcome.


Rimon provides:

Educational opportunities, classes and programs

Chaplaincy/spiritual support services to the sick, elderly and bereaved

A Community-wide Hevra Kadisha (Jewish Burial Society)


Executive Director: Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman 

Board Members: Elie Hammerling-President, Barbara Drosnin, Myrna Hammerling, 

Dr. Helaine Harris, Dr. Stephen Kaufman, Susie Kaufman, Dr. Andrea Jacobson


Rimon is an affiliate of Jewish Federation of the Berkshires  


For more info about Rimon please visit our website at