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Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
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Project Report
Financial Summary
MIAPE Moments
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February 2013 Update  
Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

At the start of this New Year we are very grateful for all the Lord did last year and expect His continued blessing. We recognize we are weak vessels and He chooses to use us for His glory in the spiritually needy land of Guinea. God allowed us to care for 14,682 patients last year in the outpatient clinic. We hospitalized 698 patients, performed 174 major and 393 minor surgeries and had a total of only 13 deaths. We did 25,330 lab exams and 234 ultrasounds. In total we treated over 60,000 patients since we opened the hospital in November of 2007. In all of this we sought to accomplish our mission statement: To give the best quality medical and surgical care according to our means and to share the gospel of Christ clearly with every one who comes. Christ said that even when we give a cup of water in His name it will not be without reward. We pray that what we have done brings Him glory.
Project Report

We limited some of our new construction to avoid indebtedness but made good progress in many areas.
  • Completed the Gazebo for hospitality and for the inpatient evangelization program.
  • Completed fencing up to 50% of the property perimeter.
  • Improved the well and septic systems.
  • Completed the first professional residence.
  • Prepared and launched the construction of the new ER/X-ray.
  • Shipped one container of supplies. 
Footings for ER and X-ray Building
The footings for the ER and X-ray Building
Financial Summary               

Last year, along with many charities, we had tighter funding from the USA. We received $136,734 for operational funds of which 96% went to the field. Dr Kristen and our short term missionaries were all fully supported. We honored our commitment to subsidize the MIAPE work and its missionaries with $7,300 monthly.

The hospital generated $180,894 in revenues from the services rendered.  This represents 52% more than last year allowing the hospital to remain solvent.

Our highest priority of prayer is for good team work and harmony to accomplish the work well and glorify God.  The reports from the field are positive in this regard. The team reviewed their 2012 departmental goals and set new ones this year.  There is great progress. Setting these types of goals where the team takes ownership is rare in Africa. We praise and thank God for this.

As you pray with us, finding the right personnel was and is a high concern. Having few Christians in the country and fewer trained professionally, the pool of potential workers is nearly depleted. We have fifty-five employees and missionaries working at the hospital. Each year we need five new nurses as we expand our services. This is in addition to the need for doctors, a surgeon, a surgical tech, a lab tech, and a pharmacist. The African administrative team recognizes we don't have our own nursing school.  It suggests we start a new program to give scholarships to worthy Christian young people to become nursing students in the government programs.  This would be followed with a contract to serve with us for five years. We would also continue with our in-service program to train them further. The three year scholarship costs only $707 for the lowest level nurse (ATS) and $1704 for the RN level nurse. The continuing program would have a budget of $4500 when fully operational and we want to launch this immediately with $1500 this year. If you are prompted by God to participate in this program please designate your gift to "Nursing Scholarship".

We currently have enough Christian doctors but may expand the program in the future if needed. We have one new Guinean intern, named Dr. Amos, and two more Cameroonian recent medical school graduates starting with us as young doctors in training. All of these are devoted Christians. Thank you for praying for this and please continue to do so.
Etienne's neck and hand pain are much improved since he had surgery at Mayo Clinic. There is occasional stiffness and soreness in the evening and some tingling in his thumb but not the severe pain he had. We try to limit his driving by hiring a part time chauffeur for the long trips to the capital. The Government is also working on improving the road between Mamou and the hospital which is a great help. 
MIAPE Moments

The MIAPE school started last year now has three classes, twenty-seven students and two teachers. Some of the curriculum is on Bible subjects though many of the students are from non-Christian homes. The school receives legal licensure from the educational authorities. They are building two new classrooms while using one of the CEH garage buildings until these are complete. Southfield Christian School, in Michigan began a partnership with them as a sister school and will provide educational materials funded by the SCS students as an outreach project. This is not strictly a CEH project but one developed by our sister Mission MIAPE.

A young chaplain/pastor from Cote d' Ivoire, named Oumar, arrived this month in Guinea for a two month vision trip to help the MIAPE team ministry at the recommendation of the MIAPE Board. Please pray for him.

MIAPE school in session
The MIAPE School

Political Issues
There are demonstrations about the legislative electoral process that have caused a two year delay.  However, there is still a relative peace in the country. The activity in the neighboring nation of Mali to the northeast had little effect on Guinea. Some arms destined for them were confiscated as they passed through Guinea.

The Guinean government promises raises of 50% for all government employees split into three steps over the next year. This also creates pressure on the private sector (including us) to keep pace. Since most of the people are farmers and herders we wonder how they will keep up and if this is just a road to significant inflation.

We will do our best to maintain services without raising our prices too much. Increasing our volume of patients will help.  Daily patient loads ranged from 18 to 102 per day in 2012. We want to see an average of 50-75 per day based on our current capacity. Pray for us to have wisdom in these matters.
We thank each of you for your faithful prayers and for your gifts to CEH as the Lord leads you. Your partnership is a great blessing!

Your brother in Christ,
Dr. Dwight E. Slater, MD   


"Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,  

will praise you forever;  

from generation to generation  

we will recount your praise." (Psalm 79:13)


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