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"A crazy man does not think himself crazy, so my opinion on the matter is meaningless. People will have to judge my sanity for themselves. But it would be nice if we lived in a world that considered it crazy to cause harm to ourselves, others, and our environment or to praise those who do cause such harm. Then we'd have to say we live in a truly crazy civilization. A sane society would consider it crazy to kill living things and destroy food and water supplies in order to amass something that nobody can eat or drink, like gold, silver, and money. It's crazy to sacrifice reality to the idol of illusion." - Daniel Suelo  

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours! 


Twice in the past 30 days I've been pulled over on my bicycle by a motorcycle cop. Twice.  What am I doing wrong?


To the contrary, I was pulled over for doing something RIGHT!  Imagine leaving both incidents having been handed a gift card from each cop!  No kidding.  I was pulled over because my nighttime cycling gear was, apparently, stellar.  So much so that the second cop said that 'you're the most appropriately dressed and lit up cyclist I've ever seen!' Then he hands me a gift card for a free 'happy meal' from McDonalds. (Sure wish it was another gift card from Woods Coffee like the first one!)


I left each incident so pleased to see this tactic used by a part of our culture that's responsible for punishment, not rewards! Wouldn't it be sweet, me thinks, if building inspectors arrived at our jobsites armed with both 'correction notices' as well as gift cards. What a pleasant surprise it would be if my guys were handed a gift card by an inspector for impressive jobsite neatness and safety; for a site conducive to the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.  Imagine that!?!


So I emailed Jeff Thomas, the director of Bellingham's Planning and Economic Development, and basically said... imagine that!?!


He's going to explore the idea!  Perfect answer.


What about you?  Can you bring this powerful tool to your workplace?  To your family? How might you reward things you want to see more of?

  HOUZZ it going?

Consider checking out www.HOUZZ.com. At its core, it's a collection of thousands of photographs, all related to housing. And it's designed so that you can collect photos of what you like and what you don't like.

Why is such a site penetrating the web so quickly?  Why do many of our clients already know about it even though it's so new to the market?

Your own account is free and takes minutes to set up.  ......read more


Turn on one of the reality TV shows about remodeling and what do you get?  A kitchen remodel orchestrated before your eyes in just 12 hours! For only $8,500!  Oh look... and everyone on the tube is so-o-o-o happy... and beautiful.  Oh really?


Perhaps this is true for the rich and famous, who seemingly employ magicians. Well, here's what I have to say to them....read more

Bring in the New Year by dropping by our showroom.  We'd love to see you again!  Sip on a cup of tea or coffee.  Wander around and see the digital slideshow we added this year... images of past projects, along with scenes of our coworkers in action.  Maybe you'll even see your own place in the slideshow! You'll also see some new, beautiful, large format, matted photographs of some past projects and clients scattered about the showroom and conference room.


Flat screen slideshows and large format photos of our work, along with our website, HOUZZ  and Angie's List... the tools of today's full-service contractor.  Helping to spread the word.  And don't forget that you too can make some dough by spreading the word.  Click on the Referral Reward Program button on your left and see how you can earn 1% of the project's selling price by referring someone to us.


This is our way to reward something we want to see more of.




The Entire A-1 Builders and Adaptations' Team