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December 2012
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2012 Marla Becker Scholarship Winner!


The 2012 Marla Becker Scholarship 

NNHVIP is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 Marla Becker Scholarship is Minneapolis Youth Violence Intervention (MYVIP). As winners of the Marla Becker Scholarship, staff from MYVIP will be traveling to the Massachusetts Violence Intervention Advocacy Program in Boston to receive training.  Congratulations MYVIP!  


About the Marla Becker Scholarship

To honor our founder, the NNHVIP Steering Committee created The Marla Becker Scholarship in 2011. The scholarship is awarded annually to a new or emerging hospital-based violence intervention program. Scholarship winners will receive financial support to visit an established NNHVIP member program and participate in a 2-day on-site training.


Last year, members of Denver's new AIM (At-Risk Intervention and Mentoring) Program won the scholarship and visited NNHVIP members in Oakland and San Francisco (photo attached). The site visit "was exceptional," reported Dr. Katie Bakes of Denver Health. "We are all so grateful for this amazing opportunity!" Among the areas of training they cited as most useful were: budgeting and fundraising strategies, measuring success, developing hospital referral processes, and discussing potential stumbling blocks.


About Marla Becker

Marla Becker, MPH was the first National Director of NNHVIP and worked in the field of violence prevention for 13 years at Youth ALIVE!, a non-profit dedicated to preventing youth violence and developing youth leaders in Oakland, CA. Marla's published work includes two evaluations of the Caught in the Crossfire program and co-authoring Violence is Preventable: A Best Practices Guide for Launching & Sustaining a Hospital-based Program to Break the Cycle of Violence.


NNHVIP Program Profile: 

At-Risk Intervention and Mentoring (AIM) at Denver Health Medical Center

(Denver, CO)


In this quarter's Program Profile, Sara Muramoto, AIM Program Manager, speaks about her experience last year when AIM traveled to visit YouthAlive! as the 2011 Marla Becker Scholarship winner:


Prior to visiting YouthAlive!, I was the typical skeptical hospital employee, questioning if hospital-based violence intervention programs could work. We as a department adopted the idea that victims of trauma had frequently brought it on themselves-this commonly held belief is part of our department culture, a culture that developed my skepticism.


While in Oakland and San Francisco, I had my own teachable moment. Listening to Kyndra, Stephanie, John, and the Wraparound team recount their experiences and clients' stories, I realized our emergency department was lacking something profound. This culture we had built was a barrier to the vicarious trauma we constantly endured. We didn't want to help these people who "couldn't" be helped.   Prior to our visit, I was exploring a position with the AIM program, but was not completely brought in.  Leaving our visit, I had a new perspective.  I saw that these programs do work and was humbly reminded about the fundamental tenants of healthcare - helping people. 


Visiting these sites sealed my course and inspired me to move the AIM program forward, as I saw the opportunity to bring help to patients who were historically given up on.  I also saw an opportunity to help our ED staff, empowering them to be part of the solution and helping them recognize their own vicarious work-related trauma that contributed to my previous skepticism.  This realization and my inspired work efforts have enabled me to spread the word - the results of which have truly benefited our program, our hospital staff, and our community.


We learned about the technicalities of starting a program and the roadblocks we would face; but most importantly, we were witness to the impact we could make. Not only have we incorporated our training to create a very similar program, we have all grown as individuals.  We have made long lasting relationships with the incredible people we visited, people who have fought to make this possible for us and others. Through our visit, AIM was injected with energy and excitement.  But above all, we are continuously fueled by the knowledge of our nation-wide support team, with whom we join the fight to save our most at-risk youth. 



Read more about VIP here.


The Attorney General's Taskforce on Children Exposed to Violence 
Cites NNHVIP in its Report
On December 12, 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder's Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence presented its final report and policy recommendations gathered from public hearings held across the country over the past year.


The task force report includes 56 recommendations and highlights the importance of identifying children who are victims or witnesses of violence and providing support and services to help them heal. It focuses on developing programs, including trauma-informed, hospital-based violence intervention programs, to help children access supportive and non-violent relationships with trusted adults in their homes and communities. 


NNHVIP is very proud to have the report cite our members as examples of programs that should be expanded to help meet the needs of children exposed to violence (page 47).  Read the full report here.



is dedicated to

strengthening existing hospital-based violence intervention programs and helping develop similar programs in communities across the country.


NNHVIP releases Best Practices Guide 
Violence is Preventable: A Best Practices Guide for Launching & Sustaining a Hospital-based Program to Break the Cycle of Violence
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Research Updates

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Gomez G, Simons C, St. John W, Creasser D, Hackworth J, Gupta P, Joy T, Kemp H. Project Prescription for Hope (RxH): trauma surgeons and community aligned to reduce injury recidivism caused by violence. Am Surg. 2012;78(9):1000-4.
Click here for abstract.

Snider C, Nathens A. Hospital referral to a community programme for youth injured by violence: a feasibility study. Inj Prev 2012;18(Suppl 1): A63. 

Click here for abstract.  




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