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Empowering Women: Landesa's Visiting Professionals give us an inside look at advocating for women's lands rights in India and Africa. The Visiting Professionals will discuss their current projects and experiences in a conversation moderated by Landesa staff.

Burke Museum 
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 | 7:00PM  
$5 at the door
FREE for Burke members or with UW student/staff ID

Tanzania's Bold Answer to the Land Rush 

In an effort to ensure that Tanzania's people benefit from the global land rush, the government is creating an ambitious and very elaborate system whereby investors would, in return for land, give Tanzania some share of ownership in the investing company. Landesa was asked to analyze the plan.


We've provided recommendations to the government of Tanzania on how they might improve the system they're creating and what other systems might be worth considering. Read more >>


Barriers to Women's Land Rights in India

In rural India, women do a majority of the agricultural labor, yet often have no legal right or control over the land they farm. A new study conducted by Landesa India for UN Women uncovered the barriers to women's land rights. A report based on these findings provides recommendations to address these challenges. View the report (PDF) >>


Landesa India Program Director Ashok Sircar tells the story behind the study. Read his blog >>

August 19, 2013
Landesa in the News   



Landesa CEO Tim Hanstad lays out the case for secure land rights as a path out of rural poverty in this video. Skoll World Forum


Landesa founder Roy Prosterman presents three ways to secure property rights for the rural poor. Skoll World Forum



Landesa attorney and land rights specialist Amanda Richardson writes about the fundamental importance of women's land rights to addressing hunger. Christian Science Monitor



In a video interview, Amanda explains the reasons for why the issue of women's land rights is so important. US Mission to the UN Agencies in Rome


South China Morning Post An article about a land rights group's campaign to protest government land takings quotes Landesa's major land rights survey across 17 provinces in China. South China Morning Post



Landesa Chief Program Officer Robert Buergenthal connects rule of law and land rights as the foundations for sustainable development.

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