During this snowy winter, it is natural to daydream about warm summer days. It is also the perfect time to look into summer camps for the kids. Research shows that summer enrichment opportunities can:

  • reinforce and enrich curriculum concepts from the school year,
  • strengthen and broaden skills in literacy and math competencies,
  • develop confidence, motivation and self esteem, and
  • foster new interest in scholarship, social responsibility and personal growth.

We recognize the importance of summer learning, and we encourage you to explore the options for your children. FLITE does not take the summer off. In this issue, learn more about FLITE scholarship funding for Summer Learning Programs available to your children.


On March 21st, 2014, FLITE will take on the Harlem Wizards. Back by popular demand for a third consecutive year, the Harlem Wizards will return to play a spirited basketball game against students, teachers and administrators from every T/E school. This is such a fun way to spend a night with family, friends and teachers. You and your kids don't want to miss the big game.


Tickets to FLITE vs. the Harlem Wizards will be on sale on February 24th and 27th ONLY at the locations listed to the right. We expect tickets will sell out quickly, so mark your calendar now with the sale dates.


Stay warm. Summer will be here soon!


Chris Caine

Newsletter Editor
FLITE Communications

Summer Programs and Opportunities  


FLITE doesn't take the summer off and some of our students don't either. Last year, approximately 40 T/E students received scholarship funding so they could attend summer programs that would reinforce their academic skills and/or would encourage leadership qualities.


Camps that students have attended with financial assistance from FLITE include Delaware Valley Friends School, Spark the Wave at Villanova University and Young Writers Camp at West Chester University. Feedback from teachers confirms that students in summer learning programs return to school:

  • confident in their skills,
  • more engaged in the classroom, and
  • willing to work harder to do well.

Maintaining academic skills over the summer can be vital to the success of students during the school year, and FLITE is here to make sure opportunities are available to those that need them. 

Camps are a productive and wonderful way for students to spend their summer days. We encourage students to take advantage of Summer Programs. Talk to your child's guidance counselor now to find out about recommended camps that can benefit your child.


We thank the following supporters 
for generously sponsoring the
FLITE vs. Harlem Wizards basketball game. 


This event is FLITE's largest fundraising event of the year, and we need your help for it to be successful. Tickets sold out early in 2012 and 2013. This event is an excellent way to advertise your business to the local community. Sponsorship packages are available at a variety of levels. 
If you would like to be a sponsor, make an underwriting commitment, or volunteer time the night of the game, please contact Paige Skelly at  You can also visit our website for more information. 
Please frequent these businesses and thank them for supporting the students in our T/E school district. 
     Presenting Sponsor 

Security Sponsor

Event Sponsors
315 E. Lancaster Ave. Wayne 


 500 Chesterbrook Blvd, Chesterbrook   

             T-shirt Sponsor                     Ticket Sponsor               

Concession Sponsors 

Dave and Anne Bailey

Doctor's Best

Gardner/Fox Architecture Construction

OverAchieve Sports & Speed

PNC Bank
The Monastero Family

Ticket Underwriters ($250 and above)
Ticket Sales:
FLITE vs. the Harlem Wizards 
Who needs tickets to the FLITE game?   
Tickets will not be sold through the schools. Tickets are available on the following 2 dates only.
Tickets will be sold
on Monday, February 24th, at 
in the Chesterbrook location only- 500 Chesterbrook Blvd, from 5:00 pm to 8:00pm. You can have dinner and buy your tickets. There will be 775 tickets available for sale on this date. 
Tickets will be sold on Thursday, February




315 East Lancaster Avenue in Wayne (next to Chipotle) from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm or until they are sold out. This is an early dismissal day for all but the high school, so come celebrate with yogurt and buy your tickets. There will be 775 tickets available for sale on this date.



Tickets are limited and are expected to sell out quickly.
Upcoming FLITE Quarterly Trustee Board Meeting
February 19th
T/E School District Administrative Offices, Suite 1700
940 West Valley Road Wayne. 

All are welcome.

Attention Parents of Rising Kindergarteners and Preschool age Children:


Learn about the FLITE-funded Kindergarten Enrichment Program and Preschool Assistance Program at


Program Participation and New Program Ideas


Quick Link 


Listing of FLITE Programs 

If you know of a child who could benefit from any of FLITE's programs, please contact their guidance department. 

FLITE raises money to fund programs designed to ensure that students with financial or environmental barriers have the tools and support they need to meet academic expectations. 
FLITE works with the T/E School District and community to identify areas of need and to support programs that increase the opportunity for academic success.
FLITE is not involved
with selecting participants and is not aware of their identities. School guidance counselors and teachers work together to determine who should participate in FLITE funded programs.
Teachers, if you have an idea for a new FLITE program, please contact your principal and T/E School District guidance department, or submit your idea via the FLITE website "Contact Us" page,

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