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CEH ready for dedication
 July 2013 Update

Building Health

Building Hope
Operating rooms ready
Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
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Southfield Christian School
MIAPE Chapel
Container Supplies
The To-do List
Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

This update brings good news from the field. Pastor Oumar is rejoicing that four people have accepted Christ in the past two months. We join him in this celebration.

After many months collecting supplies, equipment and preparing for the short-term work trip, the recently returned construction team is happy to report their progress at Compassion Evangelical Hospital in June. The four men, Al B., Dan K., George W. and Al W. departed on Monday, May 28 and arrived at CEH on Wednesday, May 30. We are grateful for God's protection on each of them and for the enormous amount of work they accomplished.  
Southfield Christian School Partnership

On their first day they presented letters and a Bible Story flannel graph for the students at the MIAPE School on hospital property. The elementary students at  Southfield Christian School raised funds to purchase the supplies and each MIAPE student received a letter from a student at SCS. The partnership we share with SCS is a blessing to students on both sides of the ocean.

MIAPE school Children
MIAPE school children viewing
the new flannel graph board
MIAPE Chapel     

The newly completed MIAPE Chapel located on the CEH campus, was ready for use while the team was there. The cost for the building was covered by funds raised over the last few years by the members of the church. The team was delighted to participate in the first Sunday service held in this new building. Joining together in worship with brothers and sisters in another culture was a blessing and with interpreters the team understood most of the worship service. Other CEH workers and some patients also came to the service that Sunday.

First service attendees

MIAPE Chapel
First Sunday services in the new MIAPE Chapel
Container Supplies 

One of the big items in the most recent shipping container was the donated Gator Utility Vehicle. The CEH campus is large and the buildings and storage areas are separated by quite a distance. This vehicle was a great time saver and allowed the team to accomplish many jobs that they may not have had time for otherwise. We thank God for this vehicle and for the work done because of the time and energy it saved for the men.

Gator Utility Vehicle near Gazebo
Gator Utility Vehicle near Gazebo
Gator parked at guest house
Gator Utility Vehicle parked at guest house
The To-do List 

The work list was long but the team was tireless and motivated to complete all that they could in the three weeks they had. They were able to install the rough electrical and plumbing in the Emergency and X-ray Building. They also constructed and installed a lead-lined door for the x-ray room.

ER X-ray Bldg
Emergency Roon and X-ray Building
X-ray room door
Lead-lined door

One concern has been for safe disposal of all hospital generated waste. The team was able to complete the septic drain field. During future trips teams will continue to connect additional drains into the new system.

Septic field
Septic drain field
Communication is key everywhere and  CEH is no exception. The team installed a PA system which allows for live announcements and pre-recorded programs to be broadcast to patient and staff areas. Praise God for this new tool. Pray with us that it will be used for His glory.

The generators are a top priority for the hospital as the primary source of power for the campus. The team spent time doing routine maintenance on the two diesel generators as well as the CAT skid steer and the sterilizer boilers. They report that all the equipment is in good condition and continues to perform well. Pray with us for long life of these important machines.

Routine maintenaqnce on generator
Routine maintenance on Generator
The team replaced the old wooden ladder on the water tower. The new steel ladder, fabricated by a donor in Romulus, Michigan arrived in the recent container. Thank you to this donor from all of us.  Praise God for this new safer ladder.

New ladder for water tower
New steel ladder on water tower
These pictures can only say so much of the deep appreciation we have for this team's hard work, long hours and many accomplishments.

If you want to be part of a trip like this I would love to speak with you about it or you can speak with one of the team members who just returned. The next construction trip is planned for November, 2013 and will focus primarily on the completion of the Emergency and X-ray Building. The hope is to have this building operational prior to a Medical Conference scheduled for December at CEH. If you have basic construction skills and are interested in the ministry at CEH, please let us know.

Sincerely, your fellow servant,

Dr. Dwight E. Slater, MD  


"Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,  

will praise you forever;  

from generation to generation  

we will recount your praise." (Psalm 79:13)


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