February 2015

February is a time many people reflect on their relationships with their partners, family, and friends. Here at Innovative Changes we spent February thinking about the way that our finances affect our relationships. We know that talking about money is always hard, and sometimes talking about money with the people we love is hardest of all. For our February Innovative Connections we have put together some information on common topics regarding finances and relationships. 

First we have some tips on how to have positive conversations and interactions with children regarding money. Next we have some tips on sending remittances to loved ones. And finally, we have put together some resources on saving money with or for your children! 


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Review Your Credit Report at annualcreditreport.com


Reviewing your credit report frequently ensures that you have up to date information on what is making up your credit score. Annualcreditreport.com was created by federal law so that each person can view one credit report from each of the three credit bureaus each year. You can pull and review your credit report on your own, or come in for our Building, Repairing, and Protecting Your Credit workshop on March 24th. Sign up here!


If you are interested in building your credit, come to a credit builder orientation listed below.

kidsGetting Your Family Involved in the Finances!

by Daniel Miller, Alanna Hoyman-Browe and Andrea Kerwin


"You know, I believe, in general, that money is often harder for people to talk about than sex," says wealth counselor and psychotherapist Marilyn Wechter in her article 'Wealth Within the Family Dynamic'. 


Money is a taboo topic in many families, and we also know that not talking about money management and our financial situations can cause conflicts within the family as well as depriving children of learning valuable money management skill from their parents.


Part of participating in the financial world is knowing the 'financial language' and being comfortable using it. To make sure that your family can benefit from all of your experience with money, we have some tips for how to start having conversations with your family, and some fun games for kids so that they can start building great money habits from a young age! These are easy ways to start exposing your family to ideas about budgeting, spending, savings, and goals!


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Remittances! Quick facts about sending money safely and securely

by Andrea Kerwin


According to the World Bank, migrants in the U.S. sent approximately $123,273,000 back to their home country in 2012. The transfer of money from someone in one nation to a person or business in another is commonly referred to as a remittance. The U.S. is the number one sender of international remittances of any country in the world.

As this is the case, it is important to note the protections afforded, and risks posed, to those who choose to send money to anyone abroad. According the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, those who are classified as a remittance transfer providers must provide certain information to the consumer before they make a remittance transfer. They must provide:

  • The exchange rate.
  • Fees and taxes they collect from you.
  • Fees charged by the company's agents abroad and certain other institutions involved in the transfer process.
  • The amount of money expected to be delivered, not including foreign taxes or certain fees charged to the recipient, and when it will be available.
  • If appropriate, a statement that additional foreign taxes and fees may be deducted from the remittance transfer.
 Continue reading about remittances here!


Saving for Your Childrensaving

by Stephanie Sampedro


Whether you are a new parent or your child is in high school, you probably are looking for ways to save some money for your child's future. Saving is not always easy and no matter how old your child is, it is not too late to start saving! You may want to save for your child's college education, or perhaps to send them to that summer camp they have set their hopes on - but whatever your savings goal for your child there are a number of banking products and services that exist to help you reach your goal! We compiled a list of accounts to help you save for your child's financial future. 


Continue reading about saving for you children here!

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