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23rd Anniversary to the Signing of the ADA
Americans with Disabilities Act
Americans with Disabilities Act
On July 26, 1990 George H.W. Bush signed the Americans' with Disabilities Act into law. The law has paved the way for many things that individuals without disabilities might take for granted such as curb cuts, accessible buildings and even the right to receive reasonable accommodations at work or in other public places. This week the Department of Justice highlights efforts that have been undertaken to ensure that individuals with disabilities receive fair and equal treatment. Go here for their blog. You can also watch a video highlighting the impact of the ADA by clicking on the picture above.
Who Prcongressman harperovides Care?
Newsweek recently featured an article detailing the challenges families face when they have a child with special healthcare needs and disabilities. It highlighted specific families' challenges and included unexpected stories from two U.S. Congressional representatives regarding their experiences with their own child with special needs. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) has a son with Down Syndrome and is the founder and co-chair of the Down Syndrome Caucus. In addition Congressman, Greg Harper (R-MS3) has a son with Fragile X and chairs the Fragile X Caucus. The article discusses concerns regarding a growing population with special needs and a shrinking budget. Check it out by going here. 
Experience Camp Munroe  camp
This summer, MMI's Recreational Therapy Department has had over 230 participants, more than 220 volunteers and 60 activity techs attend 6 weeks of summer camp. Children, ages 3 to 21 are paired one-to-one with a community volunteer. Campers enjoy a variety of opportunities such as swimming in the pool, baking, doing crafts, running/rolling through the splash park, attending community outings and making new friends. Learn about one camper's experience by going here or see pictures of other camp participants here.
Registries Help Families Pay for Equipment and Supplies
There are registries for weddings, baby-showers, and now there are registries so families can create wish lists of adaptive equipment needs for their child so that well-wishers can donate and help them out. Check out one such registry by clicking here and watching the video below.


Tadpole Adaptive: Special Needs Fundraising
Tadpole Adaptive: Special Needs Fundraising
The Health Insurance Marketplace 
The Marketplace for Individuals & Families
The Marketplace for Individuals & Families
Starting on October 1, 2013 a new way to shop for health insurance and compare different plans will be available. Learn more by clicking on the picture above or by going to: www.healthcare.gov
Check out PTI-Nebraska Webinars
  •  Individual Education Plan  (IEP)     August 27th 

Join Jenn Miller, PTI-Nebraska IEP Law Specialist as she discusses the IEP. She will provide information which will help parents gain the knowledge and tools they need in order to make the best decisions for their child's education. Parents need to be knowledgeable about the IEP process so that they can ensure that their child's unique, educational needs are being met.


Register for this workshop by clicking on the link below and filling out the information requested. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PTIWebinarRegistration

Respite Opportunity 
For caregivers living in the Scottsbluff area, a two-day retreat is being offered on September 17th-18th. The event will offer an opportunity for caregivers to relax, reflect and recharge. More information about the event, including event registration and a schedule of events, can be found here. Should you have questions about the event, please contact Sherri Blome, Nebraska Respite Network Western Region Coordinator, at (308) 432-8190 or specialprojects@wchr.net.  
Create a Logo for the NE SILC and Win $500
The Nebraska Statewide Independent Living Council (NESILC), a council which works with Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP), Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), NE Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (NCBVI) and the Centers for Independent Living (CILs) will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary in October. As part of the celebration, the NESILC is creating a contest to design a logo which is reflective of the NESILC's philosophy of independent living and choice. The winning logo designer will win $500. For additional information and rules, click here.
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