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 January 2014

Gifts Can Take Many Forms
Scottish Rite Masons - RiteCare Clinics of Nebraska
Scottish Rite Masons - RiteCare Clinics of Nebraska
Families of children with disabilities who receive speech therapy or alternative communication devices indicate that it can be 'life-changing" and a 'gift.' The Munroe-Meyer Institute is one location of four locations in the state of Nebraska to offer speech services supported by the Scottish Rite Masons. As, people return to work and students return to school after the holidays, co-workers and friends often ask about gifts. Yet, not all gifts are tangible. For instance, the ability to effectively communicate or even communicate at all is a gift. Not all children acquire speech at the same time. Some children need assistance in learning how to talk. Parents need help identifying why the child's language is delayed. Learn more about these Rite Care Clinics and the importance of early intervention by clicking on the link above. 
Widespread Abuses in Nebraska Guardianship Cases 

Recently, the state auditor issued a report detailing fraudulent activities by a woman living in Western Nebraska who served as guardian for over 600 individuals with disabilities. Upon investigation by the State Patrol, it was determined that she had access to more than $600,000 in several bank accounts obtained through the state's Aged, Blind and Disabled Program. This program is used to support individuals with disabilities and provide them reimbursements to meet their basic needs and medical expenses. The Lincoln Journal Star offers more details about the auditor's findings.  In addition, learn how Disability Rights Nebraska, the state's Protection and Advocacy organization for individual's with disabilities and their families is collaborating with others to find solutions to the problems identified. (Nebraska is the only state that lacks an Office of Public Guardianship.)

Health Insurance Marketplace - Plan Compare - Extended Version
Health Insurance Marketplace - Plan Comparison -
Nebraska's Health Insurance Marketplace

The start of the New Year included a new way to shop for health insurance. It also presented new protections for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions. Under the Affordable Care Act, individuals who did not previously have insurance, purchased their insurance privately or who had employer sponsored health insurance which was considered 'unaffordable' by federal definition (the cost of individual insurance exceeding 10% of the family income) could purchase insurance through the state exchange. Doing so, might entitle the individual or family to a tax credit, reducing  the total insurance cost. (The video above provides a summary of how to compare plans in the exchange.) In addition to these changes, individuals that do not have health insurance of some kind (private insurance, employer sponsored insurance, Medicaid, Tricare or Medicare) may be penalized. Click on the video link below to learn more about the tax credits and penalty. Open enrollment for coverage in 2014 lasts until March 31st.


Learn more about Nebraska's marketplace by:

Health Insurance Marketplace - Advance Premium Tax Credit
Health Insurance Marketplace - Advance Premium Tax Credit
Girl with Down Syndrome Walks the 'Red Carpet'   
Megan Squire captured headlines when she accompanied Katy Perry to the American  Music Awards. Squire, a 17-year old who happens to have Down syndrome inspired Perry when she was featured in a video that her school submitted for Perry's "Roar" contest. Squire's school captured her desire to be a cheerleader and showed how the school rallied around her. The video went viral and was highlighted on ABC's Goodmorning America. Though Squire's school did not win the "Roar" contest, Perry flew Squire, her entire family and the school's videographer to Los Angeles for the AMA.
Nebraska Legislative UpdatesNE State Capitol
The 2014 legislative session opened on January 8th. This year is a 'short-session' lasting only 60 days, making it more difficult to get bills out of committee and passed. Bills can be introduced until January 22nd. Most likely, there will be many disability-related bills including Medicaid expansion, autism coverage, funding for developmental disabilities waiting list and treatments and services available for those that are dually diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities and a mental illness or behavior problem as an example. Click here to see the full list of bills. Stay tuned for specifics.
Mark Your Calendars
Arc of NE logo 2014
The Arc of Nebraska is hosting the annual Senatorial Dinner in Lincoln at the Cornhusker Hotel on February 6th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The evening offers an opportunity to support the Arc of NE, meet your state senator, and network with other disability advocates.  In addition, you also are welcome to attend the legislative briefing from 4-6 and learn about legislation affecting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our state. Past dinners have honored state senators and others for their leadership and commitment to individuals with disabilities and their family members.  This is an event you should not miss!  Register online by clicking here or access a paper registration here.
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