June 10, 2015


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Council Member Martin Advises Motorists of Changes to the

Intersection of Clear Lake City Boulevard and El Dorado Boulevard 


Council Member Dave Martin would like to advise motorists of recent changes affecting vehicular traffic made to the intersection of Clear Lake City Boulevard and El Dorado Boulevard. As part of the infrastructure improvements associated with the new residential and commercial developments coming in north of the intersection, the northbound section of El Dorado Boulevard has been widened from one to three lanes as northbound traffic approaches Clear Lake City Boulevard. This new configuration includes an exclusive left-turn lane, a through lane and a through/right-turn lane for vehicles traveling north on El Dorado Boulevard. A single southbound lane remains on El Dorado Boulevard, which is now separated from the northbound lanes by a median which extends until the street transitions back into a two-lane road south of the intersection.



Please be advised that those turning left from the westbound approach on Clear Lake City Boulevard to travel south on El Dorado Boulevard must now keep right until turning onto the single southbound lane beyond the median separation. Those turning right from the eastbound approach on Clear Lake City Boulevard to travel south on El Dorado must turn into the single southbound lane before the median separation.


In response to driver confusion about the new configuration, officers from the Houston Police Department and representatives from the City of Houston's Public Works and Engineering Department visited the intersection for several hours on Monday, June 8. As a result, two "Road Closed" barricades have been placed in the northbound lanes of El Dorado Boulevard. "Do Not Enter" signs have also been positioned at the site, as well as a "Keep Right" sign by the median. These measures are meant to prevent drivers turning onto El Dorado Boulevard from Clear Lake City Boulevard from turning into the newly-configured northbound lanes. As a result of the barricades, all traffic traveling northbound on El Dorado has been temporarily limited to the farthest east lane.


Please note that the "Road Closed" barricades are meant to serve as a temporary guideline; in the coming weeks, the barricades will be removed and northbound motorists will be permitted to use the new northbound through and turn lanes on El Dorado Boulevard. While work on the intersection of Clear Lake City Boulevard and El Dorado Boulevard continues, Council Member Martin advises all drivers in the area to exercise caution and mindfulness of the construction underway.


The District E office will continue to work with the Houston Police Department, the Public Works Department and the contractors in charge of the intersection project to monitor this location and ensure that clear and sufficient signage is present at the newly-configured intersection of Clear Lake City Boulevard and El Dorado.


For further information, please contact Council Member Martin's office at (832) 393-3008.