Quarterly Newsletter                       November 2012

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Elms Update

 American elm leaf
2012 Season
In June and July, volunteers inoculated sixteen trees over four days in the areas near recent Dutch elm disease (DED) losses at Ladd Ave. and Lavender St. and at Elliott Ave. south of Birch.  We are hopeful the new macro infusion process we employed this year will be more effective in slowing the spread of DED.  One elm was lost to DED later in the summer, though it did not show signs of the disease when inoculations were performed.  We will continue to monitor the relative effectiveness of the new process and target key areas for inoculation in 2013.  We are also exploring ways to reduce inoculation costs in coming seasons.
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What Kind of Tree Do I Have?


Curious about the age, type or health of the street tree in front of your home? It's easy to learn more about your tree(s) by clicking here to access the latest Portland Street Trees map. Double click on your neighborhood to zoom in on your address then single click on the green circle in front of your home.


The map is the result of a Portland Parks & Recreation effort to compile data on all 5,444 street trees within the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood. The data was collected by Urban Forestry staff and volunteers to create the neighborhood's first complete street tree inventory which will be used in the creation of a Neighborhood Stewardship Plan. The Plan will be essential to guide home owners and volunteers in caring for the community's trees. It will also be used by organizations like SOE to prioritize tree plantings (fill empty spaces and replace aging trees), maintenance and to monitor for disease such as Dutch elm.



So Much More Than Shade Alone


You may have read in past newsletters about the benefits we all gain from our neighborhood's street trees. Increased home resale value, air quality improvement, carbon dioxide reduction, energy savings, storm water processing, and of course, making the neighborhood a more pleasant place to live.  See the value of those benefits in the Street Tree Inventory Report, Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood on page 10 and 11. There's a wealth of interesting information in the balance of the report. Take a look!


Please consider making a donation to Save Our Elms today. In addition to protecting our fantastic elms, SOE plants new trees in our neighborhood each spring and helps coordinate ongoing care of trees of all types. If you have not donated before, please join over 400 of your neighbors who have volunteered and contributed to SOE's work. If you have donated previously, thank you so much!  Your ongoing support is appreciated and makes a difference.



"And All Those Elm Trees!"


Need more proof that the trees are integral to Ladd's Addition?  Old-House Journal recently showcased the neighborhood in the August/September issue of the magazine, and didn't forget to mention the trees multiple times.  "Ladd's Addition is exactly what America's Arts & Crafts movement was all about: everyday life, lived simply, thoughtfully, and, above all, beautifully.  The proof is all around: in the well-used and lovingly tended Ladd's Circle, in the district's tiny public gardens (the City of Portland's rose-testing grounds), in the yardscapes produced by generations of talented gardeners, and in all those elm trees, jealously guarded and inoculated against disease each year by a small army of volunteers."  See the full article here.


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Need A Street Tree?


SOE's next tree planting will be held Saturday, March 16, 2013.  We will plant street trees throughout Ladd's Addition.  As always, in addition to providing the tree (with generous support from Friends of Trees), SOE will plant and stake it for the homeowner free of charge.  If you'd like SOE to plant a street tree in front of your home, or if you'd like to volunteer to help with planting, please contact Richard Jenkins at