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 A Brother's Love
Watch this inspirational story about brotherly love. Nine-year-old Conner Long, has made certain that his seven-year-old brother Caden, who has cerebral palsy, bond by competing in triathlons. Conner pushes and pulls Caden in each race. Even when they finish dead last, they win by showing the world about the power of love, determination and the worth of every individual. While exceptional, this is really just one example of  what individuals with disabilities can accomplish when they receive support from their families, professionals and communities; this is happening in thousands of communities every day. Learn why Lebron James of the Miami Heat was left speechless by clicking on the video link below. 
Caden and Conner (Good One)  - 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids Winner
Caden and Conner - 2012 Sports Illustrated Kids Winner
Tell us about your Experiences with NE ProgramsARC 

The Munroe-Meyer Institute is collaborating with the Arc of Nebraska to obtain information on families' knowledge of and experiences with programs available to support families having children with developmental disabilities and chronic healthcare needs. Go here to take the survey.


*This project was funded by a grant from the NE Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities. 

inclusive playgroundA Playground for Everyone 
This spring, children with and without disabilities will be able to play together thanks to the work of a group of committed individuals. Learn about how the Kearney community came together to build a playground that is accessible for everyone by going here.
Medicaid in Nebraska
Medicaid Works in Nebraska
Medicaid Works in Nebraska
Medicaid is often considered the lifeline to independent living for people with disabilities.  It pays for personal care attendants, durable medical equipment and other necessities.  Under the Affordable Care Act, the state has an opportunity to expand Medicaid to include childless adults and those with incomes between 133-139% of the federal poverty level. If the state does not choose to expand Medicaid there will be a donut-hole for people that cannot obtain either Medicaid or purchase insurance in the state's health insurance exchange.  Senator Kathy Campbell, chair of the state's health and human services committee discusses Medicaid expansion here. To view a short video explaining how Medicaid  impacts the state go here. Medicaid expansion is currently being explored in Legislative Bill 577.
Spread the Word to End the Word
On March 6th, more than 100 people met at the state CaSpread the Word to End the Wordpitol in Lincoln to raise awareness of the national March event "Spread the Word to End the Word" as well as the legislative bill that would require Nebraska statutes change the terminology of "mental retardation" to "intellectual disability." Championed by self-advocate, Haley Wagoner, 85 individuals signed a pledge to not use the "R word." Wagoner, 23 said she wanted to do something because she was called "retarded" in high school.  Pictured above is Haley, other self-advocates and Nebraska Senator, Colby Coash.  If passed, Nebraska Legislative Bill 343 will follow other states' legislation recognizing that words do indeed have meaning.  Thanks Haley!
Mark Your Calendars

The Community Outreach and Family Support Program staff have several trainings available including:  

Family Leadership Training for the Early Development Network (EDN).

Learn more about Nebraska's Early Intervention System and how families can become involved in leadership roles in the EDN. Funds are available to support participant's time, travel and lodging. For more information about the two upcoming trainings click on the flyer or the registration links below.

Navigating Services 101

On Saturday, April 27th Family LEND trainee, Kim Falk and MMI Community Outreach and Family Support Specialist, Sarah Swanson will be holding an informational session for families wanting to network with other families and educate attendees about services available to them.  The session will be held at MMI from 9:30-12:00 in room 3046.  To register, contact Sarah Swanson at 402- 559-4573 or Kim Falk at 402-559-4951.

 For Help Navigating Systems and Information: 

 Contact our family support coordinators:


Mark Smith

402-559-5744 or




Sarah Swanson

402-559-4573 or


The Munroe-Meyer Institute is a University Center of Excellence committed to unlocking the potential of children and adults with developmental disabilities and genetic disorders through exceptional patient care, education and research.  

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