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January 2014
Battlement Mesa News
Let's shake the Winter Blues with a Winter Fest!

Schedule of Events

Jan 21
~ Movie Night At Grand Valley High School, 7 PM

Jan 23
~ Indoor Snowball Fight Finals at Grand Valley High School, 7 PM

Jan 24
~ Pep Assembly at Grand Valley High School, 1:30 - 3:55 PM
~ Parade of Lights: 5:30 - 6 PM, Saddleback Center to the Grand Valley Rec Center.  Free
~ Royalty Crowning & Parade Awards Ceremony, 6:30 PM - 7 PM, Grand Valley Rec Center.  Free
~ Winter Fest Community Adult Dance, 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM, Grand Valley Rec Center. $5/person suggested donation.  Adult beverages.

Jan 25
~ $2 Swim Day at Grand Valley Rec Center, 12 Noon - 4 PM
~ Ice Fishing Contest by Common Ground, Sunset Lake on Grand Mesa.  15 and Under.  Advance registration required.  Free
~ GV Boys & Girls Basketball at GVHS against Moffat County, 12 Noon - 4 PM
~ GVHS Wrestling at Rifle, 9 AM
~ Winterfest Grand Finale Sponsored and Hosted by Battlement Mesa Company at the Golf Course, 4 PM - 7 PM Free!

  • The line up for registered Parade of Lights floats is at 4 PM at Bea Underwood School.   
  • The Parade begins at 5:30 PM at Saddleback Center and ends at the GV Rec Center after traveling through Battlement Plaza.
  • GV Middle School and GV High School Royalty Crowning and Parade Awards at the GV Rec Center, 6:30 PM - 7 PM 

  • Winterfest Community Dance at the Grand Valley Rec Center, 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM.
  • $5 suggested donation
  • Adult beverages available
  • Music by Orion Entertainment/Tom Mangold

  • Ice Fishing Contest at Sunset Lake on the Grand Mesa, 15 & Under.  Advance Registration Required.  Free   
  • Depart 10 AM, Bea Underwood School at 10 AM.  Transportation

Winterfest Grand  

Sponsored & Hosted by Battlement Mesa Company at the Golf Course.  FREE!
4 PM - 7 PM
January 25th

More details on Winter Fest can be found in the Echo, on KSUN 101.1, or at www.BattlementMesaColorado/winter-fest.

Wanted: BMSA Committee Volunteers    

The Battlement Mesa Service Association (BMSA) is seeking volunteers to fill open position on some of their committees.

BMSA Committees: 
  • Architectural Committee 
  • Natural Resources (Oi & Gas) 
  • Public Works
  • Public & Community Relations
  • POST (Parks/Open Space/Trails)
  • Finance
  • Planning

Committee Information:

  • The BMSA Committees consist of five members.  A minimum of one and a maximum of two of the members can be BMSA Board Members.
  • All Committees report to the BMSA Board of Directors
  • The Architectural Committee meets twice per month, however most committees meet once a month.   
  • Committees determine where and when they will meet thus if you can only meet in the evenings, it is still possible to volunteer to serve.

Committee Openings include:

  • Architectural Committee
  • Public Works
  • Public & Community Relations
  • Finance
  • Planning

For more information regarding the BMSA committees and to view the committee charters, Click HERE.   


Click HERE for a Committee Volunteer Information Form 

Covenant Corner
Covenant Protected Community

In the spirit of educating more and enforcing less, Covenant Corner is a regular feature in the Battlement Mesa Newsletter. Experience has taught us that most people will comply with the covenants if they know what the covenant says.  


In this issue, we'll explore the rule regarding parking and storing of vehicles. Restrictions on vehicular parking, storage and repairs are covered in Article VIII, paragraph 8.16.


8.16 (a), as amended in the 5th Amendment, states, " trailer, camping trailer, boat, boat accessories, trailer carrying recreation devices, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles, trucks or commercial vehicles larger than one (1) ton, ...shall be parked or stored ...unless... parked or stored within a garage, behind a six foot (6) high solid fence." The amendment also defines a non-recreational over sized vehicle as "larger than twenty-five (25) feet in length or one hundred (100) inches in height or ninety (90) inches in width."


8.16 (b) states that "No abandoned or inoperable vehicles of any kind shall be stored or parked within the Service Association Area, except in garages, designated parking or storage areas,.." and that, "An abandoned or inoperable vehicle shall be defined as any automobile, truck, motorcycle, van, trailer, house trailer, camper, recreational vehicle or other device for carrying passengers, goods or equipment, which has not been driven under its own propulsion for a period of two (2) weeks or longer..." Storing or parking an abandoned or inoperable vehicle behind a six-foot fence is not allowed.


8.16 (c) says, " No activity such as, but not limited to, maintenance, repair, rebuilding, dismantling, painting or servicing any kind of vehicle shall take place within the Service Association Area, except within completely enclosed structures which prevent such activities from being seen or heard from the street and from adjoining property." It is important to note that this provision specifically exempts washing and polishing of vehicles from this restriction.


In addition to paragraph 8.16 (b) and (c) in November 2001 an amendment to 8.16 (a) was approved which in sub-paragraph ii clarifies the term "parking for temporary expediencies" which says, "Parking for temporary expediencies is allowed for seventy-two (72) hours" with seventy-two hours being defined as "A total of seventy-two hours during any thirty-day (30) period."  


Under the regulations, twice per year, owners of RV's and boats can request approval to extend the parking for temporary expediencies period from 72 hours to five days. Parking extension request forms are AVAILABLE HERE  or on


Please remember that sub-associations may have more restrictive covenants than the BMSA.  


More detail on these and other covenant regulation are on available at

Do You Know Where This Was Taken? 


How well do you know our community?  Test yourself against others. 


If you think that you know what the photo on the right is and where it was taken email us at   


Correct replies will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate from Bodacious Bites in Saddleback Center. 


(What, you haven't eaten at Bodacious Bite yet?  You should!)    


 Last month's photo, shown on the left, was not correctly identified.  This is a photo of the shale rock that is in the grass area at the Visitor's Cabin.

Spring Arrives on March 20, 2014
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  About Us
Nestled on a mesa in the picturesque Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains, Battlement Mesa, Colorado is an unincorporated 3,200 acre, residential community with approximately 5,000 residents.  Situated on a mesa above the Colorado River with high desert mountain views of The Battlements and The Roan Plateau, Battlement Mesa offers a unique community with magnificent scenery and a quiet, peaceful, healthy lifestyle.

Battlement Mesa, Colorado....
A Great place to Visit, to Work, to Live or to Retire!


401 Arroyo Drive
Battlement Mesa, CO 81636
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The Library: Not Just Books!

Sure the Parachute branch library has books but it also has much more.

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Money Mama & the Three Little Pigs
A representative from Alpine Bank will talk about the importance of saving money. 11 AM

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Guitarist, Jerry Barlow
Enjoy a repeat performance of Jerry Barlow as he shares his stories and music with the community.  6:30 PM
Parachute Pix: "Film Noir" - Billy Wilder's 1944 Classic Murder Mystery "Double Indemnity."  January 23, 2014 at 6 PM.  Popcorn and drinks are provided.  
Parachute Pix: Family Movie Night
Parents!  Introduce your kids to the bizarre world of Tim Burton with "Beetlejuice."
Or You May Want to Check Out Other Programs of Interest including:
The 5th Element: Middle Schoolers (grades 6-8 grade students) are invited to enjoy the Library's science and art classes on Mondays from 1 to 3 PM. 

For more information about The 5th Element or to register online CLICK HERE or call the Library at 970.285.9870.
The Lunch Bunch Book Club: 3rd Tuesdays, monthly.
 CLICK HERE to Visit the Library's Calendar for more programs for all ages.

The Library is located at 244 Grand Valley Way in Parachute
Save The Date!!
Don't miss out!  Mark your calendar.  
    GR Health, Groundbreaking, Ready to Start, 2013.03.05
The Grand River Health Clinic West Open House Celebration for the community is on Thursday, March 13, 2014.

Save The Date!!
Don't miss out!  Mark your calendar.  
The Health Fair will be held at the Grand Valley Recreation Center on Saturday, April 26, 2014

Little Known Facts
  • Everything weighs one percent less at the equator. 
  • Avocados have the highest calories of any fruit at 167 calories per hundred grams,
Dates to Remember
Click to View full Community Calendar
January 21st, 9 AM at GVRC
BMSA Board of Directors Meeting
January 22rd, 4 PM at GVRC
Common Ground Meeting
January 23rd, 9 AM at BMMD OfficeBMMD Board of Directors
January 24th, 5:30 PM
Winterfest Parade of Lights
January 24th, 6:30 PM at GVRC
Royalty Crowning and Parade Awards
January 24th, 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM at GVRC
Winterfest Community Dance
January 25th, 10 AM
Ice Fishing Contest Sunset Lake, Grand Mesa
January 25th, 4 PM to 7 PM at Golf Club
Winterfest Grand Finale
January 28th 4 PM at at the GVRC
KSUN Board of Directors Meeting
February 4th, 1 PM at the Library
Community Conversations Meeting
February 19th, 9 AM at GVFPD
Grand Valley Fire Board of Directors Meeting
  • Cottonwood Park - Cottonwood Park, turn South off of Cardinal Way on Colorado Avenue
  • BMMD Office - Battlement Mesa Metro District, 401 Arroyo Drive, Battlement Mesa
  • GVFPD, Station #1 - Grand Valley Fire Protection District, Station #1, 124 Stone Quarry Road, Battlement Mesa
  • GVRC - Grand Valley Rec Center, 398 Arroyo Drive, Battlement Mesa
  • Parachute Library - Parachute Library, 244 Grand Valley Way, Parachute  
Battlement Mesa News is written and distributed by the Battlement Mesa Service Association.  
 All Newsletter photos have been provided by Elk Peaks Photography unless otherwise noted.  Copies of photos used herein are available upon request.  970.285.7482