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  "The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order."
 - Alfred North Whitehead
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Friday, September 18, 2015 is our company's 60th anniversary celebration! Consider this an invitation!  4 to 9 pm at our office. Live, acoustical, blue grass music by CAVED-IN; great, local, healthy finger food; Boundary Bay Brewery beer; local wines.  Join us, along with our past and present clients, our favorite subs 'n vendors 'n professional affiliates; see the Community Bike Repair & Information Station first hand.
There's been such a growing crescendo of activity around here, building up to our anniversary. So instead of the traditional E-newsletter you've come to expect from us, we're going to provide you a number of short updates, along with links, so that you can delve into the specifics as deeply as you'd like.  You drive...
 The Three J's
The three J's - John, Jake and Jordan -- joined our production division almost a year ago.  John became our fifth Project Manager, while Jake and Jordan provide support for the rest of the 8-person field team. Their links will take you to their individual bios. And check out their photos on the left... from top to bottom: John, Jake and Jordan.
Time-Lapse Camera
We're having a blast with our new time lapse camera.  As an example of the unique perspective for watching the magic of construction unfold, click HERE to watch the stamped and colored slab for our bike station unfold. Find the video entitled 'Pouring & finishing the bike station's stamped & colored concrete slab' and click 'play'.
'Southside Magazine' features Rick and Cindi as their cover story
Every month Southside Magazine features a local family for their cover story and in February of 2015 they chose our own Rick and Cindi. Check out their story right here.
Community Bike Repair & Information Station (C-BRIS)
We wondered if anyone would use it! The anticipated answer would come before we even finished building it!  We built it and they are coming. Even KING-5 News wanted in. Demand is enormous and the gratitude coming our way is off the chart. Read all about it right here.
Rick's Building Industry and Environmental Blog, THE HAMMER, continues... right here.  Have you subscribed yet, so you need not fear missing a single blog post.  What's life like without being hammered?  Don't risk it; the appropriate antibody is right here.  Stay healthy; sign up now!  Be one of the chosen few who simply get it; they acknowledge the need to be hammered.
The Sign & the Truck
Our 1995 Chevy swap loader was looking old and tired.  Sell it and buy another one, or fix it up... a question not unlike our clients are continually challenged by: move or improve. Fix up what you have, or move on.  We chose to improve! A bit of carpentry; Greggerson Painting made it pretty; Special-T Signs added the text. Here's what it'll look like the next time you see it on the road.
Our site signs were battered as well, unlike our brand.  We wanted something unique with a bit of class.  So we worked with the design folks at io Creative and Architectural Elements, turning next to the fabrication by Architectural Elements and Special-T Signs.
Converting Ourselves into a Worker-Owned Cooperative
Many of you know about our plan to convert our Sub-S corporation into a worker-owned cooperative.  Our goal being that ownership will shift to employees here with more than 5 years of employment who have met certain established thresholds and who have purchased a share of the company. Only workers can own it and each owner gets one vote!  Our high dream was to complete the conversion by our 60th company anniversary on September 18th, 2015, but wishes are for fishes.  Yes, progress is substantial but we're a ways off.  Stay tuned on this one; I'll keep you up to date with THE HAMMER. Another reason to get hammered.
Sure hope you join us here at our anniversary celebration on Sept. 18th.   Stop by for a quick one on the way home from work, or settle in for more... music, food and drink.  Either way we'll be ready for you!  Happy to thank everyone who has helped us become who we are!

The Entire A-1 Builders and Adaptations' Team