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Giving the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and  sharing the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes.
Etienne Surgery Update   
Etienne's Surgery
Dr. Stephen P. Merry, M.D., of Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota sends this update on Etienne's surgery and recovery:

"Our Compassion Evangelical Hospital director, Mr. Etienne Ouattara, had a series of consultations at Mayo Clinic this past week with an Autumn Ridge Church (ARC) internist and in the Mayo Clinic Spine Center with an ARC neurologist that demonstrated remarkably tight narrowing of his spine around his spinal cord and one of the cervical nerve roots that supplies sensation to his right hand. On Wed AM, October 24, 2012, he underwent a spinal cord and nerve root decompression surgery performed by one of the ARC/Mayo Clinic neurosurgeons which has resulted in dramatic relief of his neck and R arm pain and no adverse side effects. Etienne will need to severely restrict his activity for 3 months, during which lifting more than 10 lbs is prohibited and driving on the bumpy roads of Guinea is discouraged. He will be in Rochester until November 12, when he'll return to the Detroit area for an additional 3 weeks of recuperation before returning to Guinea.


We are grateful to God for the healing He has provided and for the remarkable timing of Etienne and Paulette's visit to Rochester when as a church we are prayerfully considering and strategizing how we should be involved in short and long term missions work and how specifically as a church we can better serve the medical and surgical needs at CEH in the future. We are moved as we get to know the Ouattaras, who left behind family, friends, and the familiar in Ivory Coast to serve in the difficult field of Guinea. They are living examples of humble, selfless service in fulfilling Jesus' Great Commission and remind us daily of the urgency and importance of the task ahead for CEH - "To give the best medical and surgical care possible according to the means that God provides, with compassion, and to share the gospel of Christ clearly with everyone who comes."


Please be in prayer for Etienne's continued healing, for continued healing for their 3 year old son who had malaria when Paulette left Mamou this past weekend, for boldness to speak with confidence and wisdom as we discuss future directions in medical teams visiting CEH, for Paulette and Etienne as they miss their children (in the care of 2 of Paulette's nieces who came over to Guinea from Ivory Coast), and for growth in unity among the CEH staff and that it might run well even in Etienne's absence."


Etienne and Paulette
Etienne and Paulette


Thank you for your continued prayers! 


Your fellow servant in Christ,


Dr. Dwight E. Slater, MD



"Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture,  

will praise you forever;  

from generation to generation  

we will recount your praise" (Psalm 79:13).


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