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CEH ready for dedication
 October 2013 Update

Building Health

Building Hope
Operating rooms ready
Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
In This Issue
Personnel and Staff
Facility Construction
MIAPE School
Guinea Elections
Medical Conference
Looking Ahead

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

We work in this world under the authority and power of Christ and do so boldly in His name and for His glory. It is only by God's grace that we can.


The spiritual growth evident in the ministry at CEH is clearly God's blessing on the work of Pastor Oumar and his wife Marietou. They regularly visit and spend time with patients and staff members. This growth is seen in the 10 people who are new to faith since April. The MIAPE Chapel ministry celebrated this month with five young believers baptized in the stream that flows by the Hospital.

MIAPE Chapel Baptism Service

Pastor Oumar was invited to teach on evangelism in Kindia, a town 2 hours southwest of the Hospital. Over 100 believers gathered and heard about the truth and principles of sharing the Gospel. We pray this will kindle a flame of evangelism throughout other cities and the entire country of Guinea for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Medical Personnel and Staff 
We asked you to pray for medical personnel and God is answering our prayers. We now have Dr. Jean-Paul, Dr. David, and Dr. Amos at work at the hospital. Dr. Kristen is on her two month home assignment and will return in December. Dr. Loua, a Guinean Christian general surgeon, trained in the Pan African College of Christian Surgeons, will begin in January 2014. Dr. Pepper from the International Mission Board is working with us for the month of October and shared that he wants to work with us three months each year. Hallelujah for all of these doctors.

God gave us nine new nurses this year to join the eight who came last year, so we are filling all our slots. God also gave us a dentist, Dr. Abraham, who joins the staff in November. A chauffeur named Olivier was hired to help with some of the travel to and from Conakry - reducing Etienne's workload. God also allowed some of our workers, who thought of moving on, to remain with us. We praise God for each one.
Facility Construction

The structure of the X-ray and Emergency Room building, including a dental office and a chronic wound care room, is complete. The furnishings and attaching walkways are under construction. Technical equipment for these medical areas is in a shipping container bound for Conakry. Pray for the safe arrival of this equipment and the completion of each room in this building. George and Al W. from Michigan along with Perry and Mark from Minnesota and Torna, a carpenter from Cote d'Ivoire, are going to CEH in November to assist the nationals in completing this work. We hope to dedicate and open this building for service in early December, 2013.

Additional work they hope to complete while on this next trip includes plumbing and electrical fixtures as well as the station water and septic systems. Mark, with his vast experience from Mayo Clinic, hopes to train nationals in developing a better materials management, inventory, and ordering system. Pray for each of these men and their families while they are away.
MIAPE School 

Another area of growth at CEH is at the MIAPE Christian School. They now have nearly 60 students in kindergarten through third grade. Classes are held in the new two-room school building plus one room borrowed from the Hospital garage area. Recently a group of supporters donated Bibles to the school and the teachers and students are deeply appreciative of them. Please pray for the teachers, students and their families.

Children at the MIAPE Christian School

Guinea Elections  

After a very long and drawn out process, the legislative elections in Guinea were finally held on September 28. During the several year delay, demands from the opposition, demonstrations - some violent, and many complaints were part of the news on a regular basis. Thankfully, international observers announced that the elections transpired without violence and with very high participation - near 80%. In total 1700 candidates from over 20 parties were running for 114 seats in the government. The President's party won 53 seats and will need to form a coalition with others of the six parties who won the remaining seats.

Complaints were registered by several participating parties stating that there was fraud in the election process. The Guinean Supreme Court is evaluating the various complaints and will rule by November 11 on what, if any, action should be taken. Aide from EU and USA was withheld from Guinea to force the elections to take place and many are now waiting for that aide to return. CEH does not hold a political position in the country but pray for peace and harmony so that the Gospel may go forth and the work accomplished. Thank you to those who pray for the Guinean people and their government.
Medical Conference   

In December a team of 14 people will travel from Autumn Ridge Church and Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to facilitate the second annual medical-evangelism training conference in Mamou. Over 80 Guinean participants are expected to attend. Pray expectantly for God's blessing on this major event. We hope to share a report of this in the December update.

Looking Ahead    

As we look forward to ministry in 2014, we continue to seek God's direction in the development, growth and use of the funds He provides through generous support of our partners. Please consider joining with us in one or more of the following critical areas of ministry at CEH:
  • Monthly Support sent to CEH: $7,400 ($4,000 operations, and $3,400 MIAPE missionary support)
  • Revolving Loan Fund to help workers buy land and build homes near the Hospital: $3,000 per worker, $12,000 line item
  • Laundry Building and Machines for the Hospital: $22,500
  • Patient Kitchen to provide a place for families to prepare meals: $12,500
  • Morgue: this is culturally very important in Africa: $24,000
  • Two Missionary Homes: $50,000 each
  • Three National Professional Homes: $13,000 each
  • Ward D with eight patient beds: $48,000
  • Vehicle Maintenance and replacement: $6,000/year 

May God bless your upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.

Your fellow servant,
Dr. Dwight E. Slater, MD


"Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,  

will praise you forever;  

from generation to generation  

we will recount your praise." (Psalm 79:13)


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