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November 2013 
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'Tis The Season of Thanks  

Yes, it is that time of year where most of us stop for a bit and focus on "why we do what we do" rather than "just doing what we do."  Here is wishing you and your family the very best Thanksgiving.


gourds-corn.jpg Speaking of giving thanks, it is important to acknowledge the many volunteers that give their time to help make our community a better community. 

Every community has volunteers but, as an HOA rather than an incorporated town, Battlement Mesa depends even more that most communities on volunteers because we don't have paid employees to do much of the work that needs to be done.

In addition to our large assortment of volunteers that support our churches, clubs and civic organizations, nearly all of the individuals that serve on our assortment of boards of directors are unpaid.  

So, when you see one of our many community volunteers, please take a moment to say, "Thanks for doing what you do!"

31st Annual Craft Fair is Expected to Draw a Record Crowd

We're told that all of the available display space for the 2013 Craft Fair has been filled with more than 130 vendors who will display and sell a vast assortment of handcrafted items.

This event is sure to have something for everyone.  Attendees can expect to find a wonderful display of unique and one-of-a-kind items including items that will make great gifts for many occasions including Christmas.  Don't fight the crowds at the mall when you can find great gifts and complete your shopping at the craft fair.

In addition to the many vendors, there will be a concession stand at the event offering tasty baked goods and kettle corn.  Check it out! 

The Craft Fair will be held on November 23rd, 9 AM - 4 PM at the Grand Valley High School, 800 Cardinal Way in Parachute. 
Don't Wait!  Tickets for the Annual KSUN Christmas Gala are on sale now!  

The 2013 KSUN Christmas Gala will be held at the Grand Valley Rec Center on December 7, 2013 from 6:30 - 10 PM and will include a dinner, dancing and a surprise entertainment menu.

Again this year, the dinner will be a collaboration of Alain Senac's (Easy Cuisine), Margaret Cooke's (The White Buffalo) and Jane Chapman's (Bodacious Bites) culinary talents.  

The KSUN Christmas Gala is a fund raiser for KSUN Community Radio (101.1 FM), 

Tickets are available at Grand Valley Rec Center, Alpine Bank & Old Mountain for a $30 donation in Advance or a $35 donation at the door. 
You do not have to be member of the KSUN Family in order to attend.

Covenant Corner
Covenant Protected Community

In the spirit of educating more and enforcing less, Covenant Corner is a regular feature in the Battlement Mesa Newsletter. Experience has taught us that most people will comply with the covenants if they know what the covenant says.  


In this issue, we'll explore the rule regarding parking and storing of vehicles. Restrictions on vehicular parking, storage and repairs are covered in Article VIII, paragraph 8.16.


8.16 (a), as amended in the 5th Amendment, states, " trailer, camping trailer, boat, boat accessories, trailer carrying recreation devices, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles, trucks or commercial vehicles larger than one (1) ton, ...shall be parked or stored ...unless... parked or stored within a garage, behind a six foot (6) high solid fence." The amendment also defines a non-recreational over sized vehicle as "larger than twenty-five (25) feet in length or one hundred (100) inches in height or ninety (90) inches in width."


8.16 (b) states that "No abandoned or inoperable vehicles of any kind shall be stored or parked within the Service Association Area, except in garages, designated parking or storage areas,.." and that, "An abandoned or inoperable vehicle shall be defined as any automobile, truck, motorcycle, van, trailer, house trailer, camper, recreational vehicle or other device for carrying passengers, goods or equipment, which has not been driven under its own propulsion for a period of two (2) weeks or longer..." Storing or parking an abandoned or inoperable vehicle behind a six-foot fence is not allowed.


8.16 (c) says, " No activity such as, but not limited to, maintenance, repair, rebuilding, dismantling, painting or servicing any kind of vehicle shall take place within the Service Association Area, except within completely enclosed structures which prevent such activities from being seen or heard from the street and from adjoining property." It is important to note that this provision specifically exempts washing and polishing of vehicles from this restriction.


In addition to paragraph 8.16 (b) and (c) in November 2001 an amendment to 8.16 (a) was approved which in sub-paragraph ii clarifies the term "parking for temporary expediencies" which says, "Parking for temporary expediencies is allowed for seventy-two (72) hours" with seventy-two hours being defined as "A total of seventy-two hours during any thirty-day (30) period."  


Under the regulations, twice per year, owners of RV's and boats can request approval to extend the parking for temporary expediencies period from 72 hours to five days. Parking extension request forms are AVAILABLE HERE


Please remember that sub-associations may have more restrictive covenants than the BMSA.  Also, residents of Canyon View, Mesa Ridge and Valley View Townhomes and Condos must remember that their property is generally limited to the outside of the foundation walls of their home.  Everything else is common area.  


More detail on these and other covenant regulation are AVAILABLE HERE or on  

Do You Know Where This Was Taken? 


How well do you know our community?  Test yourself against others. 


If you think that you know what the photo on the right is (hint: it is a water fall) and where it was taken email us at   


Correct replies will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate from Bodacious Bites in Saddleback Center. 


(What, you haven't eaten at Bodacious Bite yet?  You should!)    


Last months photo, shown on the left, was correctly identified by Paula Coons.  Congratulations!

 This is a photo of the flags in front of the BMMD/BMSA office at 401 Arroyo Drive, (across from the Grand Valley Rec Center).

The BMSA Makes Median Improvements
The BMSA Board of Directors voted earlier this fall to make some improvements to a few of our medians on Battlement Parkway. 

You will recall that some of the Battlement Parkway medians have been completely landscaped, and that trees have been planted in several of the medians; however many have no landscape at all (other than grass). 

Due to the proximity to the other median improvements and the fact that it was in a higher traffic area, the area between the junction of Stone Quarry Road and South Battlement Parkway and the junction of South Battlement Parkway and Spencer Parkway were selected for improvements.

The Board of Directors has not made any decision regarding if and when additional medians will be landscaped but many board members as well as residents would like to continue to enhance the community with an on-going median improvement program.

We hope that you agree!

Community Counts Hold Annual Meeting
Community Counts, the three county organization that strives to balance the economic and social benefits of natural gas and oil production with the impacts the operations have on host communities and the environment, held their 2013 Annual Meeting and elected new officers to their Board of Directors on November 6th. 

The new Community Counts Board of Directors are Susan Alvillar, Chairman (WPX Energy), Lance Stewart, Vice Chair (SGM, Inc.), Juanita Williams, Secretary (Town of Parachute), Pat McCarty, Treasurer (CSU Extension), Doug Dennison, Don Simpson, Floyd Alvey, Sandy Kent and Monique Speakman.  Sher Long, who is their Executive Director, is assisted by Nita Smith, Coordinator and Tammie North, Accountant.

Residents are encouraged to call the Community Counts Response Line (1.866.442.9034) whenever they would like to get in touch with an operator and receive a resolution to a concern or obtain an answer to a question regarding natural gas or oil production operations in the area.

Click Here for more information about Community Counts.
Meet Your Delegate


Each Battlement Mesa Village is represented by an elected Delegate that serves on the Battlement Mesa Service Association Board of Directors. Delegates are elected to a three year term.  Since there are no term limits for Delegates, frequently Delegates serve multiple terms.


This month, we are introducing Eric Schmela, one of the two Declarant 's Delegates.


Eric has been active in the Battlement Mesa community since he was appointed President of Battlement Mesa Company in 2006.  Although Eric doesn't reside in Battlement Mesa he spends a great deal of his time and energy in the community doing what he describes as "making Battlement Mesa a better place."   


After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from Colorado State University in 1996, Eric moved to Aspen and started working in retail jobs but soon found a real estate path which lead him to his present role and Battlement Mesa.


In addition to serving on the BMSA board of directors and his local HOA board, Eric has been an active member of the Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley chapter where, in addition to swinging the hammer to build Habitat homes, he is an active participant in fundraising efforts and in negotiating land acquisitions for the nonprofit organization.  Additionally, when Garfield County formed the Federal Mineral Lease District, Eric was appointed to the District's board of directors by the Garfield County Commissioners.   


Eric and his wife, Stacy, have three children including a 9 year old son, Carter, and 6 year old twins, Haley and Tyler.  People who know Eric will tell you that he is a dedicated family man.  In fact, he has been quoted as saying, "What rewards me most in life is my kids."   


In addition to being an avid hunter, Eric enjoys golf and has already introduced his son, Carter to the sport.   


As the President of Battlement Mesa Company, Eric is automatically a member of the BMSA board, but when he was asked about serving on the BMSA board, Eric stated that, "professionally, this is a unique opportunity to be the master developer of a community that offers so much to its residents in an area that can be so impacted by changes in the natural resource markets."  Eric is especially proud of his participation in the effort to build Battlement Mesa's new Community Park which he describes as a "really cool park" but adds that "it's themed on local geology with a lot of cool interactive and educational ingredients mixed in." 


The BMSA Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. at the Battlement Mesa Activity Center.  All of the BMSA meetings are open to the public.


Watch future Newsletters for articles about each of the Delegates!
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Community Park Progress 
The open fall has enabled Gould Construction to make immense progress on the street going back to the Community Park as well as the dirt work that is required at the park site.
If you drive Sipprelle you've probably noticed a lot of construction activity at the Community Park site.

Work on Grand River Health's New Medical Center Continues 
Among other dramatic changes, Grand River Health's new facility in Battlement Mesa now has paved streets.

View from the Town Plaza
View of the East Entrance
Views from the new Community Park site
Home for the Holidays Shopping Event at the GVRC
Local crafters and vendors will be at the GVRC on Saturday, November 23rd from 11 AM to 4 PM with a large variety of perfect gift ideas for the holidays.  Call Tracy Miller at 970.285.6671 for more information

Door Prizes ~ Refreshments ~ Fun
Save The Date!!
Don't miss out!  Mark your calendar. 

Winterfest is coming to Battlement Mesa and Parachute on January 24th and 25th.

If you enjoyed the last Winterfest, you'll love what we're planning for the 2014 edition.  Watch this and other news sources for more information SOON!

Winterfest is sponsored by participants of Commnity Conversations
Little Known Facts
  • Nine out of every ten living things live in the ocean.
  • The Swine Flu vaccine in 1976 caused more death and illness than the disease it was intended to prevent.
Dates to Remember
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November 19th, 9 AM at GVRCBMSA Board of Directors Meeting
November 20th, 9 AM at the GVFPD Station #1
Grand Valley Fire Board of Directors Meeting
November 20, 7 PM at the GVRC
Common Ground Annual Meeting
November 21st 9 AM at BMMD officeBMMD Board of Directors Meeting
November 23rd, 9 AM - 4 PM, Grand Valley High School
31st Annual Craft Show
November 23rd, 11 AM - 4 PM, GVRC
Home for the Holidays Shopping Event
November 28th
Thanksgiving Day
December 3rd, 1 PM at the Parachute Library
Community Conversations Meeting
  • Cottonwood Park - Cottonwood Park, turn South off of Cardinal Way on Colorado Avenue
  • BMMD Office - Battlement Mesa Metro District, 401 Arroyo Drive, Battlement Mesa
  • GVFPD, Station #1 - Grand Valley Fire Protection District, Station #1, 124 Stone Quarry Road, Battlement Mesa
  • GVRC - Grand Valley Rec Center, 398 Arroyo Drive, Battlement Mesa
  • Parachute Library - Parachute Library, 244 Grand Valley Way, Parachute  
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