Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership
 Past Issues of PREP E-Newsletter Downstream
The Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership was founded in 1995 to monitor, protect and restore the Seacoast's two estuaries - Great Bay and Hampton-Seabrook. PREP works with scientists, citizens, non-profits, local leaders and state and federal agencies to monitor the health of the water and environment and work to protect the places we love. Visit us at www.StateofOurEstuaries.org for up-to-date blogs & events, at www.PREP.unh.edu for archived reports & research or on Facebook www.Facebook.com/PREPCommunity. We are the Seacoast's Community for Clean Water!
Our e-newsletter Downstream is published monthly and always features:
- Monthly Feature Story
- Watershed Watch: the newest research and reports from PREP and our Partners
- PREP's Clean Water Champion: featuring people & partners working to make a difference
- Partner Focus
- The Community for Clean Water Calendar: A comprehensive listing of events & volunteer opportunities from around the Seacoast
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