August 2016 
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More flights, more choices, more convenience.....
  • New! Alaska Portland (PDX) nonstop flights start in December (2x weekly)
  • New! Alaska Seattle (SEA) nonstop flights start in time for Thanksgiving, more flights on weekends in Feb & March
  • New! Delta Seattle (SEA) nonstop flight daily over holidays; Saturdays Jan-March
  • New! Delta Los Angeles (LAX) nonstop flight daily Dec - March
  • Alaska LAX daily nonstop flights Dec - early April
  • United SFO and DEN nonstop flights will both run daily Dec - March
  • Delta SLC daily nonstop flights continue year-round, 3x daily flights all winter!
This new winter flight service schedule represents a 30% increase in seats over prior winter season, and 61% increase over past 3 years. Thanks to the ongoing support of the community, our air service development efforts are definitely delivering results!

We've come a long way, baby.....

              FROM THIS IN 2013                                   TO THIS IN 2016
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"As an entrepreneur in Sun Valley, the need for air service for my business has become essential. Every time I learn of a new destination non-stop flight at SUN, I feel my decision to start a business and remain in the Wood River Valley is a solid one. In the last year, my business has required more and more travel, and it's not just about getting there from here. It's also about how my travel day works. With the non-stop flights from Denver and Los Angeles, I have felt like a first class traveler coming and going. With the addition of Portland non-stop flights, I feel as if people can now come to me. This is a win-win for business, but I also enjoy being able to take vacations from Friedman Airport because they can start the moment I board the jet. I love living in Sun Valley, and Fly Sun Valley Alliance is helping keep my dream alive." 

Sabina Dana Plasse, Ketchum 
Owner, Lift Talk PR

Would you like to tell us how  the improved SUN air service and airport has enhanced your travel experience? Please email us at [email protected]  Thank you!

GOOD NEWS!  Improved instrument landing procedures at FMA will reduce flight weather diversions.

Clearly this is welcome news for all air travelers at SUN, since improved reliability will be a huge benefit for the passengers, the airlines, the airport and the community.  

According to SUN airport manager Chris Pomeroy, "Of course we can't predict what real world weather conditions will be this winter, but we're hoping to see at least a 60 percent reduction in diversions, hopefully more. Important benefits include maintaining our level of safety at the airport during inclement weather while providing improved reliability, an improved visitor and passenger experience and reduced negative economic impact."

One more great reason to FLY SUN.

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The next meeting of the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority:  
Tuesday, August 2, 5:30pm Old Blaine County Courthouse, Hailey
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