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Aging in Place
Flashing Anyone?
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 "For every person who has ever lived there will come, at last, a spring he will never see. Glory then in the springs that are yours." - Pam Brown

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Disney landscape
It's spring!  So it's fitting to share an image from a fascinating hardscaping/koi-pond/landscaping project we just finished for Ed Disney on Heights Drive in Bellingham.  Go HERE
to see more images from this fabulous, creative project.  



Time marches on, and with it... aging.  Our bodies and our homes deteriorate over time.  Our bodies tend to fall down; our homes tend to fall apart.  Both take care and feeding.


Appropriate care and feeding requires education.  Hence this newsletter theme: Healthy aging; Healthy homes.


What can you and I do to our homes, as we age, to keep us from, quite literally, falling down? What can you and I do to our homes, as they age, to keep them from, quite literally, falling apart?


Cindi put her heart and soul into the article you'll find below about 'aging in place', a term in our industry that refers to remodels that provide a safer home environment.  But let's not kid ourselves... this is not just about the elderly.  People of all ages fall down, but the implications of a fall expand with age. Let's prevent that. Falling sucks.


I wrote the piece about flashing, also found below.  The implications of missing or poorly applied flashing are immense, and we want you to avoid the expense and aggravation of letting the 'skin' of your home fall apart.  Rot sucks.


Please check out the three photos to the left.  They are the 3 newest additions to our production team:  Dennis Gilsoul, Jackson Freel and Chad Jones, in that order.  Fantastic additions; each and every one of them!  We're proud to have brought them on board. You can read their brief bios, as well as bios about the rest of our team, right HERE.
Aging in Place

Older couple doing dishes

As we get older, one of the challenges we face is the ability to afford, maintain, and repair our home. 
We find ourselves having to hire out some of the most simple things we used to be able to do ourselves. This, of course, drives up the cost of staying in our home.  Here are some thoughts to consider about the affordability of aging in place...read more
Flashing Anyone?

drainage plane

Paid any attention to flashing lately?

No, not people flashing through your neighborhood... naked.  I mean the flashing that's supposed to be installed on your home to help ensure its ability to shed water.


I'll bet such flashing is not on your radar, but given the costly damage that occurs when flashing is done poorly, building flashing needs to be top of mind for property owners like yourself.  Forget about folks running around naked! .....read more


We're driven to keep you safe in your home, and your home safe from the elements.  Call us preservation specialists, both human and property.  If these articles spark an interest in learning more, or if you want to take advantage of our services, call Rick at 734-5249 x108.


Now go enjoy the spring!  


Walk around your home and look for any signs of deterioration than may need attention.  Is there ailing flashing; aging caulking; spongy siding? 


And while you're walking around, stay upright.  Don't fall.  Remember... it's spring!




The Entire A-1 Builders and Adaptations' Team