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The Holiday Issue: Managing Money, Time, and Stress this Season
December 2013

We know the holiday season can be stressful. Time and money always seem to be in short supply, and expectations from family and friends can add pressure. We've put together these articles to help you juggle your priorities and have a happy holidays: 
  • Six Steps for an Affordable Holiday Season
  • Holiday Resources for 2013
  • Managing Holiday Stress 

Also, in the New Year we will be growing our coaching program. Do you want to become a financial coach or do you want to be matched up with a financial coach? Read here or contact Katie:, 503-249-5205.


Have a wonderful holiday! 

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Holiday Resources Winter 2013


Christmas is right around the corner, and you've probably already started looking for resources to help out during the holidays. Here are a couple of programs that help out during the holidays, or you can check out 211info by calling 2-1-1 or going to 


Free Activities: If you are looking for cheap or free things to do during the holidays with your loved ones, check out or


Food & Other Assistance: 

Sunshine Division/Portland Police BureauProvides assistance to those who live within the Portland city limits who are families with children, people living on Social Security or disability income, veterans or widows of veterans, or people who are over the age of 70. By application over the phone only, no walk-ins.



Society of St. Vincent de Paul Provides food assistance, emergency services, rent and energy assistance



Salvation Army: Provides food assistance and toys.



You can also connect with the Oregon Food Bank for food assistance. 503-282-0555   

Six Steps for an Affordable Holiday Season


Read below for the abbreviated article, or click here for the full one!

1. Estimate out how much money you need for holiday spending: How much should you plan on spending? For most people, their budget for the holidays is different from their normal budget because of the extra expenses. 


2. Assess Your Budget: How much extra money do you have in your budget available for holiday expenses? Do you have any money that you have been saving for the holidays?


3. Fill in the gaps. How can you make up the difference? If you can't realistically fit your holiday expenses in your budget, sit down and make a list of things you can do to make up the difference. 


4. Make a game plan. Sometimes during tough years, it is impossible to budget for everything you want to do for the holidays. It can be tempting, especially with children who expect this time of year to be extra magical, to spend money that you need for the future.


5. Create memories that don't have price tags.  While gift giving is an important tradition, there are other opportunities for connecting with your family and bringing meaning to the season. 


6. Plan ahead for next year. Saving up and spreading out the cost of buying gifts across the year eliminates holiday stress and allows you to find the best deals. The more time you have to plan for the holidays, the easier it is.


By Jenna Knobloch

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Managing Holiday Stress

In order to manage holiday stress, you first have to understand what is causing you stress. Then you can plan out how to tackle each stressor so you can enjoy the holiday season. Below are some typical holiday stressors and ideas of how to manage them.

Tight Budget: Make a list of who you plan to buy gifts for and make a spending plan. You are less likely to splurge or impulse buy if you step into the store with a gift in mind. Talk to your family and friends about a gift exchange. You will save money buying a present for one family member instead of several!

Family: Spending time with family can be stressful for some, so make sure to set aside time for yourself. Do what you would like to do this holiday season in addition to what your family would like to do.

Gatherings and Party Planning: Many of us have to balance work, family, friends, and many other things on a day-to-day basis. When gatherings and party planning are added to the mix, you may find yourself strapped for time. Try planning ahead: decide which meal items can be prepared early and frozen. Ask your guests to bring a dish to make your gathering a potluck.

Holiday Blues: Holidays can be a difficult time for those who have lost loved ones or are far away from family and friends. Volunteer your time giving to others so you won't feel isolated. Accept feelings of sadness and missing those you hold dear and try to contact those who are still around. Set up a Skype date or phone call with loved ones far away and gather with those who are near.

Keep reading for more tips here!

By Katie Dineen
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