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Landesa CEO Presents at the Clinton Global Initiative

Last week at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York, Landesa CEO Tim Hanstad presented on a panel about empowering women and girls. Learn more >>

Landesa Expands Programs in India to the State of Uttar Pradesh

Landesa has expanded its India programs into Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state in India.
Uttar Pradesh is one of the poorest states in India, and only 6.5 percent of women there have legal rights to land.

Landesa has already established relationships with the state government and begun work in three eastern districts - Mirzapur, Juanpur and Sant Ravidas - to empower women by increasing their ownership of land and access to government services.

Influencing Global Development Priorities

Landesa, civil society organizations and politicians in India are collaborating to influence the proposed Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals will replace the Millennium Development Goals, which expire this year, and will determine global and national priorities and funding for development efforts for the next 15 years. Landesa is working with partners to ensure that secure land rights for men and women are explicitly included in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Workshop on Women's Economic Empowerment

Landesa and WORLD Policy Analysis Centre partnered to organize a workshop in New Delhi, India on women's economic empowerment.

The goal of the workshop was to improve women's land rights programing by having civil society organizations from Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi share their experience in the field. Through the course of the workshop, participants collaborated to develop opportunities for improving policies around gender equality in India.
October 3, 2014


Landesa in the News


The Global Fund for Women blog featured a post about the impact of a Landesa and USAID program in Kenya. The program helped women in rural Kenya to learn about, exercise, and protect their land rights.


ONE Campaign posted a photo essay by Landesa about five girls who made the brave choice to say no to child marriage in West Bengal, India with support from Landesa's Girls Project.
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