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Water Wins!
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"By the work we know the workman." - La Fontaine  

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The outcome of our work is this beautiful repair
and a dry house!
Read the "Water Wins!" article below...
Why this special newsletter?  Because we're trying to help you prevent a similar story.  Seemingly minor symptoms of water infiltration led to horrendous rot because, well, water wins!  Don't let this happen to you!  Read this story and check out the images of what moisture can accomplish.

Water wins!

Really NOT what you want to find under you siding!

This is a story about a repair project we did in the spring of 2012 for Piper Mertle at 617 Marine Drive in Bellingham; it's a story we hope you don't have to repeat.  That's why we're going to describe it in detail; that's why Piper agreed to include her name and address... so that you're better able to connect to an actual person and an actual home in our community......read more

We hope this story helps educate you towards better home stewardship.

Watch for our summer newsletter... coming soon!  Be well and enjoy your summer!



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