Landesa's newsletter: Plotlines
New Policy in Odisha Strengthens Women's Land Rights

In July, the State Government of Odisha introduced a new Policy for Girls and Women that includes vital advancements in women's land rights. These include putting women's names on land titles, ensuring inheritance rights for women, and prioritizing homestead land for vulnerable women.

Landesa helped the state government draft portions of the policy. Landesa will continue advocating for changes in the land policies including increasing the size of land plots awarded to poor landless families.

Landesa Releases New Issue Brief on Smallholder Farmers

The brief helps illuminate the power of smallholder farming to address a number of our development goals, including poverty alleviation and food security. Support for smallholder farming can be part of a larger strategy to economically empower the most disadvantaged women in the world.

The brief takes on the myth that large mega farms are more "modern" and productive than smallholder farms. 

New Resources for Development Practitioners in Africa

Focus on Land in Africa has published new content:

Landesa Developing Guidelines for Responsible Land Investments in Ghana

In June, Landesa Africa team members, including two Ghanaian consultants, conducted extensive field research on large-scale land-based investments in Ghana. The team, working for the Ghana Commercial Agricultural Project, is developing a model lease and community/investor guidelines that will help to ensure fair and equitable land rights in the context of large scale investments.

August 6, 2014


Landesa in the News

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy ran a blog by Landesa board chair, Chris Grumm, about her "Philanthropy 3.0" philosophy and her support for Landesa.



Trust Law ran Africa program director Jen Duncan's blog on Women's Land Rights in Rwanda.


India Climate Dialogue ran a story about how secure land rights are helping farmers adapt to climate change.


The Star in Kenya ran an op-ed by Landesa CEO Tim Hanstad on how the land rights for women and men are the foundation for addressing both urban and rural poverty and should be called out in the new global sustainable development goals that Kenya is helping to develop.


Devex interviews Landesa founder Roy Prosterman about how securing land rights is an essential approach to fight poverty around the world.


Borgen Magazine ran a feature on Landesa's approach to fighting poverty by securing property rights. 

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