December 2015

This season of the returning light is the time for recognizing our interdependence, to strive for collective responsibility, and to have faith in each other.  We share a common purpose and belief in the rightness of economic justice; let's use that shared purpose to sustain us in our work.  All of us at Innovative Changes wish you and your loved ones a blessed holiday season.  

Wishing you all the best,

Nancy Yuill
The Innovative Changes staff wishes you happy holidays and a very happy New Year!

Take a Chance on Me!

We are collecting stories about a time when someone took a chance on you. How did it impact your life? We will be displaying these stories. You can decide if you would like your name displayed or not with the story. 

Partner Spotlight: Annie!
What is your role at Portland Youth Builders and what drew you to this work?
My current role is Manager of the Placement and Advancement Team (Career Development), though I started here 5.5 years ago as a career coach and career development teacher. I have been working with this population in this part of Portland for nearly 10 years (I started as a GED teacher at another small alternative high school) and what brings me to this work is the amazing young people I serve every day. I have never met such resilient people in my life.

Read more about Annie here!
Client Spotlight: Brandi!
A loan with Innovative Changes was the first positive line on Brandi's credit report after her bankruptcy. She had come to IC$ through PCRI a year and a half ago trying to build her credit, 
hoping that soon she could qualify for a home loan. Through one-on-one financial coaching with IC$, and consultations with PCRI and Proud Ground, Brandi realized that her best option was bankruptcy. In Brandi's case, the bankruptcy would clear the negative items from her report faster than other means of credit repair. "Because after two years I could be eligible for a home loan, and fixing the things on my credit would have taken longer than two years".

Read more about Brandi here!
Free FAFSA Clinic on MLK Day!  January 18th 1 pm to 4 pm
We believe everyone has a right to access a high quality, affordable post-secondary education.  To help you navigate the funding system, we are holding a free FAFSA Clinic at our Lloyd Center training site on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in receiving grants (free money), work study, and loans from federal sources. Experts will be on hand to answer questions and help you file your FAFSA. The clinic is open to students and their parents. We will be able to accommodate both English and Spanish speakers. 

Register for the event here.
Volunteer Opportunity with CASH Oregon
Volunteers Help Those in Need Receive the Tax Refunds They Deserve
This year volunteers helped over 3.2 million taxpayers get $3.89 billion in tax refunds. The economic impact of free volunteer tax assistance benefits residents of every state in the country, helping them achieve their financial goals and boosting local economic activity.
Americans receive an economic boost from tax credits generated by volunteer tax assistance, including $1.1 billion in Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC), $900 million in Child and Additional Child Tax Credits, and $82 million in Education Credits.
Upcoming Workshops & Orientations
The next Financial Household Resiliency workshops will be:
- Tuesday evenings, 5:30-7:30 pm

Dec. 15th: Budgeting and Savings
Dec. 22nd: Hands on Banking
Dec. 29th: Building, Repairing, & Protecting Credit
Jan. 5th: Making Ends Meet
Jan. 12th: Budgeting and Savings

This workshop series will be held at our NEW office in 2027 Lloyd Center Mall. You can register for the classes here.
Our next Credit Builder Orientations will be:

Wednesday Dec. 16th, 5:30-6:30 pm
Thursday Jan. 7th, 5:30-6:30 pm
Wednesday Jan. 13th, 1-2 pm
Thursday Jan. 21st, 5:30-6:30 pm
Orientación en ESPANOL viernes 29th de Enero, 5:30-6:30 pm

 All take place at our office, 2027 Lloyd Center.  Register here.
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As of 12/10/2015
Total disbursed:
Financial Education Clients: 3,495
IDA Savers: 117
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Our inter-related programs of responsible lending, credit building, financial education and savings acceleration build people's financial capabilities and put them on the path to long term financial health.  Join us in our work!

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