November 2015

I often talk about why we prioritize women, and especially women of color, as our most important clients. We know that they experience the worst disparities when it comes to the income gap and the wealth gap. We know they have to deal with wage suppression, and they have been the most disenfranchised by the mainstream financial services industry.  We know they are often a family's ultimate social safety net, which means they are society's ultimate social safety net. But it's more than that, and sometimes I struggle to articulate our interconnectedness that really drives our work for a more just society.  Fortunately, I had the immense pleasure of visiting the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial in Washington DC last week. The granite walls are engraved with some of his quotes, and this one brought it home for me:


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr,  Letter from Birmingham, Alabama jail, April 16, 1963.


As we enter our season for giving thanks and reflecting on our past year I encourage all of us to spend some time talking with friends and family about our network of mutuality. We are all woven together in this world, and with this indisputable connection comes a great responsibility to care for each other. 


Wishing you all the best,

Nancy Yuill
Partner Spotlight: Marisa of IHI!
What is your role at Innovative Housing (IHI) and what drew you to this work?
I am a Family Resident Service Coordinator for our two sites in East Multnomah County. Since college I have worked in the social services field and have always been drawn to work that empowers people and provides resources for people to better their lives. IHI does an incredible job providing support to our residents and the work has been very rewarding. 

Read more about Marisa here!
Client Spotlight: Laura Jones!

How did you first hear about and get involved with IC$?
I first heard about IC from my boyfriend during my freshman year in college. His mom is a grant writer and told him about the program so we both applied.

What and where did you study and what interested you in this subject?
I studied for an Interdisciplinary Bachelors at Marylhurst University. I focused on the disciplines of communication, human studies, psychology and facilitation. I have always had an ability to be good with other people, help them come together, and work with them one on one I wanted to add new skill sets to that natural inclination and have a degree with a lot of job flexibility. 

Read more about Laura here!
Volunteer Opportunity with CASH Oregon
Volunteers Help Those in Need Receive the Tax Refunds They Deserve
This year volunteers helped over 3.2 million taxpayers get $3.89 billion in tax refunds. The economic impact of free volunteer tax assistance benefits residents of every state in the country, helping them achieve their financial goals and boosting local economic activity.
Americans receive an economic boost from tax credits generated by volunteer tax assistance, including $1.1 billion in Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC), $900 million in Child and Additional Child Tax Credits, and $82 million in Education Credits.
Upcoming Workshops & Orientations
The next Financial Household Resiliency workshops will be:
- Tuesday evenings, 5:30-7:30 pm

Nov. 17th: Hands on Banking
Nov. 24th: Building, Repairing and Protecting Credit
Dec. 8th: Making Ends Meet
Dec. 15th: Budgeting and Savings
Dec. 22nd: Hands on Banking

This workshop series will be held at our NEW office in 2027 Lloyd Center Mall. You can register for the classes here.
Our next Credit Builder Orientations will be:

Wednesday Nov. 11th 5:30-6:30pm
EN ESPANOL viernes, 20 de Noviembre, 
1-2 pm 
En ESPANOL miércoles, 2 de Deciembre 5:30-6:30 pm
Friday Dec. 11th, 1-2 pm

 All take place at our office, 2027 Lloyd Center.  Register here.
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