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August 2013 
Battlement Mesa News
National Night Out


Residents of Battlement Mesa, Parachute and the surrounding area showed up in force, despite the early afternoon rainy weather, for the Annual National Night Out.  


The Garfield County Sheriff's Office, the Battlement Mesa Service Association and the Grand Valley Recreation Center hosted the 2013 National Night Out in Battlement Mesa on Tuesday, August 6th.     


Battlement Mesa's National Night Out was part of the 30th Anniversary of National Night Out celebrations that  are hosted in over 15,000 communities across the U.S. 


National Night Out is designed to:

  • Bring neighbors and businesses together to create a friendly exchange
  • Increase public awareness of crime and drug prevention
  • To develop understanding  and support for our local education and prevention programs
  • Strengthen neighborhood spirit and foster better police-community relations
  • Send a clear message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. 
National Night Out "kicked off" at 2 p.m. at the Grand Valley Recreation Center where residents could enjoy the cool refreshing water of the indoor pool from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. and take a personal tour of the center's year round facilities and activities.  At 4 p.m. the fun moved to Battlement's Town Plaza where 17 clubs and organizations plus a host of local agencies and districts were ready to explain their organization's mission and answer questions. 



At 4:30 p.m. the St. Mary's Care Flight arrived, much to the delight of attendees - adults and children alike - to explain the life saving services provided to Western Colorado's communities by St. Mary's Hospital, operator of the Care Flight helicopter.  The chopper landed in the southeast corner  of the Plaza in the communities designated landing site.


Face painting isn't just for kids as shown by the numerous adults who lined up with local children for their opportunity to spend time with the four face painting volunteers who were kept busy until the events 7 p.m. closing time.  Local resident and Alpine Bank employee, Caroline Renck was one of the four face painting volunteers.   




 We're not sure but it certainly appears as though this happy face painted young man is ready to join the bull fighter contingent in the Grand Valley Days Rodeo.  Did we see him there during the Mutton Busting segment?   


And, the young volunteer fireman (below) appears to be suited up and ready to go to the fire! 



In addition to the many clubs and organizations that set up for National Night Out, the Sheriff's Office, Garfield County, the State and Special Districts set up exhibits.  
Other activities included live remote broadcasts by KSUN, drawings for $475 in cash and gift cards courtesy of Alpine Bank, BMSA, Clark's Market, Grand River Health, Kum and Go and Mohrlang & Swanson.    



 And, of course, the Sheriff's Office and their volunteers were on hand to make sure that no one went hungry.  If you missed National Night Out, you missed a "mighty good" time!


The entire event was FREE!   


Battlement Mesa, Colorado, National Night Out, 2013 08 06
Battlement Mesa, Colorado, National Night Out, 2013 08 06


Community Evacuation Plan




 Grand Valley Fire Protection District's Nate Voorhees presented a thought provoking presentation entitled "Planning for Future Evacuation and Re-Entry" at the District's Station #1, 124 Stone Quarry Road, on August 22nd.



The 40 minute presentation was the Fire Department's first effort to engage the Parachute, Battlement Mesa and nearby communities in a meaningful dialog about an emergency evacuation and re-entry strategy for all future emergency events.


Unfortunately, the event wasn't well-attended but for anyone who lived here then, or has read about the community's prior wild fires,  this is a discussion which merits everyone's attention and participation.  We cannot wait for the next emergency in order to develop an emergency plan.

Over the next few weeks the Grand Valley Fire Protection District and the Battlement Mesa Service Association plan to identify and recruit evacuation plan committee volunteers from all of the potential organizations and agencies who would need to participate in an evacuation  plan.

 If you would like to serve on a small task force in the development of a Community Evacuation Plan for Battlement Mesa and Parachute, please contact the Grand Valley Fire Protection District at 970.285.9119 or the BMSA at 970.285.9432.     

Movies Under the Stars

When local residents look back on the 2013 Movies Under the Stars series, they will say, "It was a very good year!"


The final 2013 movie in the four-movie series was shown on Friday, August 9th on the lawn at the Grand Valley Recreation Center. 


Laurel Koning and her staff of ten or so volunteers who have organized, obtained the necessary contributions, and completed all of the set up and take down work for this ultra successful community event did a great job - again this year.  We're told that the Movies Under the Stars series will return in 2014. 


In early 2014, watch this newsletter, the Grand Valley Echo and for local signs and flyers for next year's dates and times.


Remember:  The movies are FREE.

Waterfall Intersection and Battlement Parkway Improvements


As most residents know, Battlement Parkway and many of our community's streets are county roads, thus they are maintained by Garfield County.  Although the work isn't entirely complete, significant improvements have been made to the Waterfall Intersection and to North Battlement Parkway, which has been resurfaced.   

The county removed all of the center concrete barriers at the waterfall intersection which resulted in a much more open and a nicer looking intersection.  Unfortunately, until the striping is complete, it is somewhat of a dangerous intersection because it is easy to miss the sign indicating that the west-bound through lane is the right lane and the left west-bound lane is a left turn line.   


Please use extra caution when traveling through this intersection until the county completes the striping.  



This is the view seen by drivers approaching the waterfall intersection from North Battlement Parkway.  Without the center line striping on North Battlement Parkway, and the associated left turn striping, some drivers use the left lane (a must turn lane) when going straight through the intersection.



It is very easy to miss this sign that is immediately past the lower entrance into Battlement Creek Village.





 The BMSA has requested that Garfield County stripe this intersection and the rest of the parkway as soon as possible.  In the meantime, please be very cautious when traveling through this intersection. 

KSUN Community Radio Becomes KDBN 

Our community's local radio station, KSUN Community Radio recently upgraded to a higher wattage, and a new frequency.


Local residents have enjoyed the community's only Battlement Mesa/Parachute-based radio station, KSUN Community Radio, since it came on the air on December 11, 2002 as a 100 watt, low power FM station with KSBP call letters.  In late spring the board of directors learned that Town Square Media, former owners of KDBN, were planning to close the station down.  Over the next few weeks the KSUN board was successful in negotiating an agreement to acquire KDBN along with some of the equipment needed in order to operate the station.  As a result of the purchase:      

  •  On June 27, 2013, KSBP, 103.9 Low-Power FM ceased operating (an FCC requirement of the new licensing).
  • On July 1, 2013, KSUN Community Radio, Inc. acquired KDBN, 101.1 FM from Town Square Media for an undisclosed amount of money.  The purchase was made possible, in part, by the generous $5,000 donation by Alpine Bank and by a $1,000 anonymous donation.
  • On July 29, 2013, KSUN Community Radio returned to the air waves on a new frequency, and under the new call letters, KDBN, "Doing Business Naturally," Energy 101.1 FM.  KDBN is licensed as a commercial radio station; however, KSUN Community Radio continues as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and will continue to be a listener-supported, all volunteer staffed "Community" radio station.     


Although KSUN Community Radio has changed to a new frequency and new call letters, the studio is still located at 398 Arroyo Drive in the Grand Valley Recreation Center in Battlement Mesa.  Additionally, the broadcast signal is transmitted from the radio antenna located at the center.

Listeners will note that the station has adopted an "epic rock" format complimented by the local and public interest programming that listeners have enjoyed in the past. 


By broadcasting at 425 watts vs. 100 watts, KSUN Radio can be heard from Debeque to New Castle.  Legally, the new license allows the station to broadcast within a 25 mile radius of the station's location; however, due to mountainous terrain, not everyone within the legal broadcast area will be able to receive a clear signal.   KSUN has always been and will continue to broadcast 24 hour per day. 
 The new license moves KSUN Community Radio out of the FCC "junior" low-power category and into a standard FCC license in the commercial frequency.  The new KDBN license allows the station to sell advertising rather than marketing sponsorships and program underwriting.  This change is necessary in order to help defray the additional cost associated with the new station.    


KSUN Community Radio, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that was incorporated in the State of Colorado.  All contributions to this all volunteer operated station are tax deductible.   Click here to visit KSUNRADIO.ORG.  

Ursa Operating Company Announces Semi-Annual Community Update 

Ursa's semi-annual community update is scheduled for 7 p.m., September 27, 2013.  The meeting will be held at the Grand Valley Fire Protection District's Station #1 located at 124 Stone Quarry Road in Battlement Mesa.


Mark your calendars.  

Covenant Corner
Covenant Protected Community

In the spirit of educating more and enforcing less, Covenant Corner is a regular feature in the Battlement Mesa Newsletter. Experience has taught us that most people will comply with the covenants if they know what the covenant says.  


In this issue, we'll explore the No Annoying Light, Sounds or Odors Covenant which is part of Article VIII in the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Battlement Mesa. 


8.3 No Annoying Light, Sounds or Odors


"No light shall be emitted from any Publicly Owned Site or Privately Owned Site or Improvement which is unreasonably bright or causes unreasonable glare, and no sound or odor shall be emitted from any property within the Service Association Area which could reasonably be found by others to be noxious or offensive.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no exterior spot lights, search lights, speakers, horns, whistles, bells or other light or sound devices, other than security devices used exclusively for security purposes, shall be located or used on any property except with the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee and the board of Directors.


Please be considerate of your neighbors.  


Please remember that sub-associations may have more restrictive covenants than the BMSA.  Also, residents of Canyon View, Mesa Ridge and Valley View Townhomes and Condos must remember that their property is generally limited to the outside of the foundation walls of their home.  Everything else is common area.  


More detail on these and other covenant regulation are AVAILABLE HERE or on  

Do You Know Where This Was Taken? 


How well do you know our community?  Test yourself against others. 


If you think that you know what the following photo is and where it was taken email us at  Correct replies will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate from Bodacious Bites in Saddleback Center. 


(What, you haven't eaten at Bodacious Bite yet?  You should!) 




No one was able to identify the prior month's  photo (shown below).   


This photo is the top of the Grand Valley Recreation Center as it appears from the bike path West of the center.  The photo was taken in the early morning, thus the blue cast.
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Grand Valley Days - Parade, July 26th


What, you missed the Grand Valley Days

Our parade may not be as big or grand as  some parades but, as the following photos show, we have fun and strut our stuff at
our parades.


...The Grand River Health's Bed Pan


Grand Valley Fire's 1948 Mack fire truck
 (retired except for parade duty).


 One of our younger cowgirls. 

Our National Miss. 

 One of our younger cowboys. 

A classic 1957 Ford Fairlane Skyliner.


The 2013 Grand Valley Days Parade had something for everyone.


Grand Valley Days - Climbing Wall, Bike Rodeo and Rodeo, July 26th & 27th
The 2013 Grand Valley Days included far more than "just a parade."  Among the many activities was a bike rodeo, a real rodeo, a climbing wall, a bump and jump  and a pie and ice cream social.  It was a busy weekend.

The line formed early at the Grand Valley Fire Protection District's climbing wall and although they seemed bored, they waited patiently for the firemen to set up the wall.



 The Rodeo... 

Garfield County's Queen attended the


The broncs were ready...

The saddles were lined up and waiting...

 And the bronc riders anticipated their big chance.

 For the most part,the broncs won! 


Meet Your Delegate  


Each Battlement Mesa Village is represented by an elected Delegate that serves on the Battlement Mesa Service Association Board of Directors. 


Delegates are elected to a three year term.  Since there are no term limits for Delegates, frequently Delegates serve multiple terms.


This month, we are welcoming our two newest Delegates: Joel Toomey, the Stone Ridge Village and John Constine, the Reserve Village  Delegate.


Joel was recently elected to replace Pete Martinez who resigned as the Stone Ridge Village delegate when he moved from the area.


John Constine was recently elected to replace Jason Fletcher as the Reserve Village delegate after Jason Fletcher was appointed to serve as a delegate for Battlement Mesa Company.


Please welcome your two new delegates!  


Watch future Newsletters for individual articles about each of these two new BMSA Delegates! 

Little Known Facts   
The moon moves abut two inches away from the Earth each year.
The Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust.

 {All Newsletter photos courtesy of Elk Peaks Photography.  Copies available upon request.  970.285.7482}

Dates to Remember
  • Community Conversations at the Library - September 3rd at 1 p.m.
  • Battlement Mesa Service Association Board of Directors Meeting - September17th at 9 a.m.
  • Grand Valley Fire Protection District Board of Directors Meeting - September 18th at 9 a.m.
  • Battlement Mesa Metro District Board of Directors Meeting - September 19th at 9 a.m.  
  • KSUN Community Radio Board of Directors Meeting - September 24th - 4 p.m.
  • Common Ground Meeting at the GVRC - September 25th at 4 p.m.
  • Grand Valley Hikers - East Elk Creek - September 5th - Flaming Gorge, UT Camping - September 8th - 13th, Crag Crest Trail - September 19th

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