FALL 2014

From the Director's Desk

Welcome to our Fall 2014 Field Notes Newsletter!  We hope you like the new format and find it easier to access and read.  We have some very interesting articles in this edition including a piece that focus on our new advanced field peer consultation group, some wonderful field student highlights, some great agency highlights and several thought provoking articles on immigration reform, child welfare and LGBT civil rights.


I am also ever grateful for the discussion on safety which is an ever present reminder to all of us regarding the importance of developing our own professional and personal safety plan.


Finally, the Office of Field Instruction congratulates our new graduates who proudly walked the stage in December 2014!  We hope they will come back into the fold and serve as a field instructor when they are eligible.  On behalf of the Office of Field Instruction team, I also extend warm wishes to all of you for a wonderful holiday season and a great 2015!


Betsy Voshel, LMSW, ACSW

Associate Clinical Professor

Director of Field Instruction


Freud Fellows
Marisol Fonzeca
Emilia Guitierrez
Jesse Kerstetter
Lori Stone

Camilla Reynolds, OFI Social Work Resident
Betsy Williams, SSW Writing Skills/Study Skills Coordinator
Sean Smith, OFI Graduate Student Staff Assistant 
Elizabeth H. Voshel, Field Director

Our sincerest thanks to the School of Social Work students, faculty, staff and field instructors whose contributions made this newsletter possible.

Field Featured Video
This powerful video showcases some of the values that we as social workers should stand behind in a catchy rap.
Why I Think This World Should End
"Why I Think This World Should End"

LGBT Civil Rights in Michigan
By Jesse Kerstetter

Shari Robinson-Lynk clearly remembers the day she was   fired from a social work position in the early 2000s for being   a lesbian . "In my case they put it in writing, so there   wasn't this sense of convoluted story," recalls Robinson-Lynk, "I remember calling some friends of mine who referred me to some attorneys who worked for the ACLU and other places who worked on behalf of discrimination cases." After discussing protected aspects of personal identity protected by Michigan anti-discrimination laws, one lawyer informed her that there was nothing that could be done. Sexual orientation was and remains an unprotected class in Michigan, along with gender identity and expression... READ MORE



Safety Shouldn't Just be a Plan
By Marisol Fonzeca

If you're like me, you've spent late nights planning for the zombie apocalypse. However, how many of us have taken half the time to think about our safety plan at work? I am not just referring to evacuation plans or fire drills. What will you do if a client tries to attack you? Or what if your client tries to touch you? What will you do if you feel unsafe during a home visit? These are real scenarios for future social workers, and safety planning has never been more serious for us...READ MORE 

Supporting Student Success 
Agency Spotlight: The Center for the Education of Women
By Lori Stone

The Center for the Education of Women (CEW) is an excellent resource for both men and women, yet many students are not aware of the variety of services offered.  This year CEW celebrates its 50th anniversary, and is considered one of the most well-respected community services available to students, staff, and members of the community.  The CEW was founded in 1964, before the 1970's feminist movement when there was a disparity of women in attendance at the University of Michigan.  The primary goal of CEW in 1964 was to encourage adult women to attend the University, and provide assistance and resources for non-traditional female students. CEW has evolved and now provides services for hundreds of women and men each year...READ MORE

Cultural Humility in Action
Student Spotlight: Melissa Stek
By Emilia Gutierrez

Melissa Stek's culturally humble attitude is a huge asset to the School of Social Work and to the field as a whole. She speaks Spanish and makes a point to immerse herself in the culture of the clients that she works with. I had the privilege of seeing Melissa in action during an advocacy event organized by her field placement. The dignity-centered, empowering principles that guide Melissa are evident in her interactions with clients. Everything from her body language to her genuine enthusiasm for her group's successes tells you that Melissa and the teenagers she works with accept her as a team member as opposed to an authoritarian figure. Her character paired with these invaluable skills makes us remarkably proud to call Melissa a fellow social worker, advocate, and ally...READ MORE   


Support for Sexual Assault Survivors on Campus
Agency Highlight: SAPAC
By Lori Stone

In 1985, students rallied, staging a sit-in at the office of Henry Johnson, Vice President of Student Services, to raise awareness and voice their concern of the lack of resources available for women on campus, and the need for a rape crisis center. These students would be amazed at how their vision has transpired into the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) on the University's campus.  SAPAC provides services, for both men and women, to survivors of sexual assault, interpersonal violence (IPV), and stalking.  Equality, respect, social justice and survivor empowerment are at the core of SAPAC's programs which implement strategies of prevention, trainings, legal and medical assistance. Most importantly, SAPAC provides survivor focused services where the survivor is supported. SAPAC employs full-time trained staff, volunteers, and student interns, all of whom participate in extensive trainings...READ MORE  

"Aging Across the Spectrum"; Understanding the Needs of Older TBLGQ Adults
By Sean Smith

This semester a series of events entitled "Aging Across the Spectrum" created excellent learning opportunities for current MSW students, staff, faculty and community. The event series was student led in its design and initiation through collaborative efforts by the Queer Social Work Alliance, The Dean's Initiative of TBLGQ Matters, the Faculty Gerontology Learning Community and Sigma Phi Omega, U-M's Gerontology Honor Society.


Outstanding Leader in the Making
Student Highlight: Lloyd Shelton
By Marisol Fonzeca

If you don't know Lloyd Shelton then I suggest that you get out from under your rock and meet him! If you have met him, well then you may already know him as the city commissioner of Ann Arbor Commission on Disability Concerns; or you may know him as the founder and president of the Students with Disabilities and our Allies Group, also known as SDAG; or most likely, you know him as the Student Representative for the School of Social Work Student Union. If those don't ring a bell, then you probably know him as a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society; or as the Political Activist Chair for Students of Color of Rackham, also known as SCOR, or even as a member of the executive board of Washtenaw Bicycling Walking Coalition...READ MORE

Immigration Policy and Reform Speaker Panel
By Emilia Gutierrez
AP Photo/Jim Bourg, Pool

Regardless of the area of practice that social workers choose, we are all required by the NASW Code of Ethics to make ourselves aware of social justice issues. Keeping abreast of matters affecting our clients, current and potential, almost always means keeping a pulse on realities faced by vulnerable populations. This is required to increase the efficacy of a social worker. One of the most pressing social justice issues surrounds the United State's immigration policies. In an effort to address immigration policy and immigration reform, an expert immigration panel was held at the School of Social Work on November 11th. Social Work Allies for Immigrant Rights (SWAIR) partnered with Common Sense Action to host the event for students, faculty, and community members. Professor Laura Sanders and Professor Sherri Kossoudji were the two expert panelists who shared their insight, research, and field experience with attendees that night...READ MORE

The Brides Project
By Lori Stone

The wedding dress is a big part of every wedding, a prized possession worn on one of the most exciting days of a woman's life.  Many of us have or know someone that has a wedding dress hanging in the back of their closet. The confetti has since fallen, with moments of your special day in photos and forever ingrained into your memory.  What happens to the beautiful gown you cherished? Do you store the dress in a box and slide it under the bed? Hang it in the back of your closet? Store it in a box in the attic or basement?

What if your gown could bask in its glory again, bringing new cherished memories for another bride's perfect day? What if you could also provide cancer patients and their families with services to improve their quality of life? You can do this! By generously donating your dress you can be socially conscious and make a difference in the lives of individuals and their families who have been affected by cancer...READ MORE

Michigan's Modified Settlement Agreement Overview
By Emilia Gutierrez

The University of Michigan School of Social Work has many field placements that serve children in a variety of ways. The Family Assessment Clinic, Catholic Social Services, or the University of Michigan Child Protection Team--these sites work diligently to provide top-notch services to vulnerable children. Along with delivering excellent care, agencies that serve children are charged with the responsibility to follow numerous mandates, laws, and regulations. One important mandate is the Modified Settlement Agreement...READ MORE

Closer to Home Than You Think
By Marisol Fonzeca

Sex trafficking does not just happen in foreign countries and in Liam Neeson movies. It happens much closer to home. Earlier this year, two Lansing residents were arrested for luring an underage teen to work as a prostitute in a sex trafficking ring. The assailants posted nude photos of the girl on Backpage.com, then drugged her, and took her to a motel in Lansing to pimp her. In September of this year, a 28-year old man from Kalamazoo was convicted for prostituting 16, 17, and 20-year-old girls at a hotel in Chicago. Other stories range from arrests made in Grand Rapids for sex trafficking to arrests made in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding region...READ MORE

NEW - Advanced Field Peer Consultation Group

This semester, the Office of Field Instruction launched its first ever Advanced Standing Peer Consultation Group! This group was set to be a student-guided group where advanced standing students could come together and share, much like the field seminar that the school offers for Foundation students. Students often forget that their peers can be a huge support throughout the process and this group provided them an opportunity to meet with their peers.


The first two group meetings were a success and OFI plans to continue them. In the upcoming Winter term, these groups will meet once a week at noon and will be open to any students who are not currently in Foundation Field. The rooms will be announced closer to the dates.The group schedule will be as follows:




We hope to see you at one or all of these group sessions!
UMHS Housing Bureau for Seniors Video Highlight
Field Instructor Janet Hunko, LMSW & MSW Student Garrett Peters, talk about their experiences as they worked together in the field. 
Housing Bureau for Seniors Video Highlight

Top to bottom, left to right: Steven Richards, Jamie Covell, Hydeen Beverly 
Front row: Janelle Goodwill, Christopher Walker, & Camilla Reynolds
Many Thanks to our Peer Facilitators!
Thank you to our Peers for their valuable contributions as co-facilitators for the SW531 Foundation Field Seminars in the Fall 2014 term.

Meet our Freud Fellows!
Many thanks to our dedicated team of writers who have taken the time out of their busy student lives to make contributions to Field Notes. Lori Stone, Marisol Fonzeca and Emilia Guitierrez are recipients of the Clarice Ullman Freud Fellowship. Jesse Kerstetter is the recipient of the Clarice Ullman Freud Individual Research Scholarship. Professor Clarice Ullman Freud was Director of Field Instruction when she was on the U-M School of Social Work faculty. These scholarships, awarded to MSW students in the Children and Youth in Families and Society practice area, are made possible through a gift from Professor Freud, with the intention of providing opportunities to help students build connections between theory and practice.

Lori Stone

Lori is a first year Advanced Standing MSW candidate. Her area of focus is Interpersonal Practice with Mental Health.  Lori has a BA in Social Work from Madonna University.  In her spare time Lori likes spending time with her children and grandchildren, reading, and advocating for policies and the rights of victims of IPV.  Lori is currently an active board member of the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCEDSV). You can contact her at llstone@umich.edu



Marisol Fonzeca

Marisol Fonzeca is a first year 16-month MSW candidate concentrating in Interpersonal Practice with Children and Youth in Families and Society. She holds a BA in Sociology and Foreign Language and Literature in Spanish from Whitman College. During undergraduate, she studied abroad in Costa Rica. Marisol is a Child Welfare Scholar and hopes to engage in a child welfare position in Detroit for her field placement in spring. After completing her degree, Marisol would love to complete an alumni NOLS adventure abroad. You can contact her at mfonzeca@umich.edu


Emilia Guitierrez

Emilia Gutierrez is a first year, Advanced Standing Management of Human Services MSW Candidate. She is minoring in Interpersonal Practice and her practice area is Children and Youth in Families and Society. Emilia is obtaining a Child Welfare Certificate through the MSW program. She is currently placed at Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County and is focusing on a variety of skills related to management and child welfare. Emilia received her BSW from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI. She hopes to work on reforming the foster care and adoption system here in Michigan upon graduation in August. You can contact her at emiliag@umich.edu

Jesse Kerstetter

Jesse Kerstetter is a first year 20-month MSW candidate in Community Organization with Children and Youth in Family and Society, minoring in Interpersonal Practice. After earning his BS in Art Education at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, he taught English in Japan through the JET Program, and Cabo Verde and Mozambique as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer. Currently, Jesse is completing his field placement at Neutral Zone, in Ann Arbor, MI, co-advising Riot Youth, a youth driven LGBTQ advocacy and support group. Upon graduation, he hopes to continue supporting LGBTQ youth and working in a global social work context. You can contact him at jkerst@umich.edu

Thank you Field Instructors!
The Office of Field Instructor would like to thank our Field Instructors for their time, commitment, and passion for the University of Michigan School of Social Work students. We owe the success of our field instruction program to the hard work and investment that the Field Instructors provide our students each day!
The next Field Instructor Training will be held on January 23rd, 2015.

Sean Smith joined the Office of Field Instruction in Fall 2014. He is a 2011 graduate of the University of Michigan where he earned his BTA Theatre and BA Psychology. He is a 2011 Bay Area Corps Member of Teach For America. He loved working as a 4th and 5th grade combination teacher for three years in San Jose, California. In 2013, he received his MA Urban Education Policy and Leadership from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. While earning his MA Urban Ed, he co-authored a qualitative research chapter regarding the experiences of TBLGQ TFA corps members entering the classroom in urban school districts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Sean loves learning and is elated to return to the University of Michigan to pursue an MSW focused in Interpersonal Practice in Mental Health with a minor in Management of Human Services. He aspires to work with college aged young adults in a campus mental health context. His research interests include sexual assault and inter-partner violence in the TBLGQ commnunity, drug and alcohol use amongst teens, sexual health and education, and depression and suicide in young people.

Congratulations to our New Graduates!
The OFI Team was very excited to see all the students at graduation on December 14th and can't wait to see the students again as field instructors!
The Office of Field Instruction is piloting several new events in the upcoming semester, including our Advanced Field Peer Consultation Groups and Monthly Movie Screenings. Keep an eye on our calender on our website for dates and locations!
NEW Detroit Clinical Scholars Program!
The University of Michigan School of Social Work is pleased to offer the Detroit Clinical Scholars Program. This scholarship program prepares MSW students to work with racial and ethnic minority children, adolescents, and transitional age youth living with physical and behavioral health conditions. The SSW, in collaboration with the Detroit/Wayne County Mental Health Authority, will provide a specialized inter-professional behavioral health education and training program. Each Detroit Clinical Scholar will receive a $20,000 scholarship/stipend ($10,000/year).  All scholars will complete their field internships in the Detroit/Wayne County community. A total of 33 scholarships will be awarded to incoming MSW students each year. The Scholarship Program is funded by a grant from the Health Services and Resources Administration (HRSA) and the School of Social Work. Read more at http://ssw.umich.edu/programs/msw/financial-aid/clinical-scholars-program
Congratulations to our Field Faculty on presenting at CSWE!
Susan Crabb, Oliva Kuester, Stacy Peterson and Leigh Robertson presented at the Annual Program Meeting for the Council on Social Work Education. They presented on the Peer/Faculty Seminar Instruction Model in Field Seminar/Classroom-based Best Practices.
Community Advisory Board Looking for New Members
The School of Social Work Community Advisory Board that reports to Michael Spencer, Associate Dean of Educational Programs, is looking for new members. If interested, please email him directly at spencerm@umich.edu
Winter 2015 CEU Workshops!
The School of Social Work has an updated list of great continuing education workshops and mini courses for the Winter 2015 term that are available for current field instructors to take at no charge due to the service they are providing for our students. Some of the workshops this winter are web-based and do not require participants to come to campus.  

Continuing Education also has wonderful certificate opportunities coming up, including:
  • Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care Web-Based Certificate Program
  • Web-Based Certificate in Advanced Clinical Dementia Practice 
  • Sexual Health Certificate Program
  • Web-Based Certificate Program in Mixed-Methods Research
Check out their website for more information: http://ssw.umich.edu/programs/continuing-education 
What's Happening @ OFI?!
  • Betsy Voshel is very thrilled with the Office of Field Instruction's presentation at the Council on Social Work Education's Annual Program Meeting. The presentation is on Peer-Faculty Seminar Instruction. She will also be presenting an ethics CEU workshop entitled "Positioning Yourself to Practicing Ethically." She can't wait for her daughter to host her first ever Thanksgiving and is loving the fall colors!
  • Bill Vanderwill worked on two political campaigns and both his candidates won!
  • Camilla Reynolds started the Advanced Standing Peer Consultation Group and co-facilitated Foundation Field Seminar with Stacy. She moved into her first house this semester with her dog!
  • Emma Rector is very excited about the roll-out of the Online Educational Agreement and her work on restructuring the Office of Field Instruction's website. Her and her family just moved into their first home and are elated about spending their first holiday season there!
  • Jeterra Davis-Griggs has been focusing on finishing out her senior year strong while maintaining an exciting social life as well.
  • Leigh Robertson attended a biannual meeting in October for the North Central Field Directors Consortium in Cleveland, OH and enjoyed a beautiful trip to Nova Scotia this summer with her partner.
  • Lisa Kelley has been very busy coordinating events for the Field Office! She helped put together her father's 80th birthday celebration in Chicago this year and helped her dog through major orthopedic surgery. She's been re-learning piano and practicing yoga for self-care.
  • Oliva Kuester attended the CSWE conference in October and then enjoyed a weekend trip to Universal with Leigh and Su! She also went to LA to watch her brother's first performance in the Angel City Chorale on December 6th.
  • Sean Smith worked on developing the first ever Online Field Notes! He has been loving getting to know Ann Arbor and enjoying having the time for his yoga practice.
  • Stacy Peterson attended her daughter's Forensics Tournament in Bowling Green, Ohio.
  • Susan Crabb completed the Detroit International Half-Marathon (walking) and flew to Texas to celebrate her son's 50th birthday.
  • Warren Clark had a great group attend the Social Work and Sport mini-course he co-taught with Bill Vanderwill and enjoyed a week-long camping trip with his son this summer.

Elizabeth Harbeck Voshel (Betsy), Director
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Leigh A. Robertson, Field Faculty
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Oliva Alban Kuester, Field Faculty
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Stacy L. Peterson, Field Faculty
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William L. Vanderwill (Bill), Field Faculty
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Emma Rector, Project Coordinator
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Lisa Kelley, Program Administrative Coordinator

Camilla Reynolds, Social Work Resident
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