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Elms Update

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Q2, 2010 Activity
In recent weeks, the City has removed seventeen trees in Ladd's Addition strickened by Dutch elm disease (DED) and continues to monitor others of concern.  The most severe impact was on Lavender and Birch streets where DED has struck previously.   Most of the City's removal work is now complete, and stumps have been or soon will be ground to make way for new trees next spring.
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StumpDED Hits Hard
This has been a devastating year for our American elms in Ladd's Addition, as indicated by the Elms Update to the left.  Losing even one of these trees is a difficult site to see, making this year's losses especially apparent.
In an effort to stop the spread of Dutch elm disease (DED) in the impacted areas, SOE inoculated five trees using a more complex and expensive macro infusion process (as compared to our standard annual inoculation process).  Using pumps and large tanks, these trees were injected with Arbortect fungicide.  The cost for this operation was over $1,800 using volunteer labor and in-kind support from Davey-Organicare (arborists) and equipment loans from the City of Portland.

Over the coming months, the SOE board will be evaluating the future direction of our DED prevention programs.  Although the inoculation processes and products we use are the latest and most effective available, new strategies may be evaluated.  We will seek community input as we develop alternatives.  Future newsletters will have more information about our choices.
DED sporesAbout Dutch Elm Disease 
Dutch elm disease is a fungus that invades the vascular system of the American elm (analogous to the veins of animals) and prohibits water movement in the tree. If the vascular system is not effectively carrying water and nutrients, leaves begin to wilt and eventually the elm dies. While inside the tree, the fungus produces microscopic spores that play a role in propagating the disease.
DED is spread in three ways: by bark beetles which carry the DED spores on their bodies, by the interaction of diseased tree roots with healthy tree roots, and by not disinfecting pruning and cutting tools previously used on a diseased tree.  You can learn more about DED at the SOE website and here.
There is no cure for DED, but effective treatments to slow its progression have been on the market for many years and are actively used by SOE to protect the trees in Ladd's Addition. 


InoculationKeep Up The Fight! 
It was a busy spring for SOE volunteers.  We had a successful inoculation event on June 26, with over 80 trees treated with Quali-Pro fungicide.  The 30+ volunteers at the event installed over 3,000 micro-injectors, inoculating roughly a third of our American elm stand.  Rand at Palio once again hosted our breakfast meeting prior to the event with pastry, fruit and coffee.  Thank you Rand and volunteers!  Your generosity and support are much appreciated.


SpigotTree Care: Water! 
In the spring, SOE volunteers planted 23 new trees in Ladd's Addition. These beautiful young trees need your help to get started in their new location.  Portland receives so little rain in July through September that young trees can be severely stressed and die without watering assistance.  If you have a new tree in front of your home, please give it the water it needs - 10 gallons a week.  Here's a good one page care summary from the folks at Friends of Trees.  Watch the brief videos for tips on how to make watering easy to remember. 

Fundraising Update 

A cornerstone of SOE's mission is to protect our impressive American Elm stand.  DED is not curable, but the progression of the disease can be slowed using proven fungicides.  And when trees our unavoidably lost, SOE volunteers plant new trees, as we did this past spring.  Fungicides, replacement trees and associated costs really add up.
The SOE board is pleased to announce that this year's membership campaign has raised $8,820 thus far.  That puts us within $200 of our fundraising goal.  Thank you to the many donors who have contributed.  If you'd like to help us reach our $9,000 goal - and better yet, exceed it - please visit the SOE
website to contribute online via PayPal, or send a check to:

1630 SE Elliott Ave
Portland, Oregon  97214
We all know how special the American elms are to our neighborhood.  Your financial support and volunteer investments make all the difference in protecting these trees and ensuring new are there for future generations

SOE Board Update 
On June 26, SOE held its annual meeting.  Dave Kaplan was elected president, replacing Karen Farley who successfully headed up the SOE board over the last two years.  Thank you for your leadership, Karen! Jonathan Keck and Dale Krenek were elected as new board members, building on the existing SOE board team: Karen Girard, Toby Deming, Richard Ross, Karen Farley, Matt Olenski, and Richard Jenkins.  You can find contact information for all board members at the SOE website.
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